We could all be doing much better things without time. Imagine all the walls in your house you could paint or the backyard garden you could have started with the energy spent wasted on foolish things, things nobody should ever give a single care.

But you better believe if someone loads the dishwasher the wrong way, we're coming to blows.

Reddit user, u/shazulmonte, wanted to hear what you would never let go when they asked:

What is the pettiest, silliest, most meaningless hill you are willing to die on?

There's Only One Way To Do It...

How the dishwasher is loaded.


The only thing worse than being the only one in the house who does the dishes is being the only one in the house who does the dishes properly.


Old Technology Never Goes Out Of Style

My wife wanted to get rid of the n64 I've had since 97, she said it looks tacky. I've love her, but f-ck that


My husband wants me to get rid of the VCR I bought in 1995.

He says we don't need it.

But what if at some point in the future, we DO need it? It's not like we can get a new one.


As A Writer, This Was A Real Tip To Me

It's "hear, hear" not "here, here."

Get it f-cking right.


It's Not Science

I'm an astronomer, I know nothing about your dumb a-- astrology sign so stop telling/asking me about it.


But You Never Know! You Just. Never. Know.

That box of useless cables in my closet?

You know the one that has a bunch of old USB cables, RCA cables, even S-Video cables, and a sh-t load of AC adapters I can't find the ends for?

Yeah, that box is mine, and I will NEVER throw it away. Even if it only comes in handy once a year, I'll be damned if it doesn't feel great feeling like a dang hero when your friend or family member needs one of those "useless" cables for something.


Clear It!

When not in use, the microwave is a clock.

Stop leaving your unused time on there! You just have to hit the cancel button once, damn!


Move Over!

You're not the only person in the grocery store, lady! Move your cart to the side IN ANTICIPATION of others trying to get by. It's not predicting the future and you really need to work on your spacial awareness.


This Future Is Never Coming

Flying cars are dumb. The idea is nice until you realize that it's too much responsibility and it costs too much for your average idiot to operate legally and safely.


People have enough trouble driving in two dimensions, I can't imagine adding a third would help the situation.


Brights On All The Time

Improperly installed HID lights should be ticketed aggressively... blinding everyone in the road should be illegal.


Had a buddy who had a no sh-t Emergency spot light in the back of his Jeep (inside the truck). It was hooked up to his electrical system for his Subwoofers And pointed out the back window.

Anyway, every once in a while he would get an a--hole with the angled straight HIDs/Highbeams in a big lifted brodozer who drive on his a-- and flash him.

He would hit them with essentially the Batman signal. They typically got the message


Really Escalated There...

Push your goddamn chair in when you stand up from the table.


And turn off the f-cking light when you leave the room!






Seriously. It's The Worst.

Monopoly is an inherently unbalanced and badly designed game. ON PURPOSE. Whoever starts winning will simply keep winning, and the rest of the player's get a slow slog to bankruptcy. And the winner is usually the most ruthless person at the table. This is why it breaks friendships.

It was meant to show the unfairness of unregulated capitalism, and somehow it became an American classic. But compared to modern games, it's terrible.


Preach! I remember when I got Monopoly for my NES(!) and I was so excited and got my friends together to play. And as I played I realized, with slow dawning horror, that you don't actually need a human to play Monopoloy. The dice are random. There are few meaningful choices. You just set the stupid game to four CPU players and no human ones and then go do something else and see how it all turned out later.

That was it for me and Monopoly forever.


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