People Share Red Flags That You're In A Toxic Friendship


Sometimes people just gotta go!

Everyone we meet in life is not meant to stay forever. That is rule number one. People come and go, life ebbs and flows. We must embrace that fact sooner. We all tend to hang on to rubbish people far longer than we should because we want to be liked or not left alone, but those people leave a far darker impact than loneliness. We have to pay attention to the signs. The toxic people aren't hiding, we're just pretending to be blind.

Redditor u/priggerz wanted everyone to discuss the glaring warnings of the hazardous by asking.... What red flags were there in your past toxic friendships?

I see your pain and raise you....


She challenged literally everything I said with something worse that happened to her and would say rude things just claiming to be honest. Iwaspromisedjetpacks

Never trust someone who describes themselves as "Im just honest." No you're just a b***h. tjejsaren

Friends don't Freak! 

Asked for space in the mornings for a week so I can study; flipped out and acted like I was being unreasonable. randomthrowaway099

Sounds like my parents except when I try to sleep in lol. swalk447

Real friend would of been supportive and completely understanding. SassyDeadCat

Simmer Down! 

Not feeling comfortable being honest without an overreaction. Always walking on eggshells. KlingoftheCastle

This. When they go for you and you get all the crap for bringing it up. Never their fault, always yours. Badgerinoz

This is me and my roommates at the moment. DAMN! basegodwurd

Get back Succubus! 

Emotional vampire.

She unloaded all her problems on me and never listened in return. Nothing is ever her fault. Even cheating on her spouse multiple times and becoming pregnant by one of her affairs was somehow her husband's fault. She was a leech, and by all accounts, she still is. LadyPDonut

You've been SAVED!


She would talk smack about ALL of her "best friends." These were people who loved her. And she would constantly just put them down behind their backs. I can't even imagine the shit she would probably say about me. One day I said the wrong thing, I guess, and she completely dropped me. It was over some petty crap and it destroyed me for years because I was so in love with her.

Years later, she ended up cheating on her boyfriend, who was completely devoted to her, with his sister's boyfriend. It was then I realized that I dodged a HUGE bullet. ProTrashKid

Let them Drown! 

Two girls I was friends with (different time periods of my life).

Both of them used me as a "rain coat" meaning they barely acknowledged me while their "actual friends" were present but asking me to stay with them after school or spending time with me only when they didn't have anyone else to spend their time with. chungus101

When they hate you! 

One-upping you, and shutting you down. I had a "friend" last year who I connected with on many levels, but she literally couldn't go one conversation without doing both of these to me.

Example, I'd say: "Ugh, I'm coming down with a cold and I've gotta go to work." She snaps, "Wow too bad for you, I've done that every day for a week!"

Or in a group, I bring up an idea of where to eat: "That place sucks, let's go to _____!"

If they're randomly rude and cutting towards you for no reason, they aren't your friend. They resent you, and aren't mature enough to just cut you off. Do yourself a favor and find another friend. HookerMitzvah

It's always about them!!! 

If you are having a problem and you go to them, they quickly relate it to their problems and take over the conversation. castenz7

Tried to talk to my friends recently about how overwhelmed I was since I might be bipolar and my hair is getting thin due to the mood stabilizers and I don't want to be bald at 23.

Became a two hour conversation about how my friend is dealing with a "very serious depression" after going out and drinking too much the night before. SendNudesItsURGENT

The Toxic Timeline! 

- Freshman year of college: not on speaking terms with her roommate by week two

- Sophomore year: new roommate packs up and leaves with no warning in the middle of the semester

- Junior: two of the three girls in the apartment pay to break the lease and move unannounced

- Senior: remaining roommate gets a restraining order against her

I'm glad we graduated because I was running out of excuses to not move in with her. beautifullybroken10

Pencils Up!

  1. Only ever messaged me when she needed something or to talk about herself, never asked about me.
  2. Would make fun of my insecurities on purpose
  3. Would humble brag about things and be very condescending ie. "I'm so stupid I only got 90% on that test, what did you get" "75" "oh, that's really good FOR YOU though"
  4. Would always ask me to do expensive things and then get upset when I said no because I didn't have the money (she was very privileged)
  5. In the same vein would constantly ask me why I didn't "just get a car" because me having to catch public transport was an inconvenience to her
  6. Was SUPER horrible and mean to me whenever she was drunk and then if I ever brought it up she would say "it's just cause I'm insecure" or blame her anxiety/depression
  7. Would tell ring me saying she was going to kill herself and then it would be my responsibility to stop her and calm her down - happened a lot she would say things like "as soon as you hang up I'm gonna kill myself" so I felt that I had to do as she said and keep talking to her
  8. Would lie and manipulate me into thinking that my other friends hated me
  9. Would comment on my body or food knowing full well that I was recovering from anorexia "you've really gained weight" or "wow that's a lot of food."
  10. Would isolate herself and not talk to me (or anyone) for a while and then make vague posts on social media about how she has no friends and everyone's deserted her and no body cared about her.

There's loads more but my blood pressure is rising just thinking about all this bull so I'm gonna stop there lol



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