People Share The Most A Dollar Has Ever Gotten Them


100 pennies can carry you far.

Money can go a long, long way. Every penny counts and once you gather enough pennies the sky is the limit. Though in this day and age it can seem like a dollar is obsolete, but you'd be pleasantly surprised that a dollar still holds value. The almighty dollar can still garner us all a few life treasures, we just have to think creatively.

Redditor u/lions-n-tigers wanted to know just how valuable a dollar can be by asking.... What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?

7-11 Memories....

A kid's first slurpee.

I worked in a very high needs school in inner city Tampa. I had a particularly tough 1st grade kiddo (second time around) and was making a much needed behavior plan for him. Poor kid was a piss ant, never saw him smile except for picture day... and the forced grin was horrifying, honestly. No handle on his emotions and basically operated on a feral level (not unlike all his peers).

Anyway,I asked him what he would like to earn as part of the plan and he said the "blue machine drink." After some questioning, I realized what he meant. A slurpee. He said he never got anything " 'spensive."

It took him all damn year but he eventually earned that slurpee 3 days before the last day of school. I let him eat with me that day during lunch and he was over the moon. This is a child who would roll on the ground, smack me, bang his head on the wall, and snot-cry when he couldn't cope with minor challenges. By the end of the year, he trailed after me like a puppy, could read on level, and took pride in his work.

When he realized I wasn't going to be his teacher the next year and that I was leaving the school, he cried longer and harder than any child I've taught. I think of him often.



I bought a McDonalds burger for this homeless guy near my old job. The guy was grateful, so he taught me how to make origami cranes and we became friends.

Fast forward followup, he got back on his feet and now has a nice apartment and a really annoying, yappy dog. Teaches craft classes at a local community center.

He teaches crafts, that is. His dog doesn't teach; that'd be silly.




I won $40 off of a $1 scratcher once.

That was an awesome surprise.


​A full evening's entertainment.....

A full evening's entertainment.

I'd bet my friend a dollar he wouldn't break into our university's football stadium. He did. But he did so right in front of a security guard. Who then proceeded to chase him around, flashlight waving the whole time. In full view of the rest of us outside a fence.

This chase went on for probably 5 minutes, through the stands and across the field.

My buddy came flying out a different fence, but ripped his pants open in the process (sharp top to the chain-link). So he was then running down the street away from a frustrated security guard while giving said guard the full moon, if unintentionally.

Anyways, that led to getting beers while watching cop cars drive around the neighborhood slowly, I can only assume looking for a guy with no ass to his pants.

Totally worth a dollar.



Not a dollar but 60p. Got me 2 doughnuts from Sainsbury's which I enjoyed with my mate when we went to a football match

Probably the most I've ever appreciated a food item, that 60p was literally all I had left in my bank account.


If I'm ever down to my last dollar, I hope I can enjoy it on a nice doughnut.


Hey Papa....

I used to work at a motel doing the night audit. There was a papa john's across the street, and in a "I scratch you're back you scratch mine" agreement they would deliver me a 10 inch pizza for a dollar as often as I liked. I would tip a dollar to the driver, and suggest papa john's to any patrons looking for a bite to eat.


The hand me down....

When I was 16 my aunt and uncle wanted to give me an old hand-me-down car that both my cousins used when they first got their licenses, but because of tax purposes (??) it made more sense to "sell" the car to me. I bought my first car for $1.


10 Cent Cookies....

When I was in high school I lived near a grocery store that sold packs of ten cookies for 1 dollar. On the few occasions I had a dollar to spare (my parents were very reluctant to give me money unless it was for school), my favorite thing to do was go there after school/sports practice, buy a pack, and eat them on the swings at the nearby playground.

A couple years ago, I was back home for the holidays and decided to recreate the tradition for old times sake. To remember a simpler time in my life. At this point, I was late in college with a steady job. Thus, I could easily afford to spend a dollar.I went to the same store, bought the same type I always did, located the same swing in the same park I always sat on, and prepared for a nostalgia overload.

And let me tell you, the cookies were terrible.

If you have the means, treat yourself better than 10 cent cookies.




Bought an interesting looking silk blouse at a pay by weight goodwill outlet. $.99 per pound, so was less than a dollar, technically, since it weighed mere ounces.

Turned out to be rare vintage Versace. Sold it for around $700.



