Words hurt. That is a basic truth that so many people tend to overlook. What you say to someone may be the last thing they ever hear. Think about that. Think before you speak. It so easy to cause someone unnecessary pain. And it so far easier to just be kind. Pain and words are intertwined. That is why bad news delivery is so rough. You never forget it.

Redditor u/MysticaIMemes wanted to know who was willing to share the harshest sentiments flung at them by asking..... What did someone say that absolutely broke your heart?

My grandma said this to me.


"You lost the happiness in your voice."

My grandma said this to me. It wasn't meant to be malicious or purposely said to hurt my feelings, but it did kind of break me. I was severely depressed at the time and I just faked being okay so no one would worry about me. It was the first time anyone had taken a second to really see past the mask I had put on for so long. NudlePockets


Nothing. As in literally.

Everything's awesome.. everything's awesome.. everyth --Gone. Forever. No warning, no goodbye, no explanation. Just gone. Happy8Day

A Stupid Doughnut. 

I used to stop for coffee sometimes, and I would bring my boyfriend home a doughnut. I thought he liked doughnuts. I wanted to show him I was thinking about him.

One morning he looked at the doughnut and said, "stop bringing me this stuff, I don't like it."

I was so gutted and embarrassed, holding this stupid doughnut. sketchapt


"You need to back off. I'm making time for my real family."

  • A friend whose family basically abandoned him and he lived with my family for 8 years. We moved into college together, my parents got him his first car. We always encouraged him to reach out to his family and he refused. Then one day after a few weeks of trying to get ahold of him (we are both adults now) he texts me this. We haven't spoken since... this was 3 years ago. beeftipsandgravy

Sweet Boy....


My son after throwing his guts up in his bed, then all over the kitchen, "I'm sorry Mama. I'm sorry Daddy."

The kid apologized for being sick and I wept. 2CooperHeroes

You're Ewww....

"Ewww I'm not dancing with you!" A girl in grade 7 gym class when we were doing dance lessons and of course the entire class heard. Puberty hit me early especially with height/skin so that was great for self confidence for the rest of my teen years. dont_matter_anyways

Hurt Soul. 

"You gave them a reason to bully you so you're in the wrong." -Mom

I was being bullied so bad one day to where it got to the point where it broke me. I went home to vent to my mom and maybe get some sympathy but she told me this. YaBoiJSD

​"no one is going to want you the way you are" 

"no one is going to want you the way you are" i was a teen, stepmom told me this. I didn't realize at the time how deeply it damaged me. Sometimes I wonder if she truly was right after all. I've always thought she meant my looks, being overweight etc. But nowadays I think she meant me as a whole, not just outside. Still recovering from those words, about 10 years later. Faintning

"good bye, my friend"


When my ex broke up with me for the last time. We were on and off for years and it always ended in a furious rage and tears. But the last time she calmly said "good bye, my friend" and I knew it was different. I knew it was really over. I never heard from her again. sunnycyde3103

Everybody Sucks. 

"I know it bothers you, but I don't care, and there's nothing you can do about it." - after opening up to them

"You're never gonna be as good as (his ex's name). You can't even speak proper English! " - English isn't my first language

"And there you go, crying again. God. " - It was our anniversary after I asked if I could call him and he blew me off, again. Dollerina

Face Issues....


When I was a teenager I had problems with acne, which my father would yell at me for. One time when I was washing my face, outside the bathroom door I heard him angrily whisper to my mother, "She looks like crap, [mom's name]. This is why she'll never get a boyfriend. No guy wants to be with a girl who's ugly and disgusting."

It's nowhere near the worst thing my father's ever said to/about me, but for some reason that one destroyed me. crapenvelope

There's a crowd for anything. 

"You're not funny. Stop trying"

As I mentioned in one of the comments, I used to get this a lot in high school. I was and still am starving for validation. One of those who took upon themselves to hit me on the head with truth, was the class joker. After he read a short story I wrote, he changed his mind and we continued to collaborate by writing and preforming sketches together.

Fast forward to 2020, I'm taking improv and writing classes at the Second City. Tonight I preformed on stage for the first time since high school, got amazing feedback, and solid laughs.

Don't let them bring you down. Yes, stay realistic, but find your own way to bring your passion to life. There's a crowd for anything. Tonight was amazing. You'll get there too. I'm not joking. BnaiRephaim

Straight Forward. 

My father was a gay man, but he "tried to be straight". He ended up marrying my mother. It of course ended in divorce, but not on bad terms.

My mom has never dated or had a boyfriend since then (25 years), and to my knowledge no one has ever approached her in a romantic way, before or after my dad.

A few years before he died, my dad admitted to me that he always had love for my mom, but he was never IN love with her.

While I am glad that my dad finally came out of the closet and lived his life as his true self, it broke my heart to hear he never romantically loved my mom.

My mother is the sweetest, kindest, most humble soul on Earth and it makes me so sad that no one has ever been in love with her. She deserves a much happier life than the one she's lived. bismuth-crystals

I don't want to hate her.... 

When my friend died from suicide, i emailed her dad.

I was not an incredibly close friend of her's. We did not hang out, text frequently, etc. she was simply a classmate i was very close with during school.

i keep in contact with her father because i think he needs to know that there were people out there who care. my heart broke once when he told me she talked about me after every production at my school, although i stand in the background of all of them. my heart broke again when he told me he wanted me to tell him when they happen again so he can come see them, with her again. itsmesierra


"I don't love you anymore." (After 18 years). sonia72quebec

I feel you. I had been married less than two years, but she changed basically overnight. Apparently as much random sex as possible is better than a completely committed, loving husband. Who knew? _austinm

He's Unpretty....

"I don't think she's attractive. And her breasts are way to small. I want a real woman, a beautiful woman" - my first love about me to someone else.

"You gonna end up as a druggie and prostitute"

"You are so damn ugly, but your sister is so beautiful - how is this even possible?"

"He just got in a relationship with you because we had a bet." MauOnTheRoad


My mom said "you need to come home, there has been a terror attack at the youth camp my best friend is at"

She was 15, she didn't make it. I'll never forget the pain in my moms voice when she told me. KarolineBuer

Bad Dad. 

"You were a disappointment from even before you were born, the only reason I had a third kid was to try and finally have a daughter but you couldn't even be that." My dad as he was packing his stuff after being kicked out of the house for cheating by my mother. CallMeYosei

You can't park here.....

I am the least favorite child in my family. My older sibling is very successful and serves in the medical industry. My father has always been distant to me all my life. One day when I had a problem with my car I called my father to see if he could help (he worked as a mechanic) He told me to drive to his apartment and park in his designated spot so he could take a look at the engine. I arrived and the landlord came out after I parked.

She came up to me and said "You can't park here. This is for tenants only" I told her who my dad was and she replied "Oh, you must be (my older sibling's name)" I corrected her and she looked confused. She then said "Your father told me he only has one child." bardsofcanada

Simon? Is that you?

"You've got a pretty voice but I can't put you on stage. You don't have the face for the stage."

  • My music teacher

I'll admit, I wasn't the prettiest kid but that was a pretty brutal thing to say to a 6th grade girl. It didn't help that the other kids laughed at his statement. The-WickedScone


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