In this day and age being kind is the ONLY way to go. So many of us are ready with a letdown or disrespectful remarks. What is the point? Be nice. Say kind things.... even if they're weird statements like... "I like your shoelaces!" Who cares why someone would say that.... as long as they don't strangle you with them. Say thank you and pass it on.

Redditor u/silverxtreme123 wants to know who has heard the best from others face to face (an anomaly this day and age or maybe not....let's find out) by asking..... People of reddit, what is the nicest thing someone has said to you?

I'm Glowing.


The other day actually, I had someone tell me: "you are the most compassionate person I've ever spoken to, it was truly a joy to have this conversation." that one still makes me glow a little. Better-be-Gryffindor

The Challenge. 

"You are stronger than you think you are, and I believe in you."

Regarding fighting mental illness. Trauma treatment is challenging. FrogginBullfish_

Punch the trauma in the face LIKE A BOSS. duttajoy

Hold Me.


"Oh my god you're such a good hugger! Hug me again!" HandLion

3 words.

3 words. "You are enough" It definitely caught me off guard and made me actually start believing in myself. I'll never forget it. Puny_Ptato

I have a tattoo that says "You are enough. Enough is plenty." Helps me get through the day sometimes. You mean something to someone, and your best is enough. You'll never be perfect, so quit trying to be, and love who you are. You are enough. Enough is plenty. 💗 PM-ME-UR-BUTT-PLZ

Complex Looks. 

Someone on reddit once messaged me to tell me that I looked tough and kind at the same time, and that to this day is the best compliment I've ever gotten. semibaldmom

Just checked, i see it. xxScienceLuvva69xx



"Your divorce is complete!" Rijndael256


I had been working at a place as a director for about a year. At our annual gala, one of the other directors had imbibed a bit too much. She came swaying over to me and said, "Cheesegiblets, you're so great to work with. You just do your job, no drama, no muss no fuss, you just get it done and you do it well. I love working with you."

And I knew it was her true feelings because she was wasted and it all comes out when you're drunk, right? Made me feel so good. cheesegiblets

All are Welcome! 

My ex bf threw a surprise birthday party for me a couple years ago and at the end of the night while we were all drunk and sitting around a fire my best guy friend made everyone go around and say why they appreciated me - apparently him, my ex, and couple of my other friends had a running bet to see who could make me happy-cry. Needless to say, my best guy friend won.

All of the responses had my eyes getting blurry, but I think the one that sticks in my mind came from him - essentially "You know how to make everyone feel welcome and I value your opinion and perspective more than the majority of the people I know."

I'm a highly anxious person, and the idea that not only do I do a good job of making sure others don't feel my anxiety and feel comfortable, but that my words matter so much to someone made me straight up sob. POTUSKNOPE



Watching me interact with my daughter, my father said "You know something, I think you're a good dad." He worked a lot when I was growing up and wasn't that hands on, involved type of dad. That praise meant a lot. ginzykinz

Oh the Smells....

It wasn't said to me but about me. I was cooking in my girlfriend's apartment making my great grandmother's spaghetti gravy and I needed to take her dog out, when I was walking back to the room one of her neighbors was talking to someone on the phone about the delicious smell coming from the room. I couldn't stop smiling for like 5 mins and it still makes me feel good. sh3nto

I Hear You...


A doctor once said I had a beautiful eardrum, and then called in a med student to come look at it. Mountains_beyond

So Healthy....

OBGYN while doing a pelvic exam said: " wow, your cervix looks amazing, absolutely nice and healthy".

While I am lucky to have heard nice compliments in my life this was the super weird one that I will never forget. Egesikhora

"it looks like a unicorn horn!"

When my second child was born the doctor complimented the umbilical cord. They called the med student (his first birth, just observing) over to look at it... I think mostly just because he was looking a little pale. But the thing I remember most clearly from the birth of my second child was the nurse, exclaiming like a thirteen year old, "it looks like a unicorn horn!" FormerLadyKing


I gave blood and the worker was really impressed by how poppin' my veins are.

He said something funny like "this is the biggest vein I've ever seen. I could hit this if I was in a coma" and then he called over his coworker to look at it. lookingup9



I was told by the nurse during the ultrasound exam that my pancreas looks exceptionally well and healthy, "the best looking pancreas I've ever seen." I'm proud of my pancreas :). RozhkiNozhki

Simple Air.....


I had an EMT tell me my breathing was beautiful, like on their little machine. ibuildonions


My four year old son:

"You're a good papa, papa"

As someone with a crappy childhood who was (and still is) terrified of making the same mistakes his own father made, that was exactly what I needed to hear. stoic_minotaur

Lift me Up....

After a funeral service, the widow of the deceased stopped by to see me at the organ before proceeding to the cemetery.

She said, "I want to thank you for your uplifting music - it turned my husband's funeral from what could've been a mournful occasion to a true celebration of his life!"

As I once noted, several days later the church received a very substantial check from her as a bequest to the music department. Back2Bach

"you're hard to read"


"I don't have you figured out, but you seem happy." vault13rev

I get stuff like this often, for some reason people tell me "you're hard to read" or "you're full of surprises" and i take it as a complement too. archie1244

 I was in my early 30s.....

I was going through a rough time: I was in my early 30s, recently moved back in with my parents, and the only job I could get was a cart collector at Walmart. I shut everyone out and just put in my headphones, did my job, and basically kept to myself. It's what my dad called a "self imposed exile."

One day during the holiday season I'm cleaning up the carts in the entry way of the store and as I grab one cart, I heard someone call my name like a loud whisper. I stopped and looked around and there was nobody there. I looked back in the cart and there was a mini candy bar with a note stapled to it. I opened the note and it said:

Someone cares about you!

It instantly melted the ice around my heart. I looked around again and there was nobody around. I walked outside around to the side of the store behind the carts where I as away from everyone because I started to cry.

I stuck it in my pocket and when I got home I put it in a book I was reading at the time. 6 years later I still have it in that book and occasionally look at it when I'm struggling with an anxiety attack or self doubt. Whoever you are, if you're reading this or you do things like that, your small gesture made a huge impact on this person. TheFlacidM


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