People Share What Screams 'I Live On Daddy's Money'


Oh honey. You've never worked a real day in your life.

Money is a beautiful thing... but money can corrupt, even from birth. Too many people of privilege have been taught that money makes their life all that is worth while. Many parents with money have neglected to show their children the value of a dollar and the life benefits from earning that dollar. If we have it, of course we want to make life easy for the ones we love, but people need to be taught that money doesn't make you wise or life prepared.

Redditor u/ShroomerOfCatan wanted to know the blatant red flags that you can spot a spoiled rich person by asking.... What screams "I live on daddy's money"?

15 bucks a month.....


Not understanding the value of the dollar. Example: when my best friend and I were World of Warcraft addicts in middle school thru college, there would be times where I would run out of money for my sub (it was damn expensive for a kid like myself buying my own way using prepaid time cards). My best friend would say "oh, just do what I do and charge it to your dads credit card, that way you can just pay by year and not worry about it." He wasn't being a prick, that's just the only way he knew. He had no idea what it was like to have to work hard for something so simple. WoW wasn't cheap man, 15 bucks a month. Langhof


My roommates are like this. I'm struggling working 40+ hours trying to make rent and have food. But all they do is sit at home and dick around all day. I wish I could tell you what they do. And for whatever reason they won't go get their own food ever so I have to bring shit home for them otherwise they complain. They never clean up after themselves and leave their shit everywhere which makes me think their mom must have done that kind of thing for them.

And if I'm gone for even one night they freak out and start meowing when I get home. Don't even get me started on the litter boxes. fuzzyblackyeti

Rolex Away.....

I live in a relatively high income community, and I'll see teenagers with rolexes and doorless jeeps joyriding on the main road, it's no fun to be near them. GeorgeOrange18

Why is a rolex bad? I plan on buying my son one soon (nothing fancy just something entry level like a sub or gmt). Just want him to have something nice to keep throughout life, and remind him he is different from normal people and should not to behave like a bohemian. throw097834away

Eat Up!


Walks into the fanciest restaurant in Manhattan. Orders the most expensive things there are on the menu. Only takes a bite or two.

--Monsters airtronics



Your first car at 16 is a Mercedes or any luxury cars. You are 27 job less / still live at your parents and show off your expensive purses / shoes/ clothes and lifestyle on instagram. VT9732

Next on House Hunters:

Next on House Hunters: "I'm a freelance basket weaver. My wife is a kindergarten teacher. We're looking for a rustic house outside of Austin on a $5 million budget." Hrekires

I haven't watched in ages, and the last episode I did watch was two teachers buying a $2 million home there. I still watched the international version for a while, but really there are only so many neighborhoods in Berlin I need to know about. TreePretty


Not understanding the schedule restrictions due to having a part time job, or not being able to understand why you can't stay out late because you have to get up for work at 5am for a job that doesn't pay enough to comp for the gas it would take to drive all over town all night. Pm_me_your_sexy-bits


I (30F) just started to date a guy, not too long after I lost a job. I took a roommate in to help me pay the rent and he got mad. Said that he will be less comfortable because of the privacy and couldn't understand that I put money before the relationship. I said that I will not spit on 500$/month and that I won't be able to pay.

His solution : ask money from my parents and wait a couple of months til he moves in and SAVES me.

After a fight, I mostly discover that he still lived in his parent's home at 30. His whole schtick about "travel is my philosophy" suddenly seemed less cool. I broke up that week. yellowloki

 "starving artists"

For a period of time in the early 2000's I lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Rents in some parts of Williamsburg were and still are ridiculously expensive. I couldn't afford to live in the vicinity of the "cool" area, otherwise known as Bedford Avenue. Instead I roomed with 5 other people in an converted 3 bedroom apartment about a 15-20 minute walk away from Bedford.

Every so often I'd find myself at a cafe on Bedford avenue and see all the faux "starving artists" sitting there looking like they'd just rolled out of bed for hours on end. It was clear they didn't have anywhere they needed to be. Rents for a 1BR on/near Bedford were often north of $2000/month, and that was in 2001/2002. No way in hell you're 18-22 years old, and paying your own bills working part time if you live there. funky_shmoo



The foreign students who go to school in the expensive metropolitan city, pay international fees, don't attend classes regularly, and only wear designer brands.

(Obviously this is not reflective of all foreign students). Loud_lady2

Just out of Grad School. 

Had an employee once who was fresh out of grad school. Paid him 60k.

He drove a brand new 120k Mercedes, lived in a 4k/month penthouse, wore all bespoke clothing, etc etc.

His salary was definitely a blip on his financial radar. It was wild. the_blind_gramber

Dad's the Boss... 

"I cannot go out tomorrow, I have to work"

"just tell your boss that you want to do it, don't be afraid of him, who does he think he is?"

It happened to me, he works in his father's company. Vyxtic

The Independents. 

People who claim to be "financially independent" but have never had a job. ClinicalClient

I'll give them this though. Rich kids are a great way to siphon money from rich Daddies and spread it out among the common people. When Princess buys shoes, money goes to the shoe store. When she eats out every breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurants get some of that money. Plus sales tax. ClownfishSoup

"Just put it on your credit card."


When they don't understand financial restrictions. There have been a few people I've met who never really thought about not having enough money to do something. Anything from fixing a car to going out to eat. If you say you can't do something because you're broke and they respond with, "Just put it on your credit card." they are likely a candidate. R600a

"Just ask your family for the money! That's what I do."

I used to work with a guy years ago. We were both in our mid twenties, and both working in junior white-collar jobs, making around the same pay. So while it was okay money it wasn't amazing.

This guy was buying his third home in as many years. Like, he already owned two (lived in one, rented out the other) nice houses, and was buying a third and keeping the other two to build a mini property portfolio.

When I told him that my wife (who also worked a white collar job) and I couldn't afford a down payment, he responded "Just ask your family for the money! That's what I do."

When I responded that a) they didn't have the kind of money, and b) even if they did we weren't comfortable doing that, he just couldn't understand it. He was visibly confused, because it was outside his little bubble. braxistExtremist

The Quiet Privilege. 

An old co-worker of mine, who was a super nice guy, never made any higher than $40k. He was able to buy a house while his wife stayed home with his son, got a brand new Lexus every 2 years or so, posts pictures of him on traveling on planes all the time in first class and/or a private jet.

His first year at work he'd talk to us like all of this common, but I think he learned pretty quickly to keep quiet about his privileged life. dougiebgood

Home Sweet Home. 

A friend who doesn't really work much, has never made more than probably around $100K per year, his wife who hasn't worked in 6 years (and worked as an admin type person for maybe 3-4 years prior to having kids).

They are currently building a multi-million dollar home.

Oh yea, her dad owns an oil company. C250586

The Takers. 

I used to know a girl who always complained about "handouts" and "lazy poor people" and "pointless charities." I found out the Mustang she drove was a gift from her father, her parents paid her rent, and her high-paying job was at her mom's company.

She honestly didn't see any of that as charity. She got the car, job, and apartment because she's so amazing and deserves it, obviously. extra_username

So Sad.


I have a friend who told me he has distant cousins who live off a trust fund that pays them ten grand a month each and they're having trouble getting by. alegonz

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