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I've run through so many catchphrases over the years I've lost track. I like to change it up and keep it fresh. But I'm charming, so warning catchphrases aren't for everyone. LOL. I've witnessed some real stinkers over the years. Also, if you're going to steal a phrase, make sure you remember where you got it and never use it in front of the person you're fleecing.

Let's see who else likes to enter and exit with a statement.

Redditor u/carlden3 wanted to hear everyone's best personalized chatter by asking:

What is your catchphrase?

I recall many of my teachers always using catchphrases as their personal touches to relate to class. Some worked, many, many, many didn't. Let's see who is witty and who is not.


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"My back hurts!"

- blackbirdpie

"Sort of, and sometimes knee's instead of back. But always less why's and much more swearing."

- Evil_Knavel

A Sure Thief

"Sure why not. Funny story, that's how most of my relationships started and my friend knew that. One thing led to another and I ended up asking her out. She look at me and said "sure, why not" SHE STOLE MY FREAKING CATCHPHRASE. We've been dating for 5 and 1/2 years now."

- Anxious_Number_1097

Getting Across

"We'll burn that bridge when we get to it."

- lordofboi

"It's mixing up 2 proverbs. Burning bridge means you've soured a relationship, or you've made an Allie into enemy The other saying is "we'll cross the bridge when we get to it" which just means we'll deal with it when it comes up. The mixed up saying still means the same thing, just funnier to say."

- bboycire


"I can't believe you've done this."

- Winterpup16

"A perfect example of a phrase that sounds rather eloquent with an English accent, but threatening in a North American accent (except maritime, then you just sound extra confused)."

- Repulsive_Box_5763


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"I would if I could but I can't so I won't."

- KoalaDeluxe

Some of those work and some are definitely old school and over used. I did enjoy that bridge one. I certainly am not inspired yet. Anybody else?

I'm Sunk

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"Some day my ship will come in. With my luck. I'll be at the airport!"

- JauntyYin

Not for Me

"That sounds like an issue and not an issme."

- Blindsp_t

"One of the doctors I work for takes her bad moods out on us technicians... she acts up in front of patients, and I started saying, excuse me, you're being rude. My two weeks are in. I don't give a crap. I DO give a crap how you treat my coworkers, doc. Stop being crappy to the people that make you money."

- 32teethies


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"Whenever I'm about to fart loudly I say "make a wish."

- ShameGlazer

And my boat?

"Whatever floats your goat."

- V*ginachina

"I used to say this all the time when I was younger, and it would just enrage people. "Goats don't float!" "Yeah but it's fun to watch them try."

- TaintedLike-Like

No Worries...

Mine's usually, "yea no problem man," but theres always a problem. One day i hope to learn to stop at the "no" part haha."

- buckut

"I say this all the time playing warzone. I'm 35 and horrible. It's just fun to play with my buddies but I'm the worst. If everyone's dead and I'm make it out of the gulag, "don't worry guys, I got this!" Then yolo and got OWNED!"

- Esleeezy


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"Life sucks then you die, we should all be so lucky" Anytime I'm inconvenienced in anyway lol."

- TheSac44

I've written nothing down. Maybe I should add to the list. But I need public credit first. I'll think about it. I do love to leave an impression.

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