People Share The Most Devastating Insult Someone's Ever Hurled At Them


Now why you gotta be like that?!

Words hurt. Why is that truth so difficult to understand? In this time of immense strife we have to be better! Why do we feel the need to belittle and strike out at others? Why can't we just be kind? How do people not realize they can cause pain with the simple flick of a tongue and it will have a lasting effect? Think before you speak.

Redditor u/SirCharlamane wanted to know who was willing to express some hurtful experiences by asking.... What is the most devestating insult someone has ever used against you?



Everyone secretly just tolerates you. -a bully in middle school. maraca101

Oh I know the amount of pain that is. mizukata

Mean Spirited.

I was in an abusive relationship for about a year. After I got out, a friend told me that I "had the kindness beaten out of me". I told another friend about how much the comment hurt, and they said "yeah that's kinda true". GetOffYourButtIdiot

Sounds like they wanted a doormat but you grew a stronger backbone than either of them. Good riddance. ritorri

Helpful Hints. 

Someone said I was like a baby, always seeking attention, in front of some classmates.

Turns out she was right but I didn't know until she told me, it was good to hear for growth. cruz911


Being called "frigid" or" heartless".

Over the years, I've figured out that I don't experience emotion as deeply/strongly as most people do. I'm just... pretty level or neutral, not really sure how to describe it. I do know what sad, happy, angry, etc feels like. But the change in emotional state (mood swing) isn't really huge, and stuff that's really sad or infuriating doesn't affect me to the point that I have trouble functioning (example: I had to go to work the day after my mom died, I was sad of course but I didn't have any trouble holding myself together).

So it was pretty