People Share The Cutest Thing They've Ever Heard A Kid Say


I can't believe you said THAT!

Kids are adorable, so they say. Kids say the darndest thing, it's actually a show. kids speak the truth, sometimes too much truth. But kids ranting is often entertaining.

Redditor u/Boromir-_- wanted to hear from parents about some of the things their heirs let loose by asking.... What is the cutest thing you have ever heard a kid say?



My four-year-old niece discovered that if you tap my Fitbit, you get different screens. She tapped to the one with the heart rate.

Niece: Oooo, a heart!

Me: Yes, that's my heart rate.

Niece: Does it tell you how much you love someone? library_wench


I was teaching my 3 year old nephew to climb a tree. He got up to a spot just above my head, looked around, and said "WHOOOA. I can see the whole neighborhood from here!!" We were on the farm with no visible neighbors. CaramelCrappe

Thanks Little Dude. 

Was at Disneyland watching "Turtle Talk" with Crush from "Finding Nemo." It's a slick presentation, with a video screen acting as the aquarium and a digital version of Crush with a human voice-actor interacting with the guests. Crush asked one little boy who had a question for Crush where he was from. The kid matter-of-factly replied, "My mom."

All of the adults in the audience erupted with glee and laughter, it was so wonderful. The guy doing Crush's voice was brilliant, he exclaimed "LITTLE DUDE THAT IS THE BEST ANSWER EVER!" firebreathingwagon

It's Drew! 

I'm a school teacher and am prone to correct my kids' grammar from time to time. Occupational hazard. When my daughter was about 4, she proudly brought a picture to show me.

Her: Dad, guess who drawed this picture?

Me: "Drew," honey.

Her: No, I did! NoClueDad

The Fickle Heart.


Adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. In regards to Santa, a friend's daughter was approaching the age where the belief starts to crack. When he saw hesitation on her part during a "What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas" discussion, he asked her if she believed in him. Her answer: "My heart wants to but my head won't let me!"


So Chill.....

When my daughter was about 2 and a half, we were outside on a windy cold day and I had no jacket. She asked me if I was cold.

I said, "Yeah, I'm a little chilly."

She said, "No dad, I'm a little chilly. You're a big chilly."

Also, around the same age, she put on her toy stethoscope and announced to us she was now, "Dr. Grownup." Brainstick

Hey Hippo!

Kid: I named all my Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Me: What are they?

Kid: Orange Hippo, Yellow Hippo, Blue Hippo...and Anthony. herapyscones

Sparkle Baby!

My 3 yo daughter told me I make her heart sparkle. HypotheticalParallelI

had something similar said to me by my daughter at that age. I was listening to a radio station and there was a discussion on how to be a better parent and if parents should ask their kids what they can do to be a better parent. Well I asked her and after about ten seconds of silence she said sparkle. chemknife

The Schtick. 

My niece picked up the word 'Fiddlesticks!' from some old cartoon or other, and there was a period where she used to say it constantly whenever she was annoyed at something. The only problem was that she'd obviously misheard it, and so we had a full six months of her shouting 'Oh, fiddleshticks!' whenever she dropped something.

To this day, whenever something goes wrong I just mumble 'Fiddleshticks!' to myself, and everything suddenly seems a little brighter. Portarossa

I'm a Tree.


I asked my 3 year old niece if she wanted to be the flower girl in my wedding and she informed me that 'no, I want to be the tree-girl instead!' Sure, you can be the tree-girl dear. Beachy5313


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