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For those of you who want to avoid the gloom and doom of the news cycle, you've come to the right place. Thanks to Redditor -B-K-, we can smile a bit more after they asked the online community: "What was your last random act of kindness?"


I'm a mail carrier. I pay postage dues. I also put extra stamps on letters when I know they need more postage. I don't tell anyone. I just pay the clerk.


"I was going to..."

I was going to a concert, and my friend wanted to go but couldn't afford it. She seemed like she wasn't having a great time, exams were happening and everything was stressful. So I offered to buy her a ticket, and we went together. She seemed really grateful and she had a good time, so it was worth it!


"She sounded..."


Elderly lady misdialed and left a voicemail extending an invitation to some event she was holding.

She sounded so hopeful that it was heartbreaking to think she might feel rebuffed or neglected while not realizing they'd never received her message.

I called her back to let her know she needed to recheck the number she'd tried calling so no one missed her event. It turned out that she was trying to arrange for her 90th birthday later this year.


"A homeless guy..."

A homeless guy in a wheelchair asked me to push him a few blocks this morning. We've met before, and he knows I'm up for it if I'm walking that way anyway.


"My workmate..."

My workmate is deaf in one ear, partially deaf in the other. His hearing aid broke recently and he couldn't afford a new one. I started up a collection at work and surprised him with about $250 for a new one.


"Little girl..."

Little girl was sitting next to me on a 8 hour plane ride. She was about 5 or 6. I gave her some of the food I was eating and my neck pillow to sleep on. It melted my heart and made me really happy.


"I watched..."


I watched an iPhone fall off the roof of a car in front of me. Pulled over and got it before someone else could run it over. Called the first number I could on the phone and got an address. Returned it.


"Found out..."

Found out a coworker i don't get along with made a small but embarrassing mistake at work. I called her to let her vent and to encourage her.


"We were about to empty..."

We were about to empty and scrub my kid's little pool since it was scummy after a ton of rain, but its full of tadpoles.

We'll empty and scrub it when our froggy friends are all grown up and leaving for froggy college.


"A mom..."

A mom at a gas station was trying to pump gas while holding her crying baby so I got the baby's attention and started making confused faces and tilting my head like a dog, crossing my eyes and such. Kiddo calmed down a bit so mom could do her thing.


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