People Share The Most Ridiculous Rules They Have Ever Seen A Parent Enforce
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Everyone's parenting styles are different, typically because every child is different. Consulting a thousand different parenting books by a hundred different authors will tell you a million different ways to handle a child. However, there are some rules you see in action and just go, "Huh?"

Reddit user, u/MuthaDaddy1, wanted to hear about the most out-there parents when they asked:

What are some ridiculous parenting rules you've seen people use on their kids?

Your Limits Are Here

I'm 16 and not allowed anywhere without an adult. If my friends are having a parent drop us off at the mall or a movie theater then I can't go. I can only go if a parent comes with us.

Now I'm rarely invited anywhere because of it.


Lineage Plays A Big Part In It

True, i have a friend whose indonesian and his parents are BRUTAL, like theyre the stereotypical "we only accept doctors" kind of parents. Never understood that mentality from any parent, really. If you did your job to make sure that they're a well-rounded and good person well, then they could thrive in any job.


Not Truly The Same


I had friends that were twins - fraternal female twins. Their mom had a different set of rules for them (their dad wasn't in the picture). One was probably emotionally abused while the other was the golden child. The abused one wasn't allowed to hang out with friends while the other had free reign. The golden child would convince their mom to allow the abused one to tag along with her. It was quite sad actually.


Not What You Think They Are

I knew two kids that were "fraternal twins," a boy and a girl. Their parents also had different rules for them. The boy was spoiled and allowed / encouraged to do a lot of things. He played an instrument and joined clubs. The girl...well, I don't remember much about her.

A few years later, my mom (who used to be best friends with their mom) told me that they weren't actually twins. Most people just assumed they were twins because they were basically the same age.

Turns out that their mother had been told she couldn't have children, so she decided to adopt. They found a little girl and had started the adoption process when they found out she was pregnant. They cancelled the adoption, and then she had a miscarriage. So they decided to adopt again. They found another little girl and started the adoption process with her. And then she finds out she's pregnant again, but is afraid to cancel the adoption just in case.

Their little boy was born a few months after their daughter.

I don't think they were especially cruel or abusive to the girl, but they definitely treated their biological son noticeably better. When he turned 16, he got a car. She didn't. I don't know the parents' reasoning for this, but it certainly seemed unfair.


Rules Without Consequences

Not following up on situations they create.

"If you do that one more time, we're going back to the car".

Kids learn quickly when you don't follow through and you end up with a little manipulator who controls your life.


Every. Single. Day.

A friend of mine when he went to university had to call his mother every single day at 8pm to tell her what he'd done that day and what he was studying.

If he was even 10 minutes late she would start calling non stop until he picked up.


0 Screen Time

My friend plans to never let her child near the TV ever and he will be forced to read books even if he hates it, I tried to explain to her that will make him hate reading but she doesn't listen.

Her reasoning is he'll like it if it's all he knows and not be resentful that he can't watch the same shows or play the same games as his friends. She also plans to make him get part time jobs as soon as he's legally old enough, he'd be allowed to go out with friends once a week but beyond that it would be work, homework, reading. She doesn't even plan to let him pick his own books, she'll assign him books she feels are suitable.


Religion Putting The Stop Gaps On

One classmate had Jehovah Witness parents so they don't celebrate holidays or birthdays. Always felt bad for them because our class at the time would have a birthday party or V-Day party and they would just sit in the corner looking glum.


One of my closest friends in Elementary school had the same situation except her parents wouldn't even allow her to be in the room for those days and gave the school a notebook of "extra course work" that she had to do while all of us were eating cake, passing out candy, and learning to draw hand turkeys. I felt bad so I always saved her some candy.


Let's Ask Patrick On This One

growing up, my auntie wouldn't let my cousins watch spongebob squarepants because someone from their church said he was gay.


Floating All Around Me


I had helicopter parents growing up. where should I begin?

I wasn't allowed to pick my own clothes/outfits until high school. I was only allowed after a huge blow up fight with my parents. I was not allowed to hang out with friends unless my parents knew their parents. Even when my parents knew their parents, I was only allowed to go out with friends if the parents would be around.

One time, I lied and went to the mall with my friends and got caught. Man was that a bad night. I could not stay out past dark even as a 17 year old. I was not allowed to stay home alone until high school (my dad came in strong on my side on this one). I was not allowed to cook anything because fire/knives are dangerous. When I took exams, I would receive one smack on the hands with a ruler for every point lower than 100. I still remember the pain after receiving a 63 on a physics exam.


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