People Reveal The Most Hurtful Thing Someone Has Ever Said About Them


Words hurt, and the really painful ones stick with us. When a loved one says we are worthless, or if someone tell us we are unloved, it can have a lasting impact. Be excellent to each other.

hotmessica15 asked: [Serious] What's the most hurtful thing someone has said about you, or to you?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Well that's not very nice.

"Your opinion is and always was worthless."


It sadly was my sis who said that.


Your sis doesn't automatically mean trustworthy / worthwhile to be friends with

You can look at tons of abusive relationships happening to know that. Don't let her words get into you. You are you. Your opinion matters :)


The sad thing about it is, that we've been very close when we were younger and this happened during an argument we only had, because she was actually the one who wasn't able to get her stuff together.

She made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of friends and family with her actions and decisions. We still talk to each other, but it's nowhere near as personal and intimate as it was before this happened. We only see each other once or twice a year and I'm totally fine with that, it just hurt the moment it happened and I'm totally over it. But looking back this is still the most hurtful thing someone said to me, even knowing that it doesn't hurt anymore.


9. Dark.

My friends teased me for having a crush on my teacher, when really he was assaulting me and I didn't know how to stop it.


That's terrible. Did you ever tell them or did they ever find out another way?


No I never told anyone.


8. Never.

That abuse suffered as a child was my fault.


My sister told me via an email that "whatever happened to you, all of it is your fault" in reference to the abuse I suffered.

I basically stopped talking to her, and my life has curiously been much better ever since.


It is NOT YOUR FAULT. Never is this your fault. Abusive people usually assign blame and gaslight people to think they deserve their toxic and abusive behavior.

Glad to see you don't believe it :) <3 Best of luck to you.


7. That's cold.

Me and my sister were having an argument and she said "I'm glad your baby died" as she walked out if the house, I just walked upstairs and went into my room and cried.

Edit to add: Thanks everyone, me and my sister do not speak anymore we have not for years. She has two kids in care for neglect so she isn't even a good mum at all, however after that loss I also had a second loss before going on to having two amazing girls plus I'm a bloody good mum so that must really annoy my sister that I have my kids and she doesn't, she's is a complete mess of a person I feel sorry for her children.

I wish her children could experience what it's like to have a great mum like my kids do.

So all is well and I'm over her sh*tty comment.


That's so cruel. I could never imagine saying something like that to anyone (let alone someone I love). My sister is like this. We got into a petty argument and she said "that's why your husband cheated on you!". I had just found out about the cheating that week so the pain was super fresh and she knew that. She's done/said much worse throughout the years.


6. Kids are cruel. Here's to dysmorphia.

I moved to a new country when I was 9. I ended up becoming friends with a neighborhood girl, cos she was in my age range, and we both went to the local school. Me, in my not-quite-yet-homo mentality, developed a bit of a crush on her.

Somehow, someone told her while we were on lunch at school. They asked her if she liked me, and she said -

"Ew, no, he's a pig!"

For context, I was a bit of a chubby kid. But it really hit me because this was the one friend I had in this small little town, and crush or not, it was still a terrible thing to say.

I've carried it with me ever since, and I've been beyond self-conscious about eating in public, even now at 26.


Ouch! I feel you, man.


5. Yeah, that sucks.

To my face my wife said she didn't love me anymore. Completely destroyed me.


Just had the exact save thing happen not even 24 hrs ago and I'm struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I know it's hard to hear but that person did you a favour since you now know not to waste any more of your time. Focus on yourself and use the pain to grow, sorry that I don't have anything non-cliche to add but it's true!


I cannot disagree with anything u said. It's super hard when ur brain and heart are struggling with one another. TY for even bothering to reply 😊


4. You should leave.

My sister and I were having a fight. I mentioned moving out and she said "Go ahead and move out! Nobody's going to be missing out on anything anyway!" It hurt so much. I truly felt like I didn't even matter not only to her but to anyone in the household.


The worst thing is when your own family says "you are worthless" or "you Ruined our/ my life"

When this happens, it's not your fault, It's you family being stupid or just bad people.


3. Well now that's just crazy.

"You have a demon in you" from my mother regarding my sexuality.

It wasn't what she said as much as the casual almost relishing way she said it, she isn't herself when she's in a religious tirade.


Brainwashing is hard to reverse. I've had to live with all kinds of wacko beliefs being forced my direction by hyper-religious parents. It is so ingrained into their personalities that I don't think they'll ever see it from my perspective. At least we've learned to respect each other over time. Good luck to you though. If you need support there are many of us online.


2. Thou shalt not bear false witness or something...

I was accused of cheating on my ex like 9 years ago, I have never cheated on anyone to me it's one of the worst things someone can do. She broke up with me because her friend was super certain I did. When she dumped me she called me worthless and a piece of sh*t, and a lot of other hurtful stuff. Which caused some problems with anxiety and self harm and it kinda changed who I was a lot. at the time it was probably the worst feeling of my life.


Yeah....your ex seems a bit insecure and paranoid.


Yeah she was. And everything she did and said was super messed up. But I was so annoyed with myself cause she was so angry and upset with me It felt like I was garbage. Now I'm in a relationship of 4 years and couldn't be happier, everything happens for a reason what she did and how she acted molded me into the man I am so I can't be to upset about it now.


1. Equality is still a battle.

During my late teens my sister was single mother of three young children, so I tried to help as much as I could and would watch my baby nephew so my sister could run errands or get a break for a little while. People always told me I was good with children and the elderly, and that I should consider being a nurse or teacher, it was something I was proud of.

My sister would hang out with this friend of hers from highschool from time to time, and one day my sister and I were talking on the phone and she told me that her friend said she wouldn't trust me to be alone with my nephew, because I was gay. My sister staunchly defended me, but still it made me feel... awful, broken.

I studied myself in the mirror and tried to figure out if there's something about me that looks creepy, or if I somehow give off a weird vibe... It's been years, but I still feel hurt by that.


A psychiatrist recently told my wifey that her mental illness was because she is gay... A lot of people make the most awful assumptions about us, so I feel you, still completely sucks.


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