People Share The Scariest Thing They've Ever Experience Driving Late At Night


Beware the darkness of the road.

The road is a scary place in broad daylight, at night it can be the abyss of hell. There are far too many drivers who are ruled by insanity and most of our infrastructure is falling apart. Plus... the world is haunted. Anything can happen behind the wheel. So stay vigilant... and sober... and stay awake!

Redditor u/TheTechnoGangster wanted to discuss all the things that haunt the road at night by asking.... What was the scariest experience you've had while driving late at night?

Don't Run!


I was driving down the street one night several months ago behind a truck when I saw a young girl quickly run across the street in front of the truck. The person in front of me slammed on their breaks and then I did the same. We both got out of our vehicles and they asked me if I saw a little girl run across the street to which I confirmed but neither of us could see any trace. dusty-kat


Had a job that required a lot of traveling and working during the middle of the night. Headed down one of those straight endless highways in Kansas. My coworker was driving and I'm in the passenger seat. Suddenly the biggest fireball I've ever seen in my life streaks across the open sky right in front of us. Visible for a good 10 seconds, and lit up the entire area. I look over at the guy driving and say "holy shit that was awesome!" He turns his head and says "what was?" Dude was asleep. RetiredTurtle


I often see shadow creatures run across to the middle of the road. I assume they are trying to get me to swerve and die but I never do. Schizophrenia. desotapop

I am at Maximum Panic mode. 

I was a pizza boy at 17 in New Jersey, USA. The Pine Barrens of NJ, mind you. For those not from the Pine Barrens of NJ, whenever it rains, a mist forms that goes maybe about 3-5 feet high. It is moderately thick and very spooky on its own.

So this is the setting for this story. It's about 9pm, the sun is down, the only light is coming from my headlights in this dense fog that goes halfway up my car.

I am driving back from dropping off a pizza to this fairly rich neighborhood that had a lake on the outside of it. This gave a very eerie feeling to the place. To the left, thick pine barrens, to the right, thin forest with a lake behind it. Straight ahead was a road with trees on both sides of the two lane road.

With it being a semi-residential area, I'm going about 30ish mph. The radio is low and my windows are slightly open, keeping it nice and cool in my car. After driving for a few minutes, my lights catch something white on the side of the road about 50 feet in front of me.

I slow down. This white thing looks like a little furry circle, about 12 inches off the ground. It disappears quickly and in its place, two white legs about 2 feet tall start walking towards my car. Me being 17, the logical answer was to go in reverse and floor it as this two legged evil alien demon was walking towards my car. This of course, put me in a ditch.

I am panicking as the creature is getting closer to me. I have no weapons in my car and I am at Maximum Panic mode. The legs get closer until I turn on the lights to see the beast.

It was a friendly dog that just had a white chest and white legs :). Naganalf98



At 3 am i went to turn on my street and there was a group of 6 completely naked people in the middle of the street just standing in a circle and they stared at me for a few seconds before all running away in different directions, when I got home I didn't want to get out of my car and nobody believed me, honestly I don't know if it was real but I was completely sober and I remember that fear so it had to have happened. tirednothigh

11:00 P.M or 12:00 A.M.....

I was driving home from work one night. It was around 11:00 P.M. or 12:00 A.M. As I was driving I decided I would take a short cut through a small forest road. As I was driving I got an extremely bad feeling that somebody was watching me. As I continued to drive further into the forest the feeling got worse. I decided I would turn around but as soon as I put the car in reverse mode I heard an insanely loud bang.

I grabbed my flashlight and got out of the car and looked around. After 5 minutes of looking and finding nothing I got back in the car and got back on the highway. To this day I still don't know what happened but all I know is I'm never going on that road again. Unstablebrat

I Lived. 

I was once driving in a rural area, without any service, on a dirt road, following hand written directions. It was very, very difficult to see and the directions were nearly impossible to follow. I made a wrong turn, and literally couldn't see anything. Thankfully something internally told me to stop, get out, and look around... I stepped out of the car and realized quickly that I wasn't on a road anymore at all, and if I kept inching forward I would have rolled down a steep, steep drop off. I backed out of there very slowly and thankfully lived. anytinganyting


18 or 19 year old me was a bad driver. Then I had a wakeup call. (Aussie, so left side of the road)

It's perhaps 1am and I'm driving on an empty road, a major suburban arterial road that is dead at that hour.

I'm blasting music and paying not nearly enough attention and go through a roundabout at 55km/h. 40 would have been on the high end of safe.

After the roundabout, I come out of the intersection veered a little too far to the right, so I shift left to compensate. This was an overcompensation, so I shift back right.

Again, it was an overcompensation so I shift left and - now I'm starting to lose control. I realize and slam the brakes and turn the wheel right.

End result - I do a totally unintentional U-turn in the middle of a bridge. I'm shaken, and now facing the roundabout again.

This was the wakeup call to stop being a dickhead driver. Fortunately I got one, could have been much worse. sirgog

"hit it and hope." 

The time I hit a deer.

Anyone who grew up in the Midwest (I'm from Michigan) might have an "I hit a deer" story. Working auto insurance claims last year, this was confirmed.

Anyway, the way it often works is that when you're driving down the road and a deer wanders out in front of your car, they "spook" and freeze in front of you... with their eyes reflecting your headlights. That's how you avoid hitting them.

That didn't happen in my case. One second I was flying down a highway at 75, the next there was a doe (a deer, a female deer) in the road, and it didn't spook.

That was when I learned the value of the old Michigan adage "hit it and hope." You don't want to swerve, because changing course at over 70mph is a bad idea. I jerked the wheel to one side, and still hit the deer, but afterwards I lost control and went flying into the ditch along the side of the highway.

If there had been a tree or some other obstacle in my way, I'd be a lot more dead now.

Fortunately, there wasn't. After shaking for a few minutes, I went back and pulled the carcass off the road (didn't want to cause anymore carnage) and kept driving... slowly... to work. gogojack

Doing 75....


Falling asleep doing 75 on the highway and only waking up cause of the bumping things next to the cent divider. From then on I took a nap in my car before heading home if I was really tired after working late. neomatrixj2


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