People Share The Dumbest Thing They Were Ever Punished For In School


This is ridiculous!

School isn't always a laugh a minute experience. Well we all know that. But sometimes it's extra difficult, especially when the adults are being unfair, well any person in charge. For instance, I know I was sent to detention for a thing or two that was just plain silly. Like who died? There are real criminals on the loose, changing grades and defacing property... go get them. I passed one note.

Redditor u/Voorhees81 wanted to discuss all the things we should have been excused for while being educated instead of scolded by asking.... What was the dumbest thing you got punished for at school?


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Two kids got into a fist fight and I was given a detention because I was in close proximity to them when the fight started.

They even told the teacher I had nothing to do with it, but she didn't listen.

I've always referred to it as the proximity detention.


30 thirty minutes in....

Back in middle I never got in trouble, except for this one time when I got my work done faster than everyone else, so I got sent to detention because the teacher thought I wasn't doing anything.

The funny thing is when I arrived, even the administrator watching the detention students had a shocked look on their face because they would've never expected me in there. They ended up just telling me to go back to class 30 minutes later.



String cheese.

Amazingly, my Kindergarten teacher never knew about this incredibly common food. So she kept me in for recess because I was "playing" with my string cheese.

I'm not going to bite into it like a barbarian Mrs Harris.


Shade... Shade...

A teacher once told me I "looked at her funny" in elementary school and my parents got a phone call saying that I had been "rude" to a teacher. I still, at 31 years old, have no idea what the hell I did to piss this teacher off.


"Black Hawk Down"

One teacher was mad I was reading a book after a quiz. She said I should do my assignment if I was finished. I was done with that and showed her. She then said I should do extra unassigned problems at the end of the chapter. I asked if that was extra credit. It wasn't so I was like "why do extra work for no reason? I clearly know it. I'd rather read".

2nd teacher was similarly upset and told me I should instead read ahead in the textbook. Although I think he mostly hated that I was reading "Black Hawk Down" in 8th grade.


I Failed

She made a mistake that resulted in me failing a test. Then she accused me of trying to cheat and lie to her, and punished me for it. When you're an adult and this happens to you it's no big deal it's just another moron you have to deal with, but it's very different when you're a child that trusts and respects authority.


The Sashay....

The way I walked to my chair... Teacher told me to walk correctly and I told her I was. Then I stuck my tongue out. I was in kindergarten. She turned my chair to the wall. Then I got in trouble again when she told me to turn back around and I said I'd rather look at the wall.


Bad Behavior

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Trading Pokemon cards in 8th grade. It was considered gang activity. Any group that had 5 or more people was considered a gang and banned. School was dumb.


The "Unfair"

For turning in my project by myself. My teacher said it was 'unfair' to others..... even though she was aware that I did the project by myself.And the cherry on the top?Her son was in my group as well and he did absolutely NOTHING at all.


I failed a project because of that once. Did it all by myself, told the teacher I did it alone and she said it was fine since she'd put me with the slackers. Day came to present, and I got penalized 80/100 points for not working with the other kids.

They got full credit and didn't even have a presentation, they went to the front of the class and straight up said they didn't do anything and didn't care if they failed. Asked the teacher why she did that afterwards and she denied ever letting me work alone.

Kids in my group happened to have rich parents that were friends with the principal.



Someone sneezed and I said bless you. Disrupting class- one hour detention.


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