People Share Which Things 'Only Losers Brag About'


You're showing your true colors loser.

Don't brag, it's thoroughly unattractive. That is an essential rule of life. When we brag, it's truly a telling sign of the fact that we are totally aware of our weaknesses. And it's ok to have weakness but we must embrace it. Once we start using it as a weapon it shines poorly on us and out crappy behavior. Don't brag or embellish. Just be real.

A Redditor wanted to know what some fools think bragging about is "cool" by wondering.... What's something that only losers brag about?

Glory Days.


How great they were at high school sports long after graduating.


Like the sad middle-aged guy near me that owns a liquor store named "Hat Trick" because of his 15 minutes of high school hockey fame. Our own Al Bundy.


Not so Normal. 

My old roommate bragged about holding a gun to two different ex girlfriends heads. So uh that I guess. It honestly terrified me when he told me because he's a 32 year old man and I'm a 21 year old female.

Edit: I forgot to add that he was on the phone having a normal conversation with his one of these ex's when he said this. Oh and his current girlfriend was also there.



being an "alpha."


We had a house warming party years ago. A family friend was there and was telling me how to grill the burgers. He kept on and on and finally just kind of grabbed the spatula when I set it down and took over, saying, "It's just that alpha dog mentality." Cool story, but now you're just my personal chef. So, I got to enjoy playing games and hanging out while my personal chef sweated over a grill in the Texas summer.


Be Real. 

Insisting on how "real" or "brutally honest" they are.


That's really just a positive spin on "I don't consider other people before I say things, or indeed ever."


Sorry Trevor.


Tearing down others for their successes.


My friend does this. I'm currently trying to move out of my mothers house, and if I get a check above $500 I'm ecstatic as it's more than what I usually make while I look for a new job and if my friend finds out he'll be like "Lmfao that isn't crap Trevor, I literally got paid $700 just from working half my hours."


"Sorry not sorry"

"This is just who I am, and I don't need to apologize for it."


"Sorry not sorry"

"Only God can judge me"

"If you can't handle me at my worst, blah blah blah"

They always have the most cliched justifications and dismissals for being fools.



Going to jail.


Unless you were a political prisoner fighting for freedom in a totalitarian state.


The Basics.


Chris Rock:

"I take care a my kids!"

"You are supposed to you idiot, low expectation fools! What you want a cookie?"


Basically what I was going to post. People who genuinely brag about doing basic things that are expected of you. "I pay my taxes."


In my experience.....

In my experience, there are only really two types of people who brag about their clothing: the people who brag about how expensive an item was, or the people who brag about how cheap the item was.

I wouldn't go so far as to call the first group losers, but the latter group tend to be much more fun to hang around with.


Reading is Fundamental. 

Not reading books.


I mean I can understand the angst that comes from required reading. The biggest bibliophile I know was a terrible english student.

But I've encountered plenty of adults who are proud of the fact that they haven't opened a book since the end of high school/college.


Hate is Love....


People who don't like them. Extra points if they actually call them haters.


I see this on twitter a lot when people will claim to not like/not care about someone and then pester that person until they get blocked so they can wear the block as some sad badge of honor.


Sorry everyone else I went to high school with...    

Lots of people were the smartest kid in their high school, man.


Whenever I feel bad about myself my husband tries to make it better by saying, "but you were the valedictorian of your high school!"Oh, you mean the high school that didn't even offer AP classes because there wasn't enough demand for it? The very same school that was almost taken over by the government because our standardized test scores were too low? And how about the fact that I graduated in a class of only 69 people? Yeah I guess I am smarter than those other 68 idiots...

Sorry everyone else I went to high school with...


The Importance of being You.... 

How many "important" people they claim to know in order to impress others.


I've been in the same room as hundreds of professional athletes, musicians, and politicians over the years. Technically a stadium is just a big room, right?


So Nasty...

How mean they were to someone. They always tell a long rambling story about how dumb someone was and how they "told them off."


I once went on a first date with somebody who told me a story about how they yelled at a developmentally disabled guy in his self-help group that morning. He was trying to impress me?? There was no second date. And he was confused about it.


Guzzle. Guzzle.


How much they can drink. My brother would do this in high school, and fast forward 25 years later, he'd still do it when sitting with extended family on Thanksgiving. Most holidays would end with him passing out on the couch or him peeing his pants around 6pm.


Money Monster...

How he lost tons and tons of money, just dude get a life.


Similar - bragging about money by comparing yourself to someone else close to you; a friend, a family member, etc.

My Sister in Laws boyfriend was bragging to me about how much he made, pointing out he makes more than my brother in law, whom he used to work for.

He proceeds to spend $300 on shots at a birthday party. Literally 2 days later we heard about how my sister in law had to ask her parents to help pay rent for their apartment.


"Most Honest"

Getting the highest score in golf.


I once received an award for "Most Honest" at a company golf tournament.

My score was more than twice as high as the next highest.


Damn OKCupid. 

I once went on a date with a guy I met on OKCupid who told me proudly how many other dates he had lined up that week.

Just... why? Was it some weird attempt to look desirable? Had he somehow forgotten that I was already on a date with him?

There wasn't a second date, which his busy schedule was probably extremely thankful for.



At school:

1 how his dad could beat up everyone else's dad

2 how his had a bike made of titanium that weighed 3lbs (this was in 1970s)

3 how he had a military grade digital watch (again 1970s)

At university:

4 how the woman in the picture (cut out from a magazine & framed) was his girlfriend 'back home'

5 how his second hand TR7 was better than a Porsche

6 how his 2(ii) degree was better than a 1st

N.B. different losers




It's not so much what they brag about as it is how often.

My ex bragged about his achievements when he was in his 20's. ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

He is 60. All it does is continually prove that he has done absolutely nothing for 40 years.

Big L.

Honestly, not doing ANYthing for 40 years is probably more of a brag-able achievement.



Who else wants to call some people out?

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