People Share Odd Behaviors They Think Only They Do


Is it just me?

We're all crazy. That is a life truth. We all have quirks and odd behaviors. Let's just all do us... no matter what. Let everyone else decide what defines what is beyond the norm. And then live by it!!!

Redditor u/Edwoodz3 wanted to know how many of us we're to afraid to admit some truth by wondering..... What is an odd behaviour of yours you think only you do?

Hold Your Breathe....


I hold my breath when someone walks by in a confined space because I don't want to breath "their essence" in?? Idk.


I do this because I don't want to breathe in the air they exhaled. In my mind, I'm then breathing in some of their "essence" and I generally avoid people. I have a hard time in crowds or when walking down a street with lots of others around. I will also hold my breath when I walk past someone who just sticks out to me. Not too bad until I can't get around them in time and I'm turning purple because I need a breath.


The Dog.....

My Dog an I have arguments when he barks. He will hear someone in our hallway outside and start barking every time. I tell him shhhh, and he barks again slightly less loudly this time. This continues until I can barely hear him but he has to get the last word in. Drives me up the wall.


Lets Cricket. 

I rub my feet together when I'm in bed and getting ready to sleep. My boyfriend calls it "cricketing".


Oh the Habits...

I've got this weird habit when I return home. I walk into my room, right past the spot I put my wallet and keys, then go to the bathroom with the door closed. When I come back out, I put my wallet/keys where they go.

Why do I bring them in with me?

.....Just in case the bathroom gets sent back in time, it would be useful to have some of that stuff.

No, I don't expect this will ever be a necessary precaution... but since I waste no time doing it...


Hands to Myself....


My hands being wet makes me angry. I'm not a confrontational/aggressive person but if my hands were wet and someone came at me I'd be probably 4x more likely to be aggressive back at them.



When a page is taking a long time to load on my laptop I rotate my index finger clockwise and it makes me feel like it makes the page load faster.


Finger Tickle...

I get weird compulsions that I need to touch between my pinkie fingers or touch my armpit.. it's more like a tickling sensation that builds until I have to relieve it by touching it. I have no idea what causes this and I haven't heard of anyone else that has to do this. Maybe some form of mild OCD?

Edit: Frequency of the sensation is constant. Every few seconds, though I feel the intensity of the feeling comes in waves.


When I wake up for work.....

When I wake up for work, sometimes I have the good chills about certain things. Like the a/c console in my car might look like a cockpit and it sends good chills down my spine. It's like the time before I have to be at work is a cozy little mini time. There is no way in hell I can explain this in words. I have always called it "the morning weird". Man I hope there is someone else out there that knows what I'm talking about.



Every time I bend over to pick something up I pretend I just unknowingly dodged a bullet from some faraway sniper trying to take me out.


Sometimes I shoot fingers guns for no reason... stop dodging.


"The Woogies"

I have a habit that somewhat resembles what autistic people do when they're over stimulated.

When I'm alone at home and something positive happens (get some good news, get invited somewhere fun etc), I slap my head, almost like I'm playing the bongos. It happens a lot and actually feels really good. Like I'm getting a Serotonin rush.

In grade 4, I met one other person who did it. She called it "The Woogies" which I still think is amazing.




Sometimes I wonder if there's actually people who can see into your mind, so I start thinking about really interesting things so if there is, they won't think I'm boring.



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