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Sometimes the internet makes it all too easy to fall into believing something that's simply not true. The Earth isn't flat. Pizzagate isn't a thing. There was no movie called "Shazam" starring Sinbad as a genie. However, there are those mindblowing facts you hear which sound false at first but a quick Google search reveals otherwise.

Reddit user, u/HashtagHashtag907, wanted to hear about:

What is a completely random fact that doesn't sound true but actually is?

Oh Good. We Should Be Next In The Biological Chain.

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Zombies exist. They are very real.

It's just that humans can't turn into zombies as far as we know. But ants, spiders, and other bugs have been known to get infected by certain types of fungi that mind-controls them. They basically kill them and just make their bodies move around to spread the fungus further.

This is what inspired the zombies from The Last of Us to be created.


Hop On, Everyone

If you fold a piece of paper around 42 times, it will reach the moon.


Hate Each Other Enough To Start, Enough To Keep Going For 2 Millenniums

At the end of the Third Punic War between Rome and Carthage, Rome invaded Carthage and destroyed it in 146 B.C.

The mayors of Rome and Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) signed a peace treaty February 5, 1985, "officially" ending The Punic Wars after 2,131 years.


Watching Someone Go Through Drachenfutter Gives You Schadenfreude

The Germans have a word, "drachenfutter," for which there no English counterpart. Literally, it's "feeding the dragon," but the meaning is to offer a gift of appeasement to a spouse who's mad at you.


Correction, in english it means I'm sleeping on the couch tonight.


Every Country Has Its Own Thing

In Japan, eating KFC is a Christmas tradition.


That was started by a huge marketing campaign in 1974.


This Is Why We're The Only Ones??

In 1793, the new United States needed a common measure system. So T. Jefferson wrote to France and they sent some continental measurements to establish new system in the States. Unfortunately, a big storm forced the ship way south and it was intercepted by British pirates. And that is a reason why the USA has imperial and not metric units


Checks Out

Iran arrested 14 squirrels for spying in 2007



Those guys are nuts


Sometimes, The Universe Wants You To Die

World war 1 was started because of a sandwich

In 1914, gavrilo princip organized his pals from a serbian nationalist group called the black hand to straight up murder the archduke of austria-hungary. Gavrilo's fellow members were strapped with bomb vests and carried revolvers along with cyanide for themselves. Simply put, all of them failed. One of the members had ingested the cyanide while jumping into a nearby river. The cyanide ended up not working so he ended up puking it out and wasn't poisoned, he then tried to drown himself but the river was too shallow. Feeling utter defeat, gavrilo went to a local deli for a sandwich. Out of sheer coincidence, the archduke's car pulled up to the same sandwich shop that ya boy gavrilo happened to be at. Gavrilo walked out of the shop, took out a gun, and shot the archduke at point-blank range, killing him and his wife.

So yeah, a deviating war that lead to the deaths of 17 million people which historians claimed weakened the infrastructure of the European nations to the point where adolf hitler managed to take power 20 years later and kick off world war 2 which killed millions of more people and devastated europe even further.

All of that happened cuz a dude bought a sandwich.


You Want To Add Some Bee Vomit To Your Tea?

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Bees vomit the nectar in each others mouth multiple times until it beecomes honey


Honey = bee vomit. Got it. Lovely jubbly.


Now He'll Never Ride A T-Rex

George Washington died before the first dinosaur bone was ever discovered, he didn't know dinosaurs existed.


Hate Each Other Enough To Start, Not Enough To Keep Going

In 1896, Britain and Zanzibar fought in armed conflict for a max of 45 minutes.

It is the shortest recorded war in history.


Shake, Shake, Shake Señora

There's always an earthquake happening, it's just so small that people can't feel it, and only seismographs can detect them, usually Magnitude 0-2.


Everything Is Awesome

Lego makes more tires a year than any real car tire company.


I'll Have Some Delicious Red-Yellow Juice

The colour orange was known as red-yellow until nearly the 1900s; the word referred exclusively to the fruit before that.


Man, Babies Are Jerks

We've all kicked a pregnant lady


Took me a while to get this


Size And Scale

New York's Central Park is larger than the country of Monaco


Was in Monaco last month and was staying in Nice (bout 40 min drive I think) and had to get an Uber but Monaco doesn't have Uber. Had to run to the French border to get the Uber. I literally ran the entire length of the country and took me 13 minutes. Was a bizarre experience.


Just Another Reason To Fear Horses

Bears can run faster than horses.


So you're saying we should switch to bearpower as a unit of measurement?


And Every Single One Of Them Hates Mondays

The coast of France has had "Garfield" phones washing ashore since the 1980s.

Like, actual phones in the shape of Garfield the cat.


What? Why? 😂


From what I remember, a cargo container holding hundreds of these fell off a cargo ship, but someone may have to correct me on that



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The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived closer in time to the moon landing than it did to the Stegosaurus.


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


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