People Share The Oddest Quirks About Their Body


Well this is unique....

My body is me and my body is beautiful. That is a mantra I was taught during some thousand dollar weekend workshop. We are in a time when finally bodies of all shapes, colors and sizes are being considered pleasing. Not every flaw has to be altered, in fact flaws have become an asset. So let's discuss bodily flaws. It might lead us to some magazine covers.

Redditor u/pawnmaster89 wanted everyone to discuss those little things about us that we're willing to celebrate and share by asking.... What's an odd quirk that your body has?

The deep cut...

don draper shaving GIF Giphy

There's a spot under my chin which, when touched, makes me start hiccuping. Makes showering and shaving/trimming my beard rather interesting.


Below Zero.....

I don't get brain freeze. Instead, I get collarbone freeze.


If I get brain freeze while I'm also suffering from a migraine, the two pains cancel each other out. That's how I discovered that I can make my migraine go away by holding an ice pack against my neck.


Got an Extra...

Third, fully functional kidney.


My sister was born with 4, albeit it 2 never worked and the other two are pretty sh!t at their job. Had surgery almost straight after being born to get rid of two of them.



My thumbs and big toes are double jointed. I can bend my thumbs completely backwards and use my big toes like little monkey hands.


I use my toes to grasp on to edges like the coffee table and such to get a more comfy sitting position. My roommate constantly makes fun of me calling me "monkey boy with monkey feet hands" it hurts sometimes.



spongebob squarepants eww GIF Giphy

My eyes feel strange when I eat something really sweet. I don't know how to describe it but it kind of feels like I want to rub them? Or put pressure on them? My sister jokes I don't have a sweet tooth, I've got a sweet eye.



I sleep with my eyes wide open. Always have. There's a picture of me asleep on my grandparents couch when I'm about 3, and the caption just says "she's not dead- 1998." Always a fun conversation to have with a new boyfriend.

Edit: Holy moley you guys, I did not expect this to get any attention! I'm an infrequent lurker, so imagine my surprise at finding out so many people would find my quirk so interesting. I'll answer the most common questions.

I fall asleep with my eyes closed like a regular human being, but apparently they open when I fall sound asleep. I've been told I should have a sleep study done, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Besides scaring people sleeping next to me, it doesn't interfere with my life.

I don't have the picture to share with you all, I'm very sorry! It lives in my Grandma's photo album.

I do blink while I sleep, I've been told, which explains why my eyes aren't a mess when I wake up. It's very slowly, not at all like our reflex when we're awake. I went camping several years ago with some friends of the family and scared the sh!t out of one of the adults woke up to find me staring at her from across the tent. She said she only knew I was asleep because I didn't respond when she waved at me, and I was blinking "weird."

I know I've done it my whole life because it used to scare my preschool teachers during nap time, and I fell asleep twice in class in high school. The only reason I got away with it, according to my classmates, was that when the teacher walked by my eyes were open. I know I still do it because, well. People have told me.

It's not a result of anything weird/traumatic happening when I was a child, but as a clinical social worker I know trauma can certainly be a cause.

It was actually kind of useful. When I was younger I worked as a camp counselor in the summers, and you'd best believe I told my kids I slept with my eyes open. I had the best behaved cabins every summer.


Show me your teeth....

I still have one primary tooth.


Me too! Seems like it's a hereditary thing for me; all the women in my family are missing the adult tooth in that spot and the baby tooth never really falls out.


It's probably the second mandibular premolar. That's the most common missing tooth (after third molars) and is the same one I'm missing.


Good Vibrations?

mark wahlberg 90s GIF Giphy

I can move my eyeballs left to right in such high speed, it looks like they're vibrating.


Ayyy, me too!

I was trying to see how long I could do it once, and one of my friends suddenly got really worried. They thought I was having one of those types of seizures that you stay still during. But nah, I'm just an odd person and was trying to see how fast I could move my eyes.


The Freeze....

I can crack the right side of my jaw at will like a wet, bony sounding whip by just tensing up the muscles involved and moving it to the left. Doesn't work for the other side. It's a cool trick in case I feel my friends haven't been grossed out enough. I love getting people's reaction to that.

Also instead of brain freezes, I get lung freezes.



I, for instance, don't have the physical ability to burp. It's very uncomfortable and I have major bloating and gastric issues because of it. And no, I can't just drink a bunch of seltzer, the gas will eventually just come out the other end.


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