Very often, a movie can be defined by one unforgettable scene.

These include the heartbreaking image of the girl in the red coat in Schindler's List, or Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally, leading to the iconic line "I'll have what she's having".

And then there are the scenes that scared us silly!

Many people might actually not have seen these scenes, as they were burying their heads in their popcorn, or under the sofa cushions out of fear.

While those who were brave enough to watch them might still sleep with the lights on, if they can get any sleep at all.

Redditor MindlessMemory2294 was curious to learn which scenes still send shivers down people's spines even when thinking of them, leading them to ask:

"What is the most terrifying movie scene that still haunts you to this day?"

Stay out of the basement.

"The 'not a lot of people have basements in California' scene in Zodiac."- haloarh

An image no one needs to see

"A movie called ‘Threads’ about nuclear war in Britain, where there’s a scene when the nukes first hit Sheffield."

"Genuinely one of the scariest scenes I’ve ever seen."

"You can see a f*cking cat literally melting in it."- Manchman67

Why I'm terrified of clowns

"The very beginning of the original IT."

"The clown is hiding behind the clothes flapping in the wind on the clothesline."

"The clothes are blown apart and you see the evil f*cking clown."

"And then the little girl on her trike is gone."- Fit_Tumbleweed_5904

pennywise stephen king GIF by MauditGiphy

Never underestimate the unpopular kids...

"The end of Carrie (1976) where Sue is laying the flowers on Carrie's grave and the hand grabs her wrist."

"A friend of mine was an usher at the theater and at just that moment the rat bastard grabbed my neck."

"He had snuck up behind me and waited for just the right moment."-

It's not healthy to hold a "Grudge".

"The Grudge (2004)-Most scenes but the one that always scares me is the scene where an office woman is heading home and the vengeful spirit of Kayako begins following her."

"The woman manages to escape her office and get home but is shaken by her encounter with Kayako and hides in her bed."

"The sheets begin to rise up and down and when the woman peaks under, Kayako greets her with that scary death rattle noise she makes and pulls the woman under the covers where the woman disappears."- Soggy_Willingness_65

I'll never go on the highway again.

"The log truck scene from Final Destination."- smokyporkbelly

Doesn't need to be a horror movie to be terrifying...

"Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."- SimonFerocious76

pee wees big adventure GIFGiphy

Bunny carnage!

"That scene in Watership Down."- ciderlout

No one can stop my dancing... except that.

"Basically the start of Ghost Ship where the wire cuts everyone dancing in half."

There is life out there.


"The scene where the kid hears the aliens chittering over the walkie talkie."

"Don't know why, but as a child I was horrified."- BillF*kngMurray

sci-fi signs GIFGiphy

It's truly amazing how one scene can so define a movie.

And has the power to keep us up all night for the rest of our lives.

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