People Share Which Expensive Things They Think Are Totally Worth It


Worth. Every. Penny.

Saving money is imperative to surviving life. You need some coin if you want to keep eating. So many of us have to cut corners here and there to build that coin storage. You buy generic sodas, or oddly named electronics, FRADA and not PRADA. And most of the time those skimped corners aren't an issue. But there are somethings in life you just have to slam down the money for and smile. A few extra dollars can go along way for savings.

Redditor u/ButterApple512 wanted to go over the shopping list of life by asking.... What's expensive but totally worth it?

Not so Ever After....

A divorce.


There's a reason divorce lawyers are expensive... They're worth it.




Real food.


Cries in Canadian. It is getting close to that time of year where fresh veg get's expensive and is of rubbish quality. Thankfully, with the advancement of various freezing technologies, frozen veg is becoming more abundant and in greater selections.



A reliable vehicle!


I was thinking of replacing my beater but it's only 15 years old and barely over 100k mileage (I have a really short commute). I figure even with major repairs costing a grand or two each time every couple years I'll still come out way ahead compared to if I bought another car. Loan's all paid off too. Why waste money? The old gal still runs pretty nicely.


Good Advice. 

I advise everyone:

  • Never skimp on glasses
  • Never skimp on shoes
  • Or a mattress
  • Or a monitor (if you stare at one all day)

Anything you spend hours using every day should be your top spending priority.

Assuming that spending is commensurate with quality. Don't pay for brand names that don't make a practical difference.


Hot Guys.



Paying $1000 to watch someone else hump that stupid couch and all that other heavy crap up that stupid driveway was worth every cent.


Head Case. 

A therapist.


I have anxiety disorder and pay a lot to talk to a therapist once a week. (I live in the US and don't want to run it through the health insurance I get through my employer). I feel like it has helped me a lot. Therapy won't cure you, but therapists can give you an unbiased perspective on your life and teach you coping methods.


The Threads. 

Good sheets! You spend a third of your life in there, make sure it is comfortable!


I like the Walmart Jersey cotton ones... Am i missing out? Cause i really like the t-shirt cotton sheets but haven't really found them anywhere but Walmart.




Condoms (relatively expensive for what are getting).


A lot cheaper than kiddos ;)


The Fit. 

A well tailored suit.


Even just tailored dress shirts. I'm a thin guy with slightly larger shoulders so every off the rack shirt has massive poof in the back when tucked in. Fitted dress shirts though fit like a glove and look great with jeans or a tailored suit.


Touch Me. 



If you find a licensed therapist who doesn't give massages through a company, good massages are quite cheap. I have one in LA that is 60 an hour and she comes to your house. No funny business, just a fantastic massage.


HEPA Forever.

If you have bad allergies, a HEPA air purifier. Might seem like a waste of money for a weird fan but that first night of rest after weeks of allergies is bliss.

Don't get the budget ones. I almost did until I looked at reviews and it's scary how many of them catch fire. Any electronic you're going to leave plugged in should be from a reputable company imo.


It is completely painless.

Laser eye surgery. Couldn't afford it, went into debt for it but would do again in a heartbeat.


It is completely painless. They use eyedrops to numb the eye. If you didn't know what they were doing, it would be the easiest thing you ever sat through. Recovery is super fast too. The worst part is the day of complete and utter boredom as you can't read, watch tv, use a computer, etc. so I hope you like audiobooks and darkness. After that you're fine, just wear the terminator sunglasses for a week or two. It's been a while for me but I think I also had to wear swim goggles in the shower, I forget for how long.

EDIT: apparently many people had a much worse experience than I did. As long as I took the eyedrops I was totally fine and the procedure itself was completely painless. I did not have PRK, I had the wave laser procedure. I know 3 others including my wife that had the same experience I did but YMMV. If you opt for the cheaper PRK and non-wave procedure, you might have a worse experience.

If you're interested, go to a lasik place, they will explain everything to you there. Testing was free for me and the others I know who had it done.


For Walking. 

Quality pair of boots.


I get a boot allowance every year at work. I'm wearing a pair from 2 years ago, have a new pair at home from a year ago and another pair in the mail from this year!



A decent bed.


Also, higher end bed clothes. My wife recently bought fancy sheets and pillow cases, spending more than I would on such things but the difference is quite something! A good mattress with good sheets is highly recommended.

Edit: I never realized that "bed clothes" isn't universal! I'm Irish by the way and this term is pretty much the norm 😁

The Wheels on the Bus.


Good tires. Every aspect of your cars performance is affected by them- acceleration, braking, handling, fuel economy are all limited by tires. Buy good tires, and keep them properly inflated and rotated.


The Value of Time. 

Missing work to go to your child's event.


As a kid who's mum didn't value being at my events, I back this. It sucks being at school during an event and seeing everyone's mum's doing stuff with them, then they ask everyone to do an activity that assumes everyone has a parent with them and you can't do it so you just sit on the sidelines and watch.


Work Trip. 

Living close to your job. Paying $500 extra rent is absolutely worth it if you can avoid to waste 2 hours a day in traffic.


Agree with this. I work with some people who spend 1.5+ hours on the road each way! That's over 3 hours per day.

No way I'd do that.


"a poor man pays twice" 

Tools. Someone once told me "a poor man pays twice" so I bought a good set of tools and they have lasted longer then any other ones I've bought in the past with a lot less maintenance.


I would have to agree with you there. I have plenty of cheap tools I don't use much but things like ratchet sets, screwdrivers and drills I've only bought an expensive set of them once (after the cheap sets failed me) and they make things so much easier. Not to mention the expensive sets just feel so much easier to use. Not trying to promote them but if you use tools regularly it makes a difference just like a good set of boots.


Dude YES!

Good trash bags. I'm a simple woman.


Dude YES!
Never thought about this but I ALWAYS buy good trash bags and food storage bags. johnnycyberpunk

The Best Sounds...


Good headphones. Noise canceling out the bus to work is absolutely life changing.


I have had them for over a year now and I agree, on the train they are fantastic.

only downside is if the train gets diverted from the stop I need, I only find out a bit too late to do anything about it.



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