People Describe People In Their Lives Who They Don't Like But Completely Respect


I don't have to like you to understand you and vice versa.

We all don't have to love one another or even merely like one another, it would be a perfect world if we could but we can't. But more often than not it's the people who we has a strong disdain for that surprise us with a certain pride. We can respect one another for accomplishments and the ways we live our lives without having to shower one another with love.

Redditor u/notyouravgredditer wanted to discuss certain people who we can't help but see a unique something about them that makes us understand them by asking.... Who is someone you DON'T like but you RESPECT?

Hey Bill....


There's a guy in my office named Bill. Bill isn't friendly but he's polite. He eats alone because he wants to (leaves the office, never goes into the lunch room). His cubicle has no pictures, no personal mementos. He never speaks in team meetings and doesn't contribute to office potlucks or theme days. He never comes out for after work drinks. He's pretty stand-offish.

But my god his work is amazing. If you have a bad client, Bill will deal with it. If you have a tech issue, Bill knows how to fix it. If you have any work-related problem, Bill will know how to solve it. I don't like Bill. Bill has all the respect in the office.


The Bluster. 

I have a coworker who is cocky. The thing is, he backs up his bluster with a high level of skill and knowledge. He got promoted and I took over his responsibilities. He didn't train me much and I had to figure out a lot of it on my own, but I got good fast.

The thing is, I'm a quiet professional so no one noticed. When crap hit the fan, I got blamed. Leadership held a meeting and brought in my coworker who they respect a great deal.

He looked into what I'd been doing the previous few months and said I was going above and beyond what he would have done if he was in my shoes. He saved my job and since then I've gotten a lot of recognition for my performance and work ethic.

For that I'm absolutely grateful to him. He can still be kind of a butt, though.


Play On. 

There was this kid in my band class and he was a good player but he kept showing off all the time, I hated him, but I still respected him as a player and he also taught me how to play better.

Edit: no he doesn't play trumpet, he plays tenor sax, also this is the most upvotes I've gotten thanks.


That one petty officer....

That one petty officer I had while doing military service. He annoyed me all the time and had a massive stick in the a (Dunno if that saying exists in English, basically means you are no fun at all). He also told me that he does not really like me.

But he completely separated all his private thinking from his job of being a petty officer. Like when he would sort in people for cleaning, he kept lists to see where he send each person, as to never send someone too often somewhere, stuff like that. He was basically acting 100% objectively when doing his work and I respect that.


Thanks Seth.


Seth Rogen. I don't hate him, I just hate his kind of comedy, but when he testified before Congress on behalf of Alzheimer's sufferers... major respect from me. My grandfather had Alzheimer's and it was hell for all of us.


The Grinder...

My boss, he's an absolute crackhead but he immigrated here with nothing but the hair on his back and now he owns a restaurant multiple apartment complexes and 2 brand new Mercedes Benz in his driveway he's a grinder and I respect that.


The 'rents....

My parents. We had a massive falling out several years ago when they did something unforgivable. I see them once or twice a year for my daughter's benefit. I am polite and respect the fact that I am in their home but there is no closeness. My daughter is 20 and she has a relationship with them and that doesn't bother me.


Opposing Opinions....

My college roommate. We have opposing political views, and he often talks loudly about his. But he's a nice guy.


I'm the same way with a friend who's pro-life, Republican, Trump supporter. I'm pro-choice, Bernie Sanders, type of guy. Even though I don't agree with her, I recognize the passion she has for her beliefs and respect her for that.


Good For Him.

Ryan Reynolds before Deadpool. He kept getting movies and movies with everyone trying to make him this big deal. He had a few good ones but they were mostly meh with the Green Lantern being the icing on the cake. I still for some reason find him a bit too much but man was Deadpool such a fun movie. He absolutely looked like he was having the time of his life. He needed that career win so much. Good for him.


What a Guy...


Guy Fieri's shows are quite awful but you gotta respect that man. He's a pretty stand-up guy from what i've heard.


My mom loves him, I sit through it just because it makes her cooking bearable. His shows have changed mostly everything about her food (the "coleslaw" that's just cabbage drowned in balsamic vinegar is taking a while, and recently got even worse when she decided to substitute broccoli for cabbage).



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