People Share The Silliest Disagreements They've Ever Had With Their Significant Other

The Feels

Who even started this?

One of the keys to a happy, fulfilling and long standing relationship is never go to bed angry and pick and choose your battles. Learning in the moment as to what merits passionate discourse can keep love brewing and our mental health in check. However, we're not perfect and spats are going to happen. And often the silliest of squabbles can lead to the funniest stories and the sexiest nights.

Redditor u/youhooligan wanted to hear from all the lovebirds out there by asking.... What's the silliest disagreement you and your SO have had?

"This little piggy"?


The nursery rhyme "This little piggy"? Whether the fourth little piggy has "some" or "none."

My mother called him in the middle of the argument and I didn't hear his phone ring, just saw him playing with it and then heard my mum's voice. I immediately screamed "did you call my mother to settle this? She's not going to help you! She's the one that taught me the damn song!"

My mum had called to check in on my husband's health. She never weighed in on the argument, she called us idiots and hung up. maybebabyg

The Mayo Effect...

Does Mayonnaise go in the fridge or in the cupboard?

She says in the cupboard, I say she's wrong. buzz_darkyear69

If it's been opened, in the fridge. If it's still sealed, it's shelf stable. Pretty sure it says "refrigerate after opening" right on the container. Boo_Jay

Gag the Goat. 

We had gotten a friend a screaming goat toy as a gag gift for her office, and she loved it. She asked whose idea it was and we both said "Mine" at the same time.

We laughed it off, but it wasn't fun and games on the drive home. We each were adamant it was our idea first, and for twenty minutes we each made our case that it was our idea, down to who paid for it, who suggested the stores, who drove- ridiculous stuff. Once we got home it was like something clicked and we just burst out laughing about it. Unfortunately, to this day, it remains unsolved, and we may never know who first wanted to gift the screaming goat. Mybluehighlighter

Salt the Chicken. 

Me: Would you rather eat a cooked, salted person or an unsalted chicken?

Her: person.

Me: What if their family was watching?

Her: person.

Me: What if it was televised and everyone saw your decision?

Her: person. I refuse to eat unsalted chicken.

This went on for hours. My mind was blown by how certain she was that she'd rather eat a person than an unsalted chicken. theslader



Me and a slightly crazy Ex got into a heated debate about how I dice my onions, it was bizarre because she got very frustrated and mad about it lol. PriceRolfe

The Fossil Fight. 

Whether dinosaurs existed or not.

She said "Those bones could be from anything, not necessarily dinosaurs!"

"They are fossils. But they just happen to fit perfectly together in the shape of a dinosaur?"

"Scientists BS everything."

We're no longer together. 😂 nightmaresabin

"You're such a butt!"  

"If I died, and you met another woman that looked exactly like me, and acted exactly like me, would you fall in love with her?"


"But why not, she would be exactly like me, so why would you love me and not love her?"

"Because she's not you"

"But she's exactly like me, so she may as well be me"

"But it's not you"

"Well if you wouldn't love her than you must not love me"

"Okay, fine, I would fall in love with her"

"You're such a butt" EdelweissJones

4 Years Later....

It was less than a year in, and I hadn't fully realized just how competitive she is. I was destroying her in mini golf, and I was talking trash in what I thought was a playful way because, you know, it's mini golf. Little did I know she was actually getting really pissed, until she almost broke up with me over it. 4 years later she's over it, but we don't play mini golf together anymore. iamyournewdadiamyournewdad

Garlic Salt? Yuck. 

Garlic salt on pizza.

For 7 years I was criticized for doing this, as it was disgusting to her, and she couldn't understand how, why etc I did this.

After 7 years, I ordered pizza, and went for my 645 poop time. I came down stairs and my now former SO is sitting on the couch talking about how amazing this pizza is, and wondering how they made it this time compared to last time.

When I explained my pizza was sitting there, and she took it, garlic salt and all, she attempted to deny 7 years of ignorance and stubbornness, and has since proceeded to use garlic salt on pizza. Dasbaus

Break the Ice.


My wife and argued over the ice dispenser on the refrigerator. I would take a 1 gallon insulated drink container to work in the summer. I'd stand at the fridge and fill it with ice from the in door dispenser. She'd always start yelling that I was going to break the ice dispenser by burning out the motor. It one day became an absolute screaming match because of the ice dispenser. Vlvthamr


Any other couples feel like sharing their best silliness?

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