We can't always be our best selves every second of everyday. Sometimes our brains malfunction or we just decide to act a fool. And then there are also the times when we are innocent and in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trouble is always around but sometimes trouble is found by the stupidest of ways.

Redditor u/SecondBaseB wanted everyone own up to a few things by asking.... What is the dumbest reason you have gotten in trouble?

Sassy Mail....


Back in the pre-2000 days I had the dial up access to the fairly still new WWW, so obviously my father who had no experience with the matter, needed to check my internet history to be sure I was being safe.

No amount of pleading would convince him that Hotmail was not some sort of porn messaging system. Current_Account

Hands Down....

I got an on campus suspension for fighting when someone punched me in the face and broke my glasses. Vercalos

Had something similar happen to me. I told a kid he was going to be late to class and he turned around and punched me in the face and broke my nose. When we were sitting in the office, I was told we would both get 4 days suspension for "fighting" I pleaded my case that I didn't throw a punch or anything, they said "it didn't matter, a fight is a fight."

I was so pissed I yelled "Fine!" Turned to the kid and just started punching him in the face.

The police officer that had to come and drive me home told me "I don't know if I blame you." MinerOfStarDust

Blow it for the group! 

My 6th grade class has a horrible substitute who got mad that we were being so loud (nobody was talking, as it was during reading time; some kids were just pointing out funny pictures in books and giggling). She said something along the lines of, "If it isn't dead silent for the next hour, nobody goes to recess!" Well it was dead silent until about 5 minutes til when one kid sneezed so hard he had to get tissues to clean up he arm. Guess who got recess taken away? Everyone.. 😒😒😒 SaltyMonkeyy

I Coughed.....

I have asthma. In elementary school, there was a lunch period where we weren't allowed to talk, punishment was standing against the wall for the remainder of the period and I think also through recess.

I put my head down to lower temptation to talk. My asthma gives me this occasional cough, so I coughed. Lunch lady thought I talked, told me to go stand.

Later on, a different lunch lady walked up to those of us on the wall, and asked us why we're up there. My answer was "I coughed." Nobody believed me. tuba4lunch

Keep the down.... down apparently....


Once a teacher scolded me for not having lunch money at lunch. When kids don't have lunch the cafeteria makes them a peanut butter sandwich. She glared at me while I ate it like I was some scammer. I bet poor never crossed her head. forthevic

Mommie Dearest...

Scrubbing a spot on the floor. My mom startled me and gave me a spanking before I could explain what I was doing. Once it was over and I explained that I was just moping a spot, she said that I wouldn't have jumped if I wasn't doing anything wrong. Good old abuse. Dr_Julian_Helisent

Not Demerits! 

I took sewing as a class in high school. On like the second day of classes, the teacher asked us to take out a special type of chalk that she never actually told us to bring. I mean, the entire class did not have it, but she insists she told us about the class before. Sent us to the Vice principal's office where we all got demerits. My very first demerit. Corbyitoldyouso

Simmer Down Kids....

I went to a Catholic primary school where we would have mass every month. And when I was in 7th grade our class apparently sang one of the songs too passionately so we weren't allowed to go outside for recess for the day. applesaucedayz

Look Forward Dear....

A guy I was friends with stole my bag from next to me and put it outside the classroom door. I go and retrieve it and he yells 'look miss, mystictaco is late to class.' She made me stay behind and I had to explain to her that I had been there the whole time, sitting directly in front of her, in the same seat I'd been sitting in the past 6 months. My two female friends stayed behind with me to try to convince her that the other dude had stolen my bag. MysticTacoDeer

Why Pierce That?


I got sent to the principals office in high school for having my lip pierced... I'd had it for 6 months prior and no one said anything 🤦♀️. DisloyalMouse

A mere Mortal....

For not hearing which page of the book we were on and flippig through the book trying to find it.

Made the MORTAL mistake of peeking at my neighbors page number. Teacher stopped the class and then demanded that i pay more attention. Public_Tumbleweed

The Book Kid....

