People Divulge Which Things They Absolutely Regret Spending Money On


Make it Rain!!! Or... Don't!!

Money doesn't grow on trees, remember that. We think money is always just going to be there but we have to careful... often cash is fleeting and we indulge in purchases that are not of any necessity. Do you really need that 30th pair of blue jeans just because a Kardashian says so? NO! Don't spend that paper, honey! Spend it on a cruise, retirement, a class. Or at least something substantial.

Redditor u/TMFoxHound wanted to know what purchases they could take back by wondering..... What do you regret spending money on?

So Cool... LOL


I bought a beeper and a Segway in the same year. wid89


A lot of items of clothing that cost a lot of money but I just don't wear. Daairycow

Goods and services can be exchanged for money, which then can be exchanged for other goods and services. ChefBoyarDEZZNUTZZ

Sales Please....

Basically any game on steam that without fail goes on 75% off sale like a week later. Madrojian

That is why I buy everything on the yearly sale around Christmas although sales aren't really worth it any more... I miss the flash sales Nickonator22

No Friend of Mine...

My untrustworthy friend that never paid me back. xd_Coolswan

I'm alright with friends who don't pay me back but stuck with me through challenges. I just can't stand those that come to me during their time of need, but when I'm in need, they are no where to be seen. SphmrSlmp

Dr. Death.


College classes for a career path I ended up not taking. Nursing. Grew up my whole life being told I was going to be a nurse so I went to school to work towards that without any hesitation. I had done several classes before I started volunteering at a hospital. Once I saw someone die for the first time is when I realized I wasn't cut out to be in that setting. jiinxyee


Gambling. Sure it's fun and exciting, but damn is it stupid. dueceswild19

I brought 200 bucks to gamble in Vegas 11 years ago. I'm now an adult with a family and a nice house, and have wasted much more money in bits and pieces since then, but dammit if I don't often think about that 200 dollars that evaporated in 15 minutes playing roulette. ArrakeenSun

Darn Nicotine.... 

Cigarettes. Oh the money I have blown on them, and continue to blow on them. The addiction is one thing; the fear of my grumpiness without them is a huge barrier to quitting for me. I need to be thrown on an abandoned island for weeks to quit. HonestyFlaw

Stay in Check... 

My parents had made a savings for me that I chose to basically spend on going out and drinking when I was around 21. It had around $15,000 in it, and it was gone in about two years. I could really have used that money later in my twenties, but I learned that I'm a fool and that I have to keep my impulses in check. FuryQuaker

Stay Sober. 

Twenty years of drinking in bars.

I see this resonates with people. A piece of advice: if you enjoy occasionally going out to a bar with your friends or for a date, rock and roll. But if you find yourself going alone to bars, that's a major red flag. It can start to feel like you aren't alone because you have made bar friends, but don't let that count. There's a whole culture to being a barfly, but for many reasons that go beyond wasted money I would recommend against it. There are so many other things to do.


Forget you Chris.


A nonrefundable AirBNB reservation for a Valentine's Day trip with my ex, who broke up with me the day before. Forget you, Chris. BootlegMoon


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