People Share Their Absolute Favorite TV Shows At The Moment

With a new television season about to begin, viewers can't wait for the season premiers of their favorite TV shows, including long runners Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order: SVU, as well as high profile new shows, such as the Fox's country music drama Monarch or HBO's Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon.

Of course, the landscape of television has changed considerably in recent years, as evidenced by the fact that ABC's acclaimed Abbot Elementary was the only scripted network series to get any major nominations at the recent Emmy awards.

As a result, no one is beholden to tuning in when shows are on the air, or depending on their DVRs, or, for 80s and 90s children, VCRs!

More and more people watch their shows on streaming platforms, which means that not only can they watch current series the day after they aired, but younger viewers might also be able to binge classics like Friends or Will & Grace, as well as short-lived cult-favorites like Happy Endings or Freaks and Geeks.

As a result, many people's favorite show might be a show which ended its run several years ago.

Redditor stellar-being was curious to hear everyone's favorite show, old or new, which they are currently watching, leading them to ask:
"What TV series are you loving right now?"



"I love dinosaurs, alternate history, show-don't-tell storytelling, animated fight scenes, and Samurai Jack."

"So to me, it's the ideal show."- FloridaFlamingoGirl

The X-Files

"Got an itch to rewatch X-Files, still holds up 29 years later."

"Almost done with Season 1 and it's only been a few days."- Leppter_


"My wife just discovered Chuck so we've been enjoying that together."- Jensen_Games

zachary levi chuck GIFGiphy


"Finally getting around to watching the medical drama 'House' and so it’s pretty good."- Gryffindorq

Resident Alien and Atlanta

"'Resident Alien', it’s weird and funny starring Alan Tudyk."

"Also, excited for Atlanta this Thursday."- Tappswxf


"Severance."- lessthan3_

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"It starts as a 'monster of the week' kind of show in season 1, with some underlying situations that make you think 'what’s really going on?'"

"Greatly picks up in S2, then goes full story mode S3 on."

"It’s an amazing show."- dminus222


"SG-1 nostalgia."- Nilrin

The Last Kingdom

"The Last Kingdom."

"One of the few shows that gets better as it goes along."- Ferrouswheel69

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"Barry."- The_Golden_God1113

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