People Share The Riddle That Stumped Them Like The Sphinx


No one likes being stumped. All you can think about for days afterwards is how you failed to solve something you're pretty positive was written on the side of a popsicle stick at one point. Honestly, the worst part could be hearing the answer after not being able to figure it out, but sometimes, you never find the truth. And it haunts you. Forever.

Good luck with the entries below.

Reddit user, u/GreenTinkertoy, wanted to hear the problem you could never solve when they asked:

What was the hardest or best riddle you've ever seen?


Take me out of a window, and I leave a grieving wife.

But stick me in a door, and I can save somebody's life. What am I?


The Worst Game Of Poker Ever?

Four men sit down to play,

They play all night 'till break of day.

They played for gold and not for fun, With separate scores for everyone. When they came to square accounts, They all had made quite fair amounts. Can you this paradox explain, If no one lost, how could all gain?


Ooh! A Coffin!?

The man who made it didn't want it. The man who bought it didn't need it. The man who used it never knew it. What is it?


A Fantastic Table?

Halo of water, tongue of wood, walls of stone, long I stood.


Your Left Foot? Right Foot!

What can you hold in your right hand but not in your left?


Was The Dog 85 Feet Tall?

Easy one:

A big black dog stood in the middle of a black road. There were no street lights above the road. An old car with broken headlights drove towards the dog but turned in time before he hit it. How did the driver see the dog in time?


Well, They're Not Wrong

When does 11+3=2?


After a few pints


Pay Attention

This eight letter word has KST in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end.


We're All Liars?

I dunno how well known this one is (one person recognized it when I told it) but I still like it.

You come to a fork in the road. One path leads to heaven, another leads to hell, but you don't know which one leads where. The only way to find out is to ask the two people guarding the path: a knight and a knave, and you don't know which is which.

You are allowed to ask them one question to find out, and both will answer. The knight always tells the truth, and the knave always lies. The knight also just has better morals. What question do you ask?


Oh No. Math!

12 coins, one of them is counterfeit. You got an old-school scale. Find the counterfeit coin with three weighings.

I always forget the solution and have to bust my head all over again to manage to solve it. It can take from a few minutes to a few days. I have no explanation for why this happens.


The Saddest Story Ever

This one is my favorite:

When I am alive I do not speak.

Anyone who wants to takes me captive and cuts off my head.

They bite my bare body

I do no harm to anyone unless they cut me first.

Then I soon make them cry.



The God Riddle.

Oh my god.

Three gods, A, B, and C, are called, in some order, True, False, and Random. True always speaks truly, False always speaks falsely, but whether Random speaks truly or falsely is completely random. You must determine the identities of A, B, and C by asking three yes-or-no questions, and each question must be posed to exactly one god. The gods understand English, but will answer all questions in their own language. In their unknown language, the words for "yes" and "no" are "da" and "ja," in some order. You do not know which word means which. How do you go about identifying the gods?

Who created this monster of a riddle?


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