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You could live your entire life with no risks taken. Nothing would happen to you, sure, but that's the crux of it all, isn't it? Nothing will happen to you. If you're someone who desires a small modicum of change, then you best not sit around all day hoping for it to come. Real change comes from actions, acting as steps, leading to the mountaintop of true, personal development. Most times, that involves risk.

Reddit user, u/Mr_Jennings_30, wanted to know how we should all step up when they asked:

What risks are worth taking?

Even If It Tastes Bad, Do It

Trying something new or outside your comfort zone at a restaurant, or cooking something you normally don't. Very little risk, but you might find something you really like. It's kinda funny how much courage that can take for certain people I know.


Pack It On Up


Moving out of your sh-tty home town.

You can't grow roses in spoiled dirt.


I did this, and took a huge leap of faith. I moved to try and make it as a musician, and five years later after my move, I'm not a musician, but I am now an international gogo dancer, which I never knew I would ever be, because I used to HATE dancing.

Moving out of your home town was hard, weird, but so f-cking rewarding.


Are Your Feelings Worth More Than Knowing?

Talking to that girl. Go ahead. Don't be afraid. Pepper spray only hurts for 20 minutes or so.


Haha. But seriously. Every time I see a guy cry on here about talking to a girl, I'm amazed. In most of the circumstances, you won't even see this person again. The worst they can do is say no (I guess they can insult you, but 99% of people won't do that and for the 1% that do - that just makes them look like an asshole to any decent human being).

I'm a gay girl. I approach girls pretty frequently. No one has ever been a d-ck to me. I've never died. They don't get offended if they're straight. I don't get offended if they're not interested. I've made good friends this way! Just set your ego aside and roll with it.


Feel Out The Conversation, You Might Be Surprised

This may be a small one but I feel most people don't try: Starting a conversation with a stranger. Even just making a small comment to someone could end up brightening both of your days!


I talk to strangers all the time, and I can tell within literally one sentence whether the other person is they type of person who doesn't mind a chat.

I'd say probably at least 20-30 percent of the time people give off a vibe that says 'please don't continue this conversation' and then it fizzles after one comment.

No harm no foul.

Its only when people keep talking when one person clearly doesn't want to that it gets awkward.


Always Have Something Lined Up First

Changing your job if you don't like your old one.


I feel like this is a dangerous one if you're not careful about it.

My friend's mother worked at an elementary school as a teacher's assistant. She had a high school diploma and worked full time doing recess duty, looking after the kids and helping a teacher in the classroom with whatever. She had a 401k, health benefits, and was entitled to a pension once she retired. She got tired of her job and up and quit without having anything else lined up or a clue about what she wanted to work in. She ended up basically unemployed, just worked part-time gigs here or there. She was in her 40s when she decided to try something else.

By far, this was the worst thing she could have done with looking to pursue another job because she had nothing else lined up. She wanted to return to her old job after 3 months and was told she was no longer qualified because she wasn't bilingual.

It's good to pursue a new path, just make sure to have something worthwhile lined up first.


She got tired of her job and up and quit without having anything else lined up or a clue about what she wanted to work in.

I think this is where she screwed up. Nothing wrong about taking the risk and changing jobs, but make sure you have that new job lined up before quitting your current one if you need the income and benefits.


There Are No Restrictions Or Guidelines

Travelling by yourself. It can be weird at first, but once you realize you literally get to do everything you want to do it's great. Feel hungover? Do nothing or go sit in a park. Want to meet people? Go to a pub and introduce yourself as a tourist. I would recommend festival times of year like Christmas Markets for meeting people.


"Do more."

Top 2 things that i've learned growing older:

  • Talking to the person you'd like to get to know better. Be it that one girl you're into, or even just a stranger if you want to get to know people.
  • Embracing change/new opportunities even if it's scary or difficult. Jump into that cold water and don't settle for the easy way. Enhances your life and experience, and not going after these things usually leads to regret and a life less exciting.

Actually, not doing these things bear a greater risk than going for it, in a way. Do more.


If You Made A Thing, Share It!

Posting that art/music/meme/whatever content you made

unless your community is toxic ofc


"...Sooner Is Better Than Later."


The broad based stock market by investing in index funds.


I grew up being told by my parents that the stock market was SUPER HARD and RISKY and that a lot of research was involved before getting started. They were wrong and I waited too long before starting - if anyone reading this has a disposable income, don't hesitate like I did, even if you're just microinvesting through a round-ups app or putting in a couple hundred bucks every 6 months, sooner is better than later.

The funny thing with money is that once it's not in your account it's easier to think it's not yours to spend anymore. Investing is like buying yourself a 30th or 40th birthday present, you won't regret it.


Know Which To Measure

Risking failure: worth it.

Risking injury: not worth it.

Source: am old.


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