It can be hard when a relationship has run its course, when there's no more gas left in the tank but you keep pushing the proverbial car forward hoping to reach your destination.

Sometimes you need to leave the car at the side of the road and keep making your way on foot. It's okay to ditch a bad relationship, and it'll be better for all parties involved in the long run.

You just have to know what signs to look for, and thankfully, the internet can provide a litany of examples.

Reddit user, Nonchalant_Calypso, wanted to know when the magic ended when they asked:

"What was the moment you knew your relationship was over?"

Knowing You Have To Spend Any Amount Of Time With Them

"When she came up on caller id and my first thought was 'Ugh.'"

– LiterallyOuttoLunch

"I had a similar feeling in my first marriage. I'd come home, turn onto our street, see her car already in the driveway, and have the same feeling... 'ugh.'"

– HumpieDouglas

When The Drama Is Never-Ending

"When you dread her name coming up on caller ID because you knew it was an argument about nothing. Don’t settle for an angry life."

– sexychocolatethunder

When You Don't Smile Like You Used To

"I was at my best friend's wedding. When he saw his bride walking down the aisle, he had a grin so big it looked like it could have exploded right off of his face. He was so happy to be marrying this person. And when I thought about my, now-ex, gf I realized that I just didn't feel that way about her."

"I will say, when I married my wife, I was grinning like an idiot."

– kitskill

When Your Day Night Is Awful

"When I realized I dreaded Fridays, our standard date night, and saw it as something I needed to get past before I could start enjoying the weekend."

– Always_Trying01

When The Cheating Was Going To Happen Right In Front Of You

"My ex & I were not living together, but he had the key to my place. I told him that I was gonna go see my parents for the weekend, but then changed my mind last minute because I started feeling sick. I forgot to tell him & just went home after work & went to bed. I woke up around 10pm to get a glass of water & while I was in the kitchen I heard someone fumbling at the door with the lock. I freaked out because I lived on the 17th floor, so if it was a break in, I was f-cked. All of a sudden he walks in..... dragging a tipsy girl in behind him."

"I just stood there while he tried to make up some sort of excuse as to WHY he was there. The girl was pretty shocked too."

– UrszulaG

When They SUCK

"When I was going through a miscarriage and he couldn’t take me to the ER because he was in fantasy leagues and football was on."

– amadileirbeer

"Damn that goes way beyond just not loving you anymore and into worthless piece of sh-t territory."

– Osirus1156

When They SUCK. Hard.

"She poisoned my cat 🐈 Mr Noodle"


"Edit: Thanks everybody for the support, and if you're asking: yeah I got the police involved"

– GrumpaSpaceGoat

When You Fade From Their View

"You can see it in their eyes when they don't love you anymore."

"I'll never forget that feeling."

– escape_of_da_keets

"You absolutely can. It's like they are looking past you, yet right at you.. ugg. It's terrible .. Been there a few times."

– willevans1972

Cheating, Sure, But Completely Misreading The Situation

"The day my mom passed away (the coroner hadn't even come for her body yet) with zero consideration on how I felt and what I was going through my ex-fiancé thought it was great idea and a good time to tell me he has been cheating on me for the last 6 years, and how sorry he was for it."

"He wasn't sorry he did it, but he sorry because the other woman had lied to him about who she really was and he wanted me to comfort him because he felt betrayed by her...."

"When I promptly broke up with him, he asked "wait is this really goodbye?" how could you do this to me now?"

– OpenRepair4390

When They Look For The Right Moment In The Wrong Time

"Yeah. Long time girl friend broke it off between us after my Father died. Basically, she felt since I would feel less grief then over us, as I was already feeling so bad about Pop's passing. I later learned, this happens a lot."

– StatOne

After College Break Up

"We were in college and a year before graduation, I was offered a job in a city that wasn’t home for either of us. I was open to moving there or to his home city (I’m from a small town so that wasn’t really an option) but was NOT open to long distance. When I asked him if I should take the job meaning he would only search for jobs in the new city, or if I should reject the job and instead only look for jobs in his home city, he couldn’t give me a straight answer. I should’ve broken up with him on the spot, but it took 2 more months of unhappiness before he broke up with me "

– BasketSubstantial923

That'll Do It

"i cheated and he found out"

– potato-shawarma

We Tried Everything

"She told me she is gay. We explored polyamory because she wanted a relationship with a woman and I was open to it. We had a triad for a while, but when that ended, things changed. She met a girl about 3 months ago, I would say the first moment I saw them look at each other, I knew she found a love that wasn't what we had. Last night, she told me she can't be my wife anymore. She's my best friend and we have a long road ahead, house, kids, debt. But we'll be okay and work though anything together."

– tfkhungry27

Good Thing She Talked About It

"Was on a voicecall with some of my friends and they asked me to tell the full story of my relationship with the guy. How I met him, ect. I went on to infodump our story from the very start. How he accused me of cheating on him twice, (including once before we even got together), how he slapped me once, and a whole lot of red flags that I announced so casually at the time."

"Knew it was over when I got dead silence from all of my friends when I finished."

– onionofcheese

Too Close Of A Friend

"She told me she had made a new friend to hangout with while i was at college. I didn’t mind because it was nice to have some freedom (she was really clingy). I started hearing rumors from her friends that she hooked up with this guy but she had my head so messed up that I didn’t believe the allegations. Until 3 months later when the guy dm’ed me a photo of them naked in his car. That was the moment. I was actually glad to get out of the relationship and this was sort of the last straw."

– TrevorClark_37

Falling Out Of Love

"When my partner of 5 years told me they might be loving me less and less and that when I asked a few weeks prior what were some of their favourite memorable dates the last one they could think of was 3 years ago"

"really shattered my rose coloured glasses and I realised I couldn't do it anymore"

– -RiceCloud-

When Love Isn't Enough

"When my therapist asked why I was staying and my only answer was “I love him”. Sometimes love isn’t enough. Consideration, effort, help, as affection, these all matter and you deserve what you need ."

– icantwhistlewell

A Real Lack Of Communication

"when i stopped hoping he’d respond to my messages, and just automatically assumed he wouldn’t."

– beloveedpersephone

Not Even Happy About The Happiest Place On Earth

"When there was literally nothing to look forward to... We (she) was making plans to go to Disney world this year just the 2 of us. It was gonna be a family trip but things fell through so we were still gonna go. Instead of being excited for it like most would be. I was dreading it. I couldn't imagine having fun at Disney world with her. Yeah she had a lot of baggage from a lot of different places, it was rough."

– cbran021

Don't feel bad when it has to end. Think of it as a fresh start for you both and make the tough call.

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