People Share Their Scariest Encounters With The Supernatural


Not today Lucifer!!

The spirits are walking amongst us and a few of them are a bit ornery. We tend to cause upheaval in the search for their peace. When we dabble and call upon the dark arts we never seem to care about the consequences. Everyone should watch some 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and take notes. Let the ghosts be or be prepared....

Redditor u/stevenchamp45 wanted to hear from those who have been hunted by the spirits by asking.... People of Reddit who have practiced or witnessed acts of the witchcraft, voodoo, or the occult, what was the strangest/most unexplainable thing you saw?

The Man...


When I was about 6 or 7 years old I ran into my bedroom to play, but when I went past my bed I saw a gray man in tattered gray clothes. He was wearing a beat up trench coat, a white shirt and some plain gray slacks. He looked absolutely terrified that I had seen him. I ran out of the room to find my parents and never saw the dude again. - btw does anybody have extra subs I might follow for more of this kind of thing? Mr_Funbuns

The Thrashing. 

When I was in high school I had this sudden bout of nightmares and sleep paralysis. I wasn't going through a stressful time or anything and I don't freak out easily. I grew up watching 80's and 90's horror films and I normally sleep with total darkness and doors closed. These nightmares were super sudden and happened almost every night.

It was constant sleep paralysis where my room was on fire, or there were bats thrashing around above me, or there was a figure hovering over my body and I couldn't breathe (the classic). Sometimes my speakers let out strange frequency type sounds even when it was switched off. Things would fall off my shelves etc. My mom would always find me sleeping on the couch the next morning with the tv on because it was so crazy.

Suddenly it all stopped, and when I told my mom She admitted that she had sought advice from a priestess who engraved a blessing for me on a silver pendant and instructed my mom to place it in my room. She didn't want to tell me to see if it would work. I've never had such episodes since. Pecuche

 "feel the power within"

When I was a teen a bunch of my friends went through a Wiccan phase. I honestly thought it was a bunch of hooey, but played along for the most part, because hey they could've got into drugs or horses instead right?

But despite thinking it bullshit there was one moment that made me question things.

Us girls had met up to hang out, and one was brandishing a wooden walking stick. "I have poured my energy into this totem," she declared, then started passing it around the room.

The others cooed about how they could "feel the power within" as they held it. Course someone handed me the stick eventually. I could barely contain my eye roll as I took it.

As I held the walking stick it sent a tingling sensation up my arms.

I passed it on quickly.

Not as dramatic as some of the stories here, but gosh that was weird. Reasonable-Hornet

The Red Bolt!

While in Africa I had heard rumors of witchcraft and lightning, believed none of it. One day while I has doing humanitarian work in a township (basically big subdivisions of small cinderblock houses) I saw a huge red bolt of lighting come out of the sky and hit a shack off in the distance, not a cloud in sight, still have no explanation of how TF that happened, everyone in the township said witchcraft. And I gotta say that along with lots of other crap I saw I am a full believer that witchcraft exists. rufio824

The Scream...


An uncle of mine committed suicide so the islands witch doctors did this ritual with fire and my uncles face clear as day came out of the fire screaming at us. I don't really believe in pagan stuff but this kind of made me believe in it. IsmalCox

The Good Ole Days...

These stories remind me of my youth. I once met one guy on the Internet, who practiced stuff. Before we ever met, I told him to make a summoning circle, like the ones you do when trying to reach a deceased person - but to reach me instead of someone deceased.

At that time, I was quite delusional about my body. I considered my chest narrow and fat, but everyone else would say I'm very broad, strong and muscular.

But we only had each other's close-up face selfies. No way to see the body types. So he made the summoning circle and tried to summon me, but it didn't seem to work. Then we both went to sleep. The next morning, he said he had a dream about me, and told me that he saw me looking very strong and muscular with broad shoulders. But I also had a dream, where I saw him. He was very skinny.

Then we met in real life to verify that. I was exactly like in his dream, he was exactly like in my dream. He even had the same scent about him. gael_the_druid

Stop Reading....

I was into witchcraft for a little while in high school. I was a white witch ( or at least trying to be) and I got really into tarot cards. Being a dumb teenager I didn't know how to properly use them and instead of using them as an extension of my subconscious, I instead thought of them as their own entity. I would speak to them as if they were they're own person. I never got good readings from them.

After a while of using them, I would have a feeling of something watching me around my house especially at night. It would follow me around the house and would be in my closet when I would go to bed. The feeling of anxiety and dread that I felt kept getting worse and worse to the point where I wouldn't sleep at night. At some point I stopped practicing and it didn't go away. It would take a solid few months until it stopped. After it stopped, I went to look for my cards and my crystals.

I could not find them. To this day, 5 years later, I still have no idea what happened to them. I have no doubt in my mind that whatever was following me had something to do with it. Tbh when I go to my parents house even now I still feel like it's watching me, but it's not as intense as before. Ssentak

Down in Texas....

I walked into this book shop next to a Thai food restaurant in my very small home town. I was looking around and they had a spell book section. SUPER weird for small town Texas. Anyway I picked up a book and immediately got very ill. Like I had to go outside and vomit ill.

My friend who was with me said I just scared myself out because I was pretty religious at the time (I'm not anymore) but I remember that day pretty clearly. Deathposwizard


My sister was/is really into occult/Wiccan/witchcraft kind of stuff. I think she meant to be Wiccan, but a 13 year old isn't incredibly discerning. Around the time she got into it, our house started to get incredibly creepy. We would see things move out of the corner of our eyes. Nobody wanted to be home alone. Nobody wanted to be in the living room at night. At first, we could blame it on the house and the land. Then we moved, not just houses, but continents. The weird stuff followed. All of it was always centered around my sister and her room, and it was always aggravated when we did serious cleaning and especially when we moved.

The height of it was when we were moving back to the US (we had two different flight groups. My mom and sister left six weeks before the rest of us to pick the new house while my dad, brother and I cleaned and packed at the old house). We heard thumping from my sister's room, the windows and doors would open and close on their own (not possible from just the wind) and shadows would move wildly under the door pretty much every night, even with the blinds closed. I'm not sensitive/discerning of that kind of stuff, but it was plain as day even to me.

It was only my sister finally moved out of our next house and we cleaned out her room that it all ended. Whatever it was, it was tied to my sister and any sort of disorder/uncleanliness. saxy-french-horn

In the Fire...


I took up meditation for a short while for 2 reasons. I had(have) really bad anger issues and I'd heard it helped. And because I wanted to try to have an out of body experience (obe). I stopped shortly after I had my first obe. When I did it I was floating above myself looking at my body sitting on my floor.

But then I kinda fell into the ground and every thing was black for a while. But then I entered a big cavern filled with fire. I flew around there for quite a while. Just searching around. I didn't really see anything interesting. Just rocks and fire. Eventually I felt a strong jerk and was wrenched upwards till I was back in my own body. I quit meditating after that. akjdowg1


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