On occasion, all of us look in a mirror and wish there was something about our physical characteristics that was different.

Being a few inches taller, having a different hair color, maybe a smaller nose.

But then, as we continue to stare at our reflection, we might suddenly realize there are some things about ourselves which we don't mind at all.

In fact, we might even be proud of our eye color, the shape of our ears, or having an enviable jawline.

For most people, finding their best attribute might not be so difficult to determine, owing to slim pickings.

But for those blessed with good genetics, choosing their best physical trait might be a bit more difficult.

Redditor askredditiscool was curious to hear what people with enviable genetics considered their best physical quality, leading them to ask:

"People who have 'won the genetic lottery' what qualities do you have?"

Come and get me!

"I'm not allergic to mosquito spit."

"So they bite me and I feel the pin prick, but I never get that red swollen itchy-as-hell welt."

"I also apparently taste bad enough to them that they will go for anyone else in the area before me."

"Ticks, on the other hand, will hunt me for f*cking miles."- open_door_policy

Million Dollar Smile

"No wisdom teeth!"

"The trade off is the ticking time bomb that is my cancer genetic..."- Opin88

"Well, uh my father and I have the bottom half of our wisdom teeth fit in and the top half of them don’t even exist."- MasterYoda092

"My teeth are nearly perfect."

"Whenever I switch dentists, they are a bit stunned at the first appointment."

"My husband hates me for it."- BilobaBaby

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So flexible!

"I can actually lick my elbow."- Soulerous


"Strong bones."

"At age 72 I've fallen several times in the last few year, low blood pressure, and have never broken a bone in my life."- Duegatti

"O mio babbino Caro..."

"Perfect pitch."- Heliomob

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Pure blood indeed!

"Not a single blood related person who had or has cancer for at least 3 generations."

"Meaning parents, grand parents and grand grand parents and all their children and children's children."

"Or any other inheritable disease."- yohoho_99

Sleeping Beauty ain't got nothing on me...

"I inherited the Sleep Button gene from my grandfather."

"When I want to fall asleep, I just... do ...in a matter of minutes."

"I haven't struggled with falling asleep/waking up more than ten times in my entire lifetime."

"I can't nap for sh*t."- VertebrateCrossing

I got time...

"Not sure yet but like I may live a really long time."

"People on my mom's side just have exceptional lifespans."

"My great grandma got in a bad fire at age 45 and had third-degree burns everywhere."

"No one thought she'd recover or live very long."

"Out of pure spite for the husband she has been separated with for 23 years, she lived till she was 96."

"This was in India and she was upper lower-class."

"Meaning the healthcare was sh*tty."

"My great great grandpa lived till he was around 116."

"He maintained his capability and independence till the very end."

"In his last few years, he started to lose his eyesight and hearing but he still cooked his own food, bathed himself, did the house chores, etc."

"My grandpa is at 78 right now and he'll hopefully remain in good health."- a-lovelyy-ladyy

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The Lucky One!

"Not me, but my dad."

"All of his siblings, except his older brother, have heights within the range of 4’11” to 5’4”."

"All of my dads brothers are balding/ have been for years, and the rest of them have noticeably grey hair."

"His mom is 4’11, and his dad was 5’5."

"My dad is 6’0” with a full head of curly hair, and he only has about a 1/2 an inch of grey hair on the sides of his head.

"He’s turning 55 this week."

You win some, you lose some...

"I have severe scoliosis, I'm getting surgery in a few months."

"I was born with a heart disease and I still have a defected mitral valve from it."

"I have really bad asthma."

"But i have a 6.8 inch slong at 15 so its all worth it."- bremcrem

I guess I'm just perfect.

"I have no allergies."

"My parents are not the healthiest but me and my siblings have a super fast metabolism."

"Also, I am not exaggerating when I say my entire family has a genius gene."

"My uncle engineered the Dubai mall."

"My Great Uncle wrote a paper at Harvard, taught classes, wrote a book on anthropology, graduated from honors in UCLA and he was a foreigner."

"My brother got a full scholarship to Harvard."

"I have nothing but honors classes."

"My sister is going to dental school."

"My Grandpa, 4 uncles, and some cousins are all doctors."

"My dad was a lawyer before immigrating but when when he got a low paying job here he made a clause in our rent agreement that has saved us nearly 200 grand in rent."

"My other Great Uncle worked as a diplomat for our home country."

"My aunt has a degree in Sociology."

"Also my uncle is an architect in Germany and they all come from a war torn country, Syria, and yet still accomplished all this."

"Also, I am bilingual as well as everyone else in my family."

"I forgot that my other Grandpa owned a farm with workers and was mayor of the hometown."- OpportunityLazy4467

"I've been 110 lbs since I was 14 no matter what I eat."

"I'm 5'8 with long limbs and I still have curves for days despite being thin."

"Grey eyes and bouncy, shiny French hair."

"Light brown, thin but lots of it so it looks great and behaves just fine."

"It has always been kept long and reaches my lower back."

"The native in me means I can tan as dark as I like, I don't ever burn."

"I also love my cheekbones and the shape of my upper back."

"It's a very prominent gene as only my maternal great grandmother was native."

"Never any major health issues."

"Hated this when I was young and insecure, but having an A cup means no need for a bra."

"I f*cking love it now."

"They seem to cast a bit more of a shadow in my 30s, so I'm even happy with their appearance at this point."- newcowboys

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The Money I save on deodorant and razors!

"No one in my family gets body odor."

"Our hairs are so thin we don’t need to shave our legs."

"I’m unlucky and have to tweeze my armpits about once every two months but no one else needs to tweeze any hairs."

"Downside is our eyebrows are so thin that I need to get them tinted every so often."- ewc58

No diet necessary!

"I can really easily put on muscle due to how I process food but I also get fat reaaaallly easy."

"No middle ground."- MicrowaveCapriSuun

"I have a really really fast metabolism."

"I eat a lot and I' m still 36kgs."

"im 178cm tall."- UnEpicBoi

Some people are just born lucky.

True, it's what's inside that counts.

Which doesn't mean we don't still wish we had perfect teeth every now and then...