A dollar is about 50pesos in the Philippines, enough to buy a pack (24 pcs) of ice popsicles several decades ago. During summer breaks, I'd buy a pack and sell per piece to our neighborhood kids. I'd restock from my initial capital + earnings until the new school year starts and I'd earn about 500 pesos.


92 Dollars.


92 dollars. Worked a coat check at an auction and we weren't supposed to have a tip jar. Well someone placed an empty glass on the counter and eventually someone else thought it was a tip jar and started tipping. I said nothing. It got so full that I had to empty it, and then people no longer tipped because it was just an empty cup.

So I put a dollar back in, which made people assume it was a tip jar again and then the tips came flowing again. Second wave of tips made 92 dollars. So putting a dollar back in made me 92 dollars.

I regret absolutely nothing.


Dear baby Smileaway,

My great grandma used to give all of her great-grandchildren a dollar every time she saw us. It was a sweet gesture, and all of us great grandchildren would love seeing her and enjoying the free money. She's recently been moved to a nursing home due to the risk of falling because her body is extremely weak (she's 95). I moved in with my boyfriend in August and went through my things while I packed. I found, concealed in a child's bible, one dollar wrapped in a note which read: "Dear baby smileaway, I can't wait until you're born! Here's your first dollar, make sure mommy keeps it.

I love you very much!" A few weeks later, my mom, sisters and I went to visit her in the home, as my mom is her primary caretaker. I pulled the dollar from my pocket and read the note aloud. My great grandma's eyes lit up and she beamed. "Oh wow, look at that!", she said. "I'm glad mommy didn't spend it all!"

It was a pretty priceless moment.


Friends Forever. 

A friendship!

To clarify, I live in Europe and we actually don't have dollars here (duh) When I came back from New York I had some dollars left and had them in my wallet still for a long time, even when I forget about them from time to time.

Once I was talking to a girl I met and started talking about America, she had never been there and I remembered that I had a dollar in my wallet, I gave it to her and she was really happy

Still talking to her to this day, only a bit less than we used to but safe to say I can call her a friend of mine.


For the Scouts. 

Did this thing with scouts where we were given a quid to buy something with and then had to try and swap it for something better. Ended up with one of those VR headsets you put your phone in, a pair of glasses with a fake nose attached, more perfume sticks than any rational group of 16 year olds could ever need, and a poster for a musical happening in the town that week.


Low Quality Noise.


A euro, not a dollar, but still: About 5000 low quality earplugs. They do the job fine. I still have like a 100. I don't know where the rest went.


Soda the Life Saver. 

I was working retail and one of the old ladies who used to come in and look at the TVs in my department while they waited for it to be time for the bus back to their independent living facility came over all faint. She asked if I had anything sweet she could have. I got a Coke from the drinks machine in the breakroom and she drank it slowly, holding onto my arm. My manager had called her an ambulance and they loaded her up and took her away.

Diabetic. The EMT said the Coke was just the thing for her and slapped me on the back. I still remember her little wave as she left. She lived. I didn't save her life or anything, but that dollar made the difference between her getting into the ambulance conscious and with dignity, vs. unconscious and sick. She said later when I visited her at the hospital that she might have had to move from independent to assisted living without it.

So that was a good dollar. Best soda I never drank.


Hey Chicken. 

McChicken with mac sauce, didn't get charged for the mac sauce, beautiful.


Lived in Oregon for awhile with no sales tax. Nice to be able to go in with a dollar bill and walk out with a McChicken.


Thrifty. Thrifty. 

I found a huge book at this hole in the wall thrift store. It basically diagrams and explains everything about how an automobile works; but it was printed in the early 80's, so pretty out of date. However, it still taught me quite a bit and I'm essentially invulnerable against mechanics trying to have sex with me.

The knowledge was worth way more than $1.


Love is Cheap. 

A wife.

I signed up for a river tour in a foreign country. It cost me an extra dollar to ride in the first boat leaving (didn't want other boats in the way of my photos).

Met someone on that boat who later introduced me to her cousin.

Been married 8 years.


Best dollar ever....


I bought a cookie for a dollar at a bake sale, didn't really want it later on. Gave it to a lady I worked with, she loved me for it. I was her favorite after that. That lady was my nasty boss. Best dollar ever.



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