People Share Which Things They Find Most Beautiful In The World

The Feels

beauty for us all...

Life is beautiful. The world is beautiful. We miss so much of life with every second. We're so overly concerned with the things that don't matter that we miss all things that matter most. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and think. Think bigger. And take in life.

Redditor u/Daneralus wanted to discuss the best the world has to offer by asking..... What do you find the most beautiful about our world?

So Whack.


I think it's really cool that there are such unique landscapes in some places and such whack phenomena. You've got your salt flats that reflect the sky. You've got a place with a never ending thunderstorm. You've got some massive canyons. There are those tall rock towers in China. Aurora Borealis. Etc. There are just a ton of these places that are kind of like real life easter eggs for us to discover. Kowaidesu


People that have gone through some stuff, yet still choose to shine their light brightly on the rest of the world, instead of paying the misery forward. ImStuuuuuck

Every time I meet someone who is operating at 11/10 capacity, and I just think "Whoa, they have really got their stuff together" I inevitably find out they also beat cancer, lost both their parents at age 14 and got into a debilitating accident. It is like some people were just born to succeed and the universe struggles to hold them back but can't. Reddit

On a Clear Night...

The stars on a clear night. Brookicorn

I've lived in New Jersey my whole life, what do you mean by "clear night?" You mean slightly less light pollution than usual? I can sometimes see the moon, if it's full. Darko33

​The rain.

The rain.

I just love the relaxing vibe I get when I wake up one morning and it's raining.

I also love just chilling with coffee in hand just watching it outside. slupfee

Total Eclipse....


Total solar eclipses. Statistically speaking we might be the only planet in the entire galaxy that can experience a total eclipse like we do as well. urmomgay69lmao

Seriously, the sheer improbability of having the Moon and Sun exactly the right size and distance from the Earth that an eclipse could be possible blows my mind. If we ever do become part of an intergalactic civilization, Earth will be a tourist destination long after it's forgotten as humanity's homeworld, as people from all over the galaxies come to watch eclipses. Amy_Ponder

The Natural...

Undisturbed nature; fields and streams and woods and rocks and mountains. Running water especially is very soothing and beautiful. dan1101

It's one of my favorite things about visiting the Adirondacks...the mountain streams. It's just so peaceful. buffystakeded


Music. The fact that sounds and frequencies combined in a certain order can hit a drum in our ears and translate into something that will make millions of people think and feel something profound is absolutely incredible to me. When a song that's 50 years old that was written before I was born can still bring me to tears it's a pretty beautiful thing. TheMonkeyMen


How insanely brilliant some people are. That we have people who just spend their time learning and doing stuff like smashing particles together. Roll_a_new_life

So many stories...

That every person you pass day in and day out has a different story. It's crazy and beautiful to think about how many people there are in this world, and each one is going through something similar or completely different than you. Everyone has something they do that makes them happy. Brings me joy seeing people enjoy hobbies/activities, even if I wouldn't enjoy them myself. codyaf222

How crazy is that crap?


It's this tiny and fragile bubble floating among the infinite cosmos that's remarkably unique in that it inexplicably contains life. How crazy is that crap? And within another blink the bubble pops and magic is extinguished, waiting to possibly be rediscovered, once again. reddit_is_my_google


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