People Share What They'd Get Judged For On Their Phone If They Dropped Dead Instantly


You might not think about it. Before you've a moment to think, you've clicked on it. A picture. A link. Something that's captured your mind and ensnared your soul. Suddenly, you're in a dark part of the internet and your browser history needs to be wiped. We've all been there...right?

Reddit user, u/MemeReligion, wanted to know what's the most embarrassing thing on your phone when they asked:

If you died right now, what's something on your phone that people will judge you for?

"Harry Potter And His Super, Cool Best Friend, Bill"

My tablet has some terrible unpublished fanfiction from when I was 15 on it, if someone else read it I'd probably come back to life just so I could die again.


Plenty Of Time To Kill


That I'm on level 3952 of candy crush


What the actual f-ck


All About That Dough

A suspicious amount of pictures of dough. I use my phone to take before pictures of dough when I'm making bread/buns/pretzels/etc. so I can more accurately estimate how much it has risen.


It All Makes Sense. To Me, At Least.

Hundreds and hundreds of notepad (QuickMemo) scraps... Everything from snippets of memories to venting to things to remember.

Hell, I don't even know what they all mean! I have one note that all it says is "steps out of refrigerator" that I made on June 8th of last year...


Kept Around For Bragging Rights

The large number of Pokemon Go screenshots needed for Poke Genie.


"In My Dream, You Were There, But It Wasn't You."

There are some speech to text notes and keywords of dreams I've had on there, and unless you know they're dreams, your eyebrows might go through the roof.

I mean, imagine just reading: "Genna, my virginity, boiled and put to the test, skiing people with weird-a-- bows, Catherine of Aragon, internet café in Copenhagen," etc.

Just Nothing But Nudes

I like to draw things. I tend to save/take a lot of pictures that I think are interesting or some aspect of them has a cool effect or would be cool to incorporate into another drawing.

This has led to a whole bunch of seemingly miscellaneous and random pictures of strange and oddly specific things.

I'd look insane


I got a folder full of nudes of people to draw, and also folders with bunch of selfies with weird faces, all of them for references


...My Heart Hurts.

I have 60,592 unread emails.


I'm judging you right now while you are alive. I thought my wife was bad because she had 1,000


Just Need The Good Lighting


Lots of really bad photos of myself on selfie mode. Since I dropped it, that's always the mode my phone opens on and then automatically takes a pic

"Hello Son, It's Me, Your Mother..."

I get paranoid about dying and my kids not remembering who I am, or never really getting to know me. They're 6 and 7 right now, and the memory would fade and I'd be replaced with some other dude who they would call dad.

So, I recorded a bunch of 5 minute long videos of me just talking about stuff and keep them on my phone so If I randomly die there is this record of me somewhere. I uploaded them to youtube, but have them set to private and you never know when you'll get locked out of that content, or if they'd ever even find it.

Edit: I want to clarify that these videos are 100% cringe material. They aren't me doting on the kids and addressing them directly-- it's just me talking about stuff that is on my mind that day. I feel like the most useful ideas my father gave me were things I couldn't appreciate until I was an adult looking at him as another adult, so it's just stream of consciousness musings on my 40 minute commute home. Given some of your comments, maybe it's worth me doing something a bit more curated for the kids.


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