People Share Their Craziest High School Scandal

People Share Their Craziest High School Scandal

If movies are to be believed, every high school has some major scandal that may or may not require a song to move past.

We had a few minor mishaps while I was in high school, but nothing quite like this stuff...

Reddit user bowlmyshoes asked:

What was your high school's scandal?

This article contains mentions of pedophilia and underage sexual activity as well as rape, drugs, and animal dismemberment.

The Dairy Queen Bust


Teacher would charge students for the ability to skip class and not get in trouble/reported. Obviously cash was the main currency. The reason he got caught? He let a kid buy him a Dairy Queen Blizzard for payment and the kid got the flavor wrong. Teacher reported the kid. The kid, in turn, ratted him out. A whole operation taken down over the difference between Butterfinger and Reese's.

- DopeySparks

The Baby Bieber Bribe

The school would play Justin Bieber's "Baby" on the speakers all throughout lunch break as well as in between classes and they said they wouldn't stop until they raised $20,000. By the end of the year, they made a whopping total of $3.72

- Chef_Boyardee_thicc

Pregnant Cheerleaders And The Football Team

Most of the cheerleaders got pregnant after the Cheer Captain/Valedictorian did. The fathers were all on the football team. The school had a rule that expectant parents to be had to move to another "special" parenting school. Most guys got out of it, of course, but the girls almost always had to go. The cheerleaders and football team were not made to go and got their diploma from the regular high school.

There was also a no fraternizing rule between cheerleaders and sports teams. Enforcing that rule would have kicked the guys who admitted being the fathers (and a lot did was because it was so cool, I guess?) off of the team. That would have meant leaving our team nearly empty for state. School rules were ignored so the football team could "take state."

Imagine 1 lone not pregnant cheerleader at the big game cheering while the big bellied ones sat on the sidelines.

- Rosie Cakeness

The Daily Poo

There was a boy at my school who would poo on the floor in a random bathroom every single day before school ended. This made it onto the morning announcements often and the whole school of roughly 1500 people was trying to figure out who it was. This went on for months.

He ended up getting caught by a teacher and decided to pretend to be mentally challenged. Needless to say he was suspended.

- LGP12342

Two Fires

We had 2 separate devastating fires in our very old high school building. This happened in 2008 but the building was MUCH older.

The first one was caused by someone purposefully lighting a trash can fire in the ceramics room to make it look like the teacher was incompetent. They were trying to frame the teacher by making it look like they had messed up using the kiln.

The second one actually burned down the entire gym. A kid was smoking and threw his lit cigarette on a pile of gymnastics mats.

Kids are awful.

- ChemicallyLoved

Stephen King's Grant Goes Awry


Stephen King (yes that Stephen King) gave my high school a charitable grant for our arts and the school used it to buy a new curtain-type backdrop for the basketball court and score/announcement board out front. When some students tried to protest, the administration came down quickly and it became a suspension-worthy offense to complain about the curtain.

It's rumored a student or two wrote directly to him about it, and the next year he did another donation but this time had it very specifically set up so it could only be used directly for arts/music/theatre type programs.

- ironwolf56

Disney Baby

Girl gave birth during a class trip to Disney. Some in the town were upset and forgot it takes 9 months to make a baby. So trips to Disney ended because some thought the students were hooking up, getting pregnant, and giving birth in a week while on a trip.

- nj_fan

It Happened

You know that story recently about the principal who was talking about how we shouldn't focus too much on the holocaust in the school curriculum because some people have "different opinions" and don't believe it actually happened? Yup, that's where I graduated from...

- Suppressiveperson45

Student/Teacher Relations

A Mormon girl at my high school ended up in a sexual relationship with a teacher during her senior year. She was at her friend's house whose mom overheard her telling her other friends about how the teacher was going to leave his wife and (disabled) child and marry her. The mom went to the police and the teacher was arrested in the middle of teaching his class. He didn't face any serious charges because she was 18, but his did lose his teaching credentials.

They later went on a popular "shock jock" radio show and told the whole world about how they would have sex in his car before school, that they would go on dates at a restaurant and she would take her panties off in the bathroom and then put them in his hand at the table. Really laid it out there for everyone who was curious, which was pretty much everyone in our relatively small town.

Her entire family disowned her. They did end up getting married, but got a divorce a few years ago. I have no idea what either of them are up to these days.

- antsinmyplants

The Drug Ring


It started with a teacher's aide getting arrested for possession. She got off by claiming that she had just confiscated the drugs from a student and hadn't yet informed the police.

A week later, the teacher she assisted was arrested for possession with intent to sell. He sang like a bird, and 4 more teachers, the vice principal, 2 counselors and half a dozen or so parents got pinched.

- z0mbiegirl

Not The Senior Prank

My senior year a kid cut the head off of a calf and left the head in the basketball hoop. He also cut the legs off and left them in the locker room. It was during finals and they did a full investigation, pulling kids from their exams and everything so they could question them.

The story actually ended up on CNN. News thought it was our senior prank, but it was just that guys idea no one else was involved.

- Acw7494

Rating System Perks

Our vice principal started a system where students would be issued different colored student id cards depending on how well they did on a state wide exam that was given once a year. White if you didn't do well, gold if you did pretty well, and black if you did extremely well. The gold and black cards came with some perks such as being first in line for lunch. This didn't go over well with some parents and the media got involved. The irony is that our school shot up in rankings after the system was implemented.

- WaterShiva

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