No one likes to be insulted, and doing so is a very unkind thing to do.

Surely people have better things to do in life than to spend time thinking about ways to make someone feel bad.

True, sometimes people might throw an insult at others without realizing it, making a joking comment about their appearance or something they just said.

Resulting in both parties feeling less than wonderful afterward.

Redditor Ancient_Command607 was curious to hear the worst, or possibly best, insults people have ever heard, leading them to ask:

"What is a sentence that is extremely insulting to you?"

Think Before You Judge

“'You’re too young to have back problems!'”

“'I was hit by a mini-van'.”

“'Were you a driver or a passenger?'”

“'Pedestrian'.”- tatltael91

You Can't Have It Both Ways...

"'You don't look sick'."

"And when I show them my colostomy bag:"

"'That's disgusting. You shouldn't show that in public'."- unicornchild15

One Sided Argument...

"'We both know that I'M right'."

"G*ddammit mf, if I thought you were right we wouldn't be arguing at this exact moment."

"Especially for the times he isn't."- Heracrorn

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A Mother Knows...

"'You don't know what a mother is'."

"My mother."- Big_SmallDown_Up

Who Are You Calling Lazy?!?!

"Something that is a direct insult on my work ethic. calling me lazy etc."

"I have a long fuse but I have lost my sh*t a couple times over it."- IMSITTINGINYOURCHAIR

Jealousy? Or Passive Agression?

"Whenever you have something good going for you and someone says 'must be nice'."- hundredjono

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Always Needing The Last Word.

"'Let that sink in'."

"'End of conversation'."

"'Louder, for the people in the back'."- f*ck_these_questions

Let's Hope They Weren't Talking Literally...

"Please get your testicles out of my coffee'."- isapnu_puas_sld

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

“'But you don’t LOOK Autistic'.”

"My diagnosis is in my medical records, Mckinsley Jo."- Fearless_Law6729

Okay, But HOW?!

“'Get over it'.”

"Makes me furious."- kaiser1778

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Truthfully, one can't help but be a little impressed when one comes up with a truly clever insult.

Though those insults might be more impressive while on the outside looking in, as opposed to the receiving end.

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