People Share How Pornography Has Impacted Their Daily Life


Who doesn't love nudity?

Sex. It's a tough topic. Whether we are discussing it for serious or for fun, it's often never comfortable. Im blushing like Blanche now. Years ago pornography was invented as a form of art but also as a tool to satiate the masses' primal urges. Most of us indulge in pornography... with varying degrees.

Redditor u/moosemtns wanted to know how a little porn has changed the course of the day by and their love and first times by asking.... People who waited until their wedding night to have sex the first time - how did that work out, and what was it like?

A Teachable Moment.


PornHub was able to show my wife and I how breast pumps actually work with actual reviews showing how different models work. That was super helpful. dmdrmr

So many options.

Well negatively it introduced me to a couple messed up fetishes that I can't shake for the life of me.

And positively it introduced me to a couple messed up fetishes that I can't shake for the life of me. Pretty basic stuff actually it's just the extent that it turns me on is a bit much.

Pain, domination, sadism. Stuff like that honestly isn't that bad compared to some fetishes. Ruined my last relationship though and all we did was blind folds and bondage.

It's always a weird topic to bring up in a new relationship too because I'm like your standard metrosexual "pretty" boy and I keep it pretty under wraps irl. ill_effexor


I'm unhealthily addicted to masturbating and I hate it and can't even admit to anyone it's a problem because like who do I talk to about that. Blezzify

Make a rule that you can't watch porn and masturbate at the same time. You will get learn to get aroused by emotional thoughts rather than imagery. MTIII

Not Great. 

It's mainly negative I would say.

Your mind will start associating certain things with arousal. For instance maybe you enjoy Gangbang or Glory Hole. If you watch too much of it then go to have real sex with your partner, not directly after watching it, you may not be as aroused because it's not what you've been watching or not what your brain associates with arousal.

You might end up daydreaming about the porn you've been watching to keep you aroused which will bring you out of the moment.

Over stimulation to porn isn't a good idea. Every now and the perhaps. Kryogenetics

The Rabbit Hole. 


I am a woman. When I was in my 20s I was quite addicted to it and so were my friends. It really messed me up for a while, now I can not stand it. You start with normal stuff and then go into a rabbit hole of dark stuff just to feel something. Ayayoska

It's All... not Good. 

Bad: I don't get as aroused as I used to when in the act and I end up Picturing some porn in my mind while in the act itself... Not Cool.

It's like a Drug... the thing is that you have easy access to it... so it really puts you to the test... ALXanderKODIAK

That's the thing a former heroin addict told me about quitting porn. He said porn was harder because he always had easy access too it, and it's easier to not break a habit. yankeesfan1818

Bad Habits. 

It has gotten to the point that I practically can't sleep until I watch some porn so I would have to say very negatively. Tekki777

Negatively contributed to a lazy lifestyle filled with instant gratification and bad habits. warm_coleslaw

your whole perspective....

Changes your whole perspective about sex and love to some unreal standards and can ruin your romantic and erotic life. GuyLily

This is the same logic as violent video games causing violence. To a mature, responsible person that won't happen because you know it isn't real.

You can watch porn a few times a week to release what needs to be released while still having a healthy, active sex life.

I think the situation you describe is more likely to happen to someone who was never sexually active. But everyone has to learn eventually. LittleGlaze

Everyone's Affected.

I've said in another chain that there seems to be more sexual issues associated with porn among younger men, but really should include young women in there too. It makes sense since porn has been easily accessible since way before they were sexually active. Older people had access to some magazines and maybe vhs?

Younger people have a lot more exposure and variety, and being naturally curious and having no experience it's easy to understand how they might think that's how sex is supposed to be. Once they start having sex, they're likely having sex with other young people who learned about sex from watching porn. Everyone knows the script, it seems to work, and it reinforces their belief that this is what sex is. eravn


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