I love movies and cinema and basically everything Hollywood.

This time of year is always so much fun. We're gearing up to the Oscars. And the best films of the year are being announced.

But I have to say, sometimes I wonder... who is making this 'best of' list?

I have lost track of the films I've watched that have been lauded as genius that I wish I could get the hours of my life back for watching.

Talk about the power of hype.

Redditor hootyowlscissors wanted to talk about the films that are not much without the hype. They asked:

"What is the most massively overrated film of all time and why?"

This year alone, I've been left empty by almost everything that is being touted as a marvel. And then there is Marvel...

Oh Will

joseph fiennes longing GIF by MIRAMAX Giphy

"Shakespeare in Love. And it beat Saving Private Ryan for best picture FFS." ~ Millerzeit

It was Dry

"Water for elephants. The book was really good but the movie barely told the story." ~ Icy_Gap6980

"I didn't read the book, and don't hate the movie, but Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson had 0 chemistry imo. Could have been a lot better with one or the other switched for someone else." ~ cheese_hotdog

Blue Bad


"Seriously, it’s an ok movie. It has good but not crazy good reviews, and that’s totally fair. But Saying it’s ferngully/Pocahontas/Dances with Wolves doesn’t make you smart, you are just repeating the same thing said by every person ever. It just got an insane amount of money because of the spectacle of it and how much word of mouth it had to. And, yeah, to give credit to Avatar, it looks FANTASTIC. It still looks a lot better than a lot of CGI today!" ~ Lucienofthelight

Let it Go... Away!

"Frozen. I liked the idea of two female leads for a Disney Princess movie, but I feel the execution was off the mark. The Hans twist was predictable and the way Elsa freezes Anna's heart to trigger an 'impending death' was just stupid. Olaf was also annoying and I did not find his love of Summer endearing." ~ TelemachusTheYoung

And Burn...

Car Crash Fire GIF by My Spy Giphy

"Crash. Pure pandering, shi**y script, one-dimensional characters, the whole shebang that should not have even been nominated for crap." ~ freebird12g

Ok... I love Shakespeare in Love. I'm not saying it needed to win best picture but, I'm tired of people crapping on it.

Poor Sharon

sharon stone GIF Giphy

"Sliver. I was almost happy when another person in the audience had a heart attack so I could walk out. Don't worry, EMTs were there." ~ pappyvanwinkle1111

Not Believable...

"I have two. The Purge movies. Not only is the premise mind numbingly illogical with so so many ramifications, but I find it really hard to believe that the entire country would go on killing sprees instead of stealing crap and doing drugs. Paranormal Activity. Oh no, the chair suddenly moved after a half hour of nothing else happening!" ~ Yuiopy78

God of War

"Wonder Woman. Everything in it is so predictable and cliché. Gal Gadot looks like she reads her lines through a prompter. Just awful." ~ MappleSyrup13

"In my opinion they also just shouldn’t have had the God of war show up at all. I really liked the idea they were originally pushing that it wasn’t a larger beings doing, but humanity itself. Then WW has to come to grips with that instead of getting the cop out." ~ Seizing_sponge


"Ted - once the swearing bear novelty wears off five minutes into the movie you're left with a paint-by-numbers rom-com with the same tired jokes and cliches we've seen a thousand times." ~ SithDraven

"Like family guy, the content of the story is awful but they have 2-3 jokes that really hit in an attempt to redeem the lack of plot." ~ dontshoot4301

Just Go!

Wes Anderson GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre Giphy

"The English Patient. I almost got thrown out of the theater at one point for screaming "just f**king die already.'" ~ 12altoids34

Don't me started on The English Patient. And come on, Sliver is campy fun. Just go with it.

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