Love is beautiful and a many splendored thing.... until it destroys you and it's over long after you should've realized it. We will accept and look away at too many things when it comes to matters of the heart. We have to be WOKE when in love. Often it's not love we're in, we're just obsessed with the comfort of the illusion and we choose to carry on wit the wrong person.

Redditor u/ValiantSoul_ needs everyone to let us all know what looks like the end of a relationship, so we don't repeat any bad behavior by asking.... What was the "last straw" that caused you to end your relationship with a significant other?

Speed Racer!


She hit me with a car. On purpose. spinzthewiz

Sometimes it doesn't, my mom hit my dad with her car and he is still with her. ADreamWoven

Call Maury.... 

She begged and begged for a kid that I didn't want and she wasn't emotionally mature enough to handle. She ended up getting pregnant from a different party altogether and I left. Later potater. PugilistPenguin

Glad it wasn't yours, glad you're away from her. Not so glad for the kid though. Reddit

The Games Player... 

He said, "I wasn't actually cheating on you. I just wanted to make you THINK that I was." alkthatpotato

He missed the obvious result of his actions by a mile in the ridiculous hope that you would tolerate him screwing around. You're well off without that in your life. Markr1957

Think of the Freedom! 

He sold my car for drug money.

So I stole his car and all the paperwork, and drove halfway across the country. I'm miserable, but free. MongoosePenWales

I Drove All Night...


He wasn't working but I was going to school and working part time. He expected me to drive across town after my weekend shift to see him because he didn't feel like getting up. Packed up all the stuff he had at my place, drove over, and started unloading. VampireChild

We're all Done! 

He wasn't working, I was working 16 hour days to make ends meet. I got home from work one night around 3 am exhausted, he was up waiting wanting to pick a fight about something stupid. I looked at him and said I'm exhausted I'm been at work since 10 can we do this tomorrow. He just wouldn't stop talking, I had like an out of body experience where I was looking at us and I realized it was never going to change, it was never going to get better and life was too short to be this unhappy. I was only with him because we were together 10 years but honestly the last 5 were miserable.

So I got up off the couch and just said I'm done and went to bed. He started yelling I'm not done talking to you. I said you don't understand I said I'm done! I'm done with us and you need to find a new place to live because I'm moving out of this house and you will be homeless.

He didn't believe me, I contacted the landlord broke the lease, got a new house and had to call his brother from another state to come get him so he wouldn't be homeless. amannion75

Catch & Throw... 

The beer bottle he flung "in my direction" was a pretty big straw. reirarei

I had a lamp thrown at me- "just because you were standing there doesn't mean I was throwing it -at- you..." hahahaha... ifyouwanttobeabanana


She was a very romantic woman, especially after we got married. She loved fancy candle-lit dinners with a fine bottle of wine, then going home and making sweet, sweet love all night long.

The biggest reason I divorced her is that she was doing this stuff back home when I was stationed overseas by myself. wzl46

Facebook is like Dateline... 

When I found out she was cheating on me and making alternate fake friends Facebook accounts to interact with herself and try and make me put forth more effort to her by saying her ex was back in the picture. Got a lot of weird and at times very threatening messages over those few months.

Too much psycho for me. Way too much. SearsActivewear

Call your Bluff...

She used to constantly threaten to break up with me. Whenever there was a fight "let's just break up then." I was young and stupid so i would forfeit the fight to keep the relationship.

One day we drove out to wineries and a nice water side restaurant. She was making snide comments the entire day. "You know, with your next girlfriend, you should hold her hand more."

Things like that... well we went to my uncle's place who lived on a house on the water and we were gonna grab food for dinner. We park the car and she goes, "we should just split. Let's have dinner with your uncle and then we take a break."

For some reason I got mad that she wanted to break up with me then eat dinner with my uncle who is my godfather and one of my favorite people in the world.

I told her that she doesn't get the privilege of eating with him, and drove home that night. Ended it myself. She tried to get me back and I said no. Twigsnapper


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