People Share Which Things Everyone Does And No One Wants To Admit To


It's ok, we all do it! We do!

We're all guilty. We're guilty of our actions and most importantly we're guilty of fibbing about our actions or our secret thoughts. It's a shame really, if we could all be just slightly more forthright about ourselves we'd learn about how much we all have in common. Sure it's scary to know we're all nut jobs but at least we'd all be together.

Redditor u/QuantumHamster wanted everyone to grow a pair and discuss a few life tidbits by asking.... What is something everybody does, but no one wants to admit to doing?

Live Up! 

Not living up to their full potential. gonzolaowai87

Full potential doesn't always line up with priorities though. My full potential would likely have me either working in an animation studio or on some boat studying dolphins. But that would take me away from my friends and family, and they are what really make me happy and thus keeping them in my life is my priority. TechniChara



Doing the stretch and hidden sniff to make sure your deodorant is still working. beepborpimajorp

I have absolutely no shame and will blatantly smell my armpit and sometimes even ask a friend or sibling to smell it for me if I can't tell. rosewatertrash

Like a Disney Movie. 

Talk to animals as if they were people. bomfdbomfd

My dog seems to understand both English and Spanish, though I suspect it's more him recognizing tone of voice. Hardcore_EHS

Also make up voices for your dogs and attempt to articulate what you assume their thoughts are in a given situation. Or is that just me. mctoastersonmctoasterson

Staying Still. 

Make up excuses to get out of invitations to socialize or attend events when you'd rather be left alone. Back2Bach

I'm a bad liar, so I try to tell them the truth. I'm not up to driving today (it's true). Lifeisagloriouscycle

For the Camera.


Whenever I'm in the office without management present I always say out loud exactly what I'm doing and put on a massive show for the cameras, just so that if the boss is watching which he regularly does, he cans we what I'm doing exactly and I can't be held accountable for crap... I go really overboard for every movement I make, like the crappy acting you get in porn. Foespace


Check yourself out when going by windows or glass. 2klmb

I'm paranoid of being mugged or attacked so instead of checking myself out, I'm checking who's walking behind me. Doiihachirou

I'm doing both. Gluconeodeuteronomy


Meowing to random cats on the street when no one is around. TheBassMeister

There was a cat in an open window I walked by. It meowed at me, I meowed to the kitty, the lady in the apartment meowed at me. I was not aware she was in the apartment. I'm not sure if she knew I was people. doodlescout


Talking to themselves.

There's a bit of a stigma that you're weird or crazy talking to yourself, but so many of us do it all the time. -eDgAR-

I do it all the time.

My grandma used to say she talked to herself because she liked to have conversations with intelligent people. DontStopMeNow6

I work from home full-time, and I often talk to myself a bit. I've noticed my oldest daughter doing the same thing, but in public places. She's been getting some weird looks and people at school brought it up to me several times. It felt hypocritical to tell her not to do it, since she has heard me do it on occasion, so I had a very odd conversation with her about talking to yourself etiquette. We all do it, it's just best to do it privately enough that people don't think you're a loon. Hey_its_me_your_mom

Hands In.


Putting your hands under you pants/underwear in winter to feel warmer. MadebyAtoms

I never did this but I did used to put my iPod Nano next to my junk because the battery would freeze and shut of the device if it got too cold. DookieSpeak

I legit did not know this was a thing other people did and I'm so glad to know I'm not alone. I don't always do it to get my hands warm though, it's just comfortable for some reason? Especially if I'm lying down or trying to go to sleep. MusicalMelfree15

Self Identity. 

Convince yourself that you're a good person when in reality you only act half-decently to avoid feeling guilty and/or to avoid punishment. And then you wonder why you hate yourself. guiraus

I have this identity crisis where I get told all the time by people that I'm a really good person. The thing is, I feel like I'm acting. I mean I try to do nice things and be a good person, but it's never just some selfless act. I want people to like me, or have a positive opinion of me. I feel like a phony, but if I'm pretending to be a good person, and it has people convinced that I'm a good person, does that make me a good person? Superfly724

Not Smart.


When something doesn't work, you just leave it alone for a while and hope that it simply works the next time you try without having to actually fix it. Oudeis16

Just Do It. 

Having an urge to do something really weird or stupid without wanting to do it. JonasK291104

OH GOD. This one. And it's the worst. There's one platform I took to Queens where there's a subway on both sides of this small platform, and I feel SO anxious standing there. Especially at rush hour when it's super full, because then not only am I like, "what if I just jumped," it's also like, "What if someone just feels the urge to push ME in front of the subway." coffeeplzzzz

Lets's talk About Sex. 

In my experience, pretty much everyone has a sex thing that they consider to be at least a little weird. Also in my experience, it's very rarely as weird as they think it is, and they're usually quite happy to talk about it if they're in a situation where they feel they won't be judged.

The caveat to this is that sometimes it's really weird. Portarossa

Real Drama.

The fake fights we have with people in our minds with us saying what we really want to say to them in real life. It's not worth the drama in real life. Ohsoeasy

Or just too socially awkward to think of what you want to say until 5 minutes after the conversation is over, and then spend the next half hour re-enacting the scene in your head with you having said that witty comeback and totally destroying them. PerfectionGamer



Having day dreams about every crazy action scenario that will never happen. 12VoltBattery

Dig Deep. 

Pick their nose. debzshep

Some talk show a while back, the host asked for a show of hands of who had driven drunk. Tons of hands in the room went up, some slowly, some mess ashamed.

Then she asked for a show of hands for who picks their nose. There was a VERY long pause before a few sheepish hand raises.

Was a pretty interesting social look into what we consider socially acceptable. ultravibe

"He looks like a potato with a face!"

Think "That baby is ugly...." cdjinx

This is the exact situation I am in right now. My cousin's just had their 5th child and everyone in the family keeps showing me his baby pictures and saying how cute, perfect, adorable, etc. he looks. I just nod along and look at the pictures silently thinking "He looks like a potato with a face!"

Most young babies look a bit squishy, but he is extra squishy for some reason. And right now he's very young, so his features are still a bit lumpy. Everyone keeps holding him and saying how cute he is and what a super handsome baby he is, and when I held him a week ago all I could think was "I love you and would do anything for you because we are family, but you look like a potato and I hope no one brings you near a kitchen for your own safety." Repossessedbatmobile

Be Judged. 

Judge other people. displacementbreak

One of the best things I ever heard here on reddit was that we judge people based on their actions, but we judge ourselves based on our intentions. AnusEinstein

Poop Ed. 

Check the bowl after pooping to see how you did. Ardhan_

Consistency, size and color. Medical Pro Tip: don't use products that paint the toilet water, especially if you have young kids. They will hide the color of your stool and urine. Always check your toddler's stool and urine, as well as your own. Coworker of mine just realized he had kidney cancer by noticing slight pigmentation on his urine. berneealf

Hero Complex.


Fantasize about being a hero and how they would save everyone if that imaginary over the top thing happened. iknowthisischeesy


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