During a Scholastic book fair in elementary school, I was buying books because I loved to read, so much so that I was known as "that book kid." One of my friends didn't have money to buy any books because of his family's financial situation, so I decided that instead of buying another book for myself, I'd give him the like $10 he needed to buy one for himself. Feeling proud of my noble deed, I went to sit down and start reading through one of my books, when a teacher walked over to me and asked me why. I said "Well he wanted a book and had no money, but I had money. So I gave it to him." The teacher somehow got me a detention, and forced my friend to return the $10 I gave to him.

Damn public school teachers and their anti-generosity agendas. OshikuruDemon

Just Breathe....


I received a referral + week of detention back when I was in the 3rd grade because a 6th grader shoved me into the corner of a bench to prevent me from getting the last basketball. I had the air pushed out of my lungs and couldn't breathe or talk at all for a solid 2 minutes. Idiot teacher shows up immediately afterwards, decides I was at fault for whatever reason, and is already starting to write up the referral while I am desperately trying to motion the fact that I can't even fucking breathe. I was crying I thought I was going to die as I was getting absolutely no response from my lungs for what felt like an eternity. Loblocks2

A Bruised Peach.....

First year of middle school, I was getting used to being with all different sorts of people as I had gone to an Honors elementary school that you needed to get accepted into. Anyways, one day I was walking down the hallway when a girl i didn't know at all (who was unmistakably white, like me) walked up to me and asked me what race she was. I was like "uhhh. white??" and she B***H slapped me straight across the face and screamed "I'M PEACH YOU RACIST!" and stormed off. Little to our knowledge, an assistant principle had watched the whole thing from behind... and there I was thinking she was going to get busted for assaulting me. NO?! The AP brings me into her office for verbally assaulting this girl and making a racist comment and I had to sit in ISS for two days. k4dude

Avert your eyes! 

In second grade my teacher tried to make me and my friends not be allowed to be friends and also got me in trouble for looking at another student. LilBits1029384756

Oof, I think this happened to me. I had him in all of my classes one year, and we goofed off occasionally, and then we were never in the same class again. Three years, like how? booglebeast

If you say so....

Throwing a piece of paper off a balcony at school. According to the vice principal, I would then maybe throw a pencil, then eraser, binder, backpack and then even a person. And I was just like, "excuse me wtf!" ScreamingGoat25

I love Stouffer's! 

I bought the wrong frozen lasagna.

In high school, I was doing the grocery shopping. My dad mentioned he wanted lasagna, so I grabbed a Stouffer's frozen lasagna. When he ate it, he was unhappy with how little meat it contained, and screamed at me for a good 10 minutes. He had never told me that he didn't like that brand, or what brand he would have preferred - he just told me to buy a lasagna.

For years, well after I moved out and went to college, he'd occasionally bring up what a stupid idiot I am for buying a Stouffer's lasagna. It's one of the more minor reasons that I cut him out of my life. steel_jasminum



I dropped my pencil on the ground and someone picked it up for me and I said, "Thanks." My teacher yelled at me for talking and I got super embarrassed. hiwhatisupbros

The Squeal....

I have a fairly high-pitched voice for a man and growing up it was even worse. People always think I'm a woman on the phone and when I laugh I still sound like a little girl at 27 years old. Anyway, when I was in grade five we had a substitute one day. He asked a question and I raised my hand to answer. When I answered the question the substitute told me to stop talking like Micky Mouse. This went back and forth for a while with me trying to convince this guy that I was using my real voice. He was having none of it and I got sent to the principle (who had known me for years). When the principle asked me why I was there and I explained myself he just laughed and walked me back to class.

Curse this voice of mine. retrospect26

Mrs. Livermore is Cray....

I passed a note in class to my friend saying "don't upset Mrs. Livermore she's in a stressy mood." Obviously it was intercepted and I was kept behind after lessons.

It was years and years ago. I still think about how dumb that was of me. JustLouu


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