People Share What They Believe Are The Biggest Screw-Ups In History


Well that was a big ole whoopsie....

If only we could go back in time and hit restart. History is littered with mishaps and mistakes. Some events by chance, others were done with malicious intent. And not just our personal histories but world histories. Were did we derail as people?

Redditor u/adilly31 wanted to discuss some historical blemishes that had consequences by asking.... What was the biggest screw up in history?

But Bugs?


Introducing rabbits to Australia.

Some fool released a few in 1857 so that he could hunt them for sport. Obviously nobody had the "birds and bees, but especially rabbits" conversation with this guy. LuraGreer

Oh Rome....

"Hannibal Shmannibal, he won't dare attack Rome."

"Oh crap, he attacked Italy!"

"Send a big army to take him head on."

"They were massacred by Hannibal's forces!"

"Send another one."

Seriously, for a while, it looked like Rome was being led by Zapp Brannigan. TammeraDardar


In the 16th and 17th century some fishermen went on the island Galapagos and took three goats with them, in the 1990s on the island were 250,000 goats. The problem is on island Galapagos live giant tortoises which are endangered species, goats were eating their food and from 100,000 tortoises number fell on 3,000 tortoises in the 1970s Ecuadoran army declared war on goats and long story short they won, now there are around 19,000 tortoises. jakow_26

Ask Tennyson. 

Charge of the Light Brigade... miscommunication sent a single British brigade charging headfirst into the whole of the Russian army during the Crimean War. Tennyson's poem was famous enough for me to have to memorize in 6th grade. IcyAbbreviations5



Archimedes laid the groundwork for calculus 2000 years before Newton was even born. No one recognized the potential and 13th century Christian monks copied over a 10th century parchment that was the last in existence detailing his discoveries. deadantelopes

Let it Be. 

In the music business, Decca Records. They thought The Beatles were a flash in the pan and rock n' roll would fade away to quickly to be profitable. So, they passed and the most influential rock band in history went on to write music history and make millions and millions. magic_delorean


Franz Ferdinand driver making a wrong turn which starts WW1. And influences pretty much all of history from that point onward. Rarebrainlet

This is true.... however, most historians agree, that if Franz Ferdiand didn't get assassinated that day, WW1 would have still happened, just probably later. The world was already on a collision course with that event. G8kpr

Henry is trouble....

Pope Clement VII refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce. So Henry formed the Anglican church, which led to the Puritans, the Mayflower Compact and Boston, the Quakers and Philadelphia, both cities became the starting points of the Revolution. spectre73

Wear a condom. 

Hitler's dad saying to Hitler's mom, "let's go to bed, Brünhilda, I'm feeling a bit saucy tonight." Osiris32

WWII and the Holocaust would have still happened without Hitler and the Nazis may have had a more effective leader who was able to complete their "Final Solution." manderifffic

Universal Waste....


The universe began and many people have had complaints about that. LittleRedLamps

Widely regarded as a bad move. ColdOnTheFold


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