Students Share The Stupidest Rules Their School Tried To Enforce


You ever have to follow rules that simply make no sense? Frustrating isn't it, like not being able to touch your own hands, or having to deal with being cold because your personal jacket isn't up to school code. Other bizarre regulations include dress codes for call centers and slave wages for grad students. We demand democracy from government, so why not at work or school?

EggEngines asked: What's the most stupid rule in your school/workplace?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Slow clap for this policy.

When I was still in high school, slow-clapping in the auditorium was listed as an offense you could be punished for.


Sh*t we had the same rule in my high school. We also couldn't be "mockingly enthusiastic" while singing our schools alumi matter, which we did after every assembly.


Well this seems utterly pointless.

The CEO of my company created a Google spread sheet to document everything that goes on. Everything--quotes, sales orders, PM activity, drafter assignments, shipping stuff--everything. Nevermind that we have an ERP system set up, or other computer programs that track this sh*t...He wants all of us to live by this Google document, and it isn't even tied to ANY of our software. It just exists out in space, and it's just ONE more thing we have to keep track of over the 100 other things we're responsible for.


If you have a CIO, tell her or him.

Having a second set of data makes all the time and money spent on the ERP pointless. I can't believe someone that stupid is allowed to run a company.


Better yet, spin it as a security issue. If it's just out there on google with no special protection then all the important info in there is vulnerable to leaks and hacking.


Nobody is allowed to bleed their own blood. Nobody!

My old elementary school had EXTREME policies against blood... one time my tooth got knocked out, and I got a blood stain on my shirt, and they made me put a band aid on the shirt!


Well they didn't want the shirt to bleed out, duh.


You hands are tools of sin.

The school my son attends does not allow the wearing of hoodies in the school UNLESS THE POCKET IS SEWN SHUT.

IOW, their problem is not with the hood, but with the fact that the kids can touch their hands together inside their pocket.


This is the most bullsh*t explanation I have ever heard.


Imagine, being able to touch your hands, but you can't see them. Disgusting.


You're on your own.

You cannot help anyone outside your department without permission.


Kinda hard to impose this rule on the help desk, though...


Solid plan right here.

You have to take a training course offered by the university in order to use their milling/lathe/ etc machines in a workshop.

The training courses don't exist.


That sounds like the training course thing for renting cameras and tech from my college library. The course exists, but the form you have to sign doesn't.


That sounds like a bunch of the "mandatory" training my company says we have to take. There's classes, but they have them once a month and only allow like 20 people in when there's easily 250 new people a month that are supposed to take them. Oh and the class is probably only offered in a location that's like a five hour flight away. They're not all like this, but some relatively common ones are. I once had someone giving me crap about not having taken one and was this close to getting my manager to approve a trip to London to take it (I'm in California). He decided we'd probably both get in trouble for that though.


Everyone wants to go home.

We can't bring down our bags/purses with us to drop off kids at their buses at the end of the day because it "makes kids think we are in a rush to go home."

They're kids and they do not care, they want to go home, too.

Edit: I'm a primary school teacher.


I'm a teacher, and contractually required to be in my room for 20 minutes after the end of school so students don't think we're in a rush to leave either. It's "unprofessional" for students to see us leaving to go home.

I must also be in my room 15 minutes before the buses arrive.


Then I'm going tf home.

You can't wear your own jacket, even when is freezing outside and our jackets aren't prepared for those temperatures.

  • My school


Funny thing was my school didn't have uniform, but we also had a no jacket during the school day rule. You had to put it in your locker. The bad thing was when there would be snow outside and kids would have to go out to classes in portables without their coats.


Id wear my coat anyway. Not gonna pay for heat? F*ck you im wearing my coat.


Solid point.

Must wear dress shoes, I work in a f*ckin' call center who the f*ck cares about what I wear on my feet?


My work forbids slippers, though it sort of makes sense, also at a call center.

This guy Jason wears slippers almost every day though 🤷♀️


Every job consists of three things:

Stupid rule

Guy who doesn't care enough to follow it

Manager who is tired of saying anything to him


Capitalism ruins everything.

Graduate students cannot receive raises. The quality, quantity, or importance of their work does not matter. What you get when you start, is what you get when you end.

This rule has created a number of terrible situations. Right now, there are third-year students working as supervisors on multi-million dollar grants earning literally thousands of dollars less than the data-coders they supervise. There are students with poor work ethic and grades making 14% more than our program's top performers. What's worse, these discrepancies appear to be related to demographic variables (like sex, race, age), but since grad student's aren't "employees" ethical standards need not apply.

Academia essentially runs on slave labor.


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