People Share Questionable Food Combinations That Rival Pineapple On Pizza


I just threw up a little...

When it comes to people's palates nothing makes sense. The things we all find appealing or the flavors that satiate our cravings run the gamut and often defies all logic. It's not normal but to each their own. As long as you can hold it down and I don't have to watch... bon appetit.

Redditor u/hungrymeans wanted to discuss the do's and do not's when it comes to edible pairings by asking... Pineapple on pizza aside, what are the other debatable food combinations?

The apple favorite...

My grandfather always put a slice of cheddar cheese on his apple pie. I tried it once and it really isn't bad! RonSolo85

Mr. Rogers tried cheese with a slice of apple on his show and said it was good, he wouldn't have lied to me. Nattylight_Murica

Apple + Sharp Cheddar? Match made in heaven. Never had cheddar on an apple pie though. Might have to try this. thedankbank1021

Dippity Dips...

French fries dipped in a milk shake. I am all for it while I know people who find it disgusting. commander__vimes

When you go to Wendy's and they ask if you want any dipping sauce even though you already ordered a frosty. abe_the_babe_

Jack & Dill...

A shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. redditiem2

I absolutely love pickleback shots but all of my friends hate it. Priimoney

It's crazy how well it neutralizes any burn and settles your stomach if it's not sitting well. RyFromTheChi

Back Satan! 

My little psychopath of a brother likes ketchup on Oreos. Lorde_Farquad

You should disown him. CorporalThornberry

Kill it, kill it dead! LockeValentine91

No Durian for you! 

I've seen durian pizza on menus in China. I think durian by itself is disgusting and don't want to think about what a durian pizza would taste like. VanDoodah

Since I've grown up eating it, I've never thought it smells like death. To me it's always smelled AND tasted kind of like a banana, but a bit more exotic? And really sweet. What's it like to smell it like a normal person? Does that affect the way it tastes? -NervousPudding-

Bacon Forever!! 

Bacon and peanut butter. tazerblade22

To be fair though, bacon does go well with nearly all foods. Th3M1lkM4n

Your still missing the jar of jelly and hollowed-out bread loaf. Teledildonic

What sort of psychotic are you?! 

I hear "Mint and chocolate are gross together" all the time. Dude, I love an Andes Mint or thin mints. RomanSteel

After Eights - Mint creme dark chocolate thins. They are the bomb. Full_Metal_Penguin

I love mint and I love chocolate but I cannot for the life of me enjoy the two together. MeltdownInteractive

The Cravings...

I drink milk while I eat popcorn. My friends think it is weird. Not exclusively. Just when I want to have them together. In fact, just they either day, I had popcorn and water to drink. SomeToastyBagels

Finally someone who does the same thing I do. I don't even know why I drink milk with popcorn I just crave it whenever I have popcorn :) k_epp00

What the what?

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar is a weird one that works. gooneruk

Yes! Mixed with some black pepper and honey it's the best! m0nstergoat

Salt & Straw in Portland keeps a strawberry-black pepper-balsamic ice cream on hand. silly_gaijin

Don't get crazy! 

I'm seeing a lot of people saying "ketchup on eggs" or "ketchup on pasta." That crap is normal, man. You know what isn't normal?

My friend likes KETCHUP ON VANILLA ICE CREAM. I don't understand it.



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