People Share The Most TMI Things They've Learned About Their Friend's Sex Lives


Just when you thought you knew someone....

Let's talk about sex baby... or let's not. Ok, lets. But let's try our best to not be too crazy. It is shocking when we discover some hidden sides of our friends. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? The answer to that question is a gateway to quite the Pandora's box. We have to be prepared once it's opened.

Redditor u/Throwaway42042069666 wanted to know what sort of sexy shenanigans peeps are getting into by asking.... What did you find out about your friends sex life that actually shocked you?

Don't be shy y'all....



A couple that I was friends with was into necrophilia play. He would make his wife take an ice cold shower, quickly dry off, and then she'd just lay there while he had sex with her cold unmoving body.... and they really liked it.


5 Years....

One of my former best friends and his fiancee had been together for nearly 5 years and due to be married in a few months when this happened. They were very open about their sex life saying it was awesome and that they had their fun nearly every night. A few months before the wedding she confided in me that they had actually never had sex before because he was scared.

Apparently he had her act like they were having daily sex to make it seem like everything was normal. First couple years they tried and didn't get anywhere with sex. After that he just lost interest in her. Apparently the mental abuse in the relationship was pretty high too which she completely hid from everyone to save his butt. this story is why this best friend is now a former best friend.


Jack Sparrow Life....

That she had elaborate pirate role play sex.

We were housemates in college and I heard way more than I barrgained for.

Also the guy she had elaborate pirate role play sex with smelled bad and wore those shoes with the separate toes.


Saved What?

My wife had a female friend in High School that saved all the used condoms in a brown paper bag under her bed. And from what I heard, there were a lot of them.


Oh my God the smell must have been horrendous.


Shadow Dates....

My friend was US army/special forces/green beret and would go on regular "shadow dates." He would find people online, mostly on Craigslist (this was in the 2012) and set up random anonymous sex liaisons with people he had never met, spoken with or had even seen. He would show up to an unlocked apartment or house, have sex in the dark without ever seeing or speaking and bail.

One day we were playing xbox, he got an email, said "don't unpause it, I gotta go real quick.." He left, did the deed and brought a six-pack back all within an hour, sat down and kept playing. This happened a few different times and I think about it often.


Looks Familiar.


I knew this guy, lived with a friend of mine. Then one day I saw him on the local news's version of, "To Catch a Predator." I think he got got some time and might have been deported after that. That was quite a surprise.


The Back Door. 

My friend only do anal because she saving her virginity for her husband. She has about ~5 bf up to this point.


People who have had sex anally are not virgins. Change my mind.


Touch Myself.

My best friend never masturbated until I told him the experiences of the luxury, then he actually did it and he questioned his life.


I mean that's pretty mind blowing if you've never done it.


Just Go....


Friend of mine didn't do foreplay at all and just threw it in there. Started having issues because his girlfriend didn't enjoy it and said it was painful but he was baffled as to why.


The pieces began to come together.  

When at an anime convention with a friend and his gf. I found out his gf poops when she orgasms.

They have been together since HS and every once in awhile there would be an angry announcement to please not poop on the floor in the bathrooms.

The pieces began to come together.


Open Nonsense....


In spite of his wife being comfortable with having an open relationship... he proceeded to cheat on her multiple times before we all found out.

Edit: Should clarify he refused to have an open relationship.



My best friend uses oral sex as bribery to an insane degree. I mean, I'm not above a little oral bribery myself, but she uses it on her husband like several times a day. Wants coffee, but doesn't want to make it? Oral. Doesn't want to clean the dishes? Oral. It's her turn to walk the dogs? Oral.

It's kind of hilarious, she's super lazy, but prefers giving him oral sex to doing most chores and apparently it works for him too. She also doesn't want sex as often as he does, so she finds this keeps him happy and she doesn't feel the need to "put out" as much. All of which I find hilarious.


The BFs... 

My best friend in high school came out of the closet to me. That wasn't really that shocking. What was shocking was finding out the jokes he made about my other best friend performing oral sex on him weren't actually jokes.


That's so funny how bold can they possibly get XD.


"Free Love" 

A woman I dated previously moved back home upon finishing grad school. She lives on some sort of "Free Love" commune estate. She has 10 husbands.


Man I don't have the time for 10 friends let alone 10 husbands.


Not. One. Time.


That a friend has been married for 15 years and they've never actually had sex.

Not. One. Time.

They've tried but not been successful. From the info I've gotten, I think he's not able to be erect enough. He won't see a doctor. They're both virgins.

It's all so sad.



He was into swords and getting cut and stuff.


It all started on the day of his circumcision.



One friend was all into gangbangs and orgies. Never took her as the type.


I was once at a fetish party in Berlin and there was this sweet looking, very cute girl. She was kind of short und little, and looked completely innocent. I would have expected to meet her on a Sunday in a church. Turns out she was on MDMA and was just being given a treat by a couple. She was so full of joy when she talked about it (probably still because of the drug) and everything was a little bit surreal.

"Never took her as the type." Surprisingly often you never do. It is a common cliché that the most innocent looking women are the naughtiest of them all. But it's more than that. I would confirm from experience that a woman can look like a holy saint but is the devil instead.


Like a Virgin. 

In high school a classmate of mine was bragging one day about losing his virginity to a lady in our community who happened to be the mother to a girl a grade above us. We all called bull and asked why he'd make something like that up cause not only is it not believable it just wasn't even a funny lie. Fast forward six months and fellow classmate has to to leave class on multiple occasions to go to court. Older lady was bragging to a co worker about sleeping with said classmate and now older lady is a sex offender.


Hey Buddy. 

I used to frequent Craigslist back before they banned anything even resembling a dating or hookup ad. I once placed an ad and got a response from a guy on my team at work asking if I wanted to have sex with his wife. As in bluntly asking "Hey buddy, you wanna have sex my wife?" Your email address is stripped off when using their built-in email system but the name on your email account comes through. The response was in this guy's name (which is unique) and he included a picture of his wife who I have met. The pic didn't show her face but she has some visible tattoos so there is zero doubt it was her.


Big Daddy Roo Roo.


My sister-in-law told me what she apparently calls my brother in their, uh, private time.

Big Daddy Roo Roo.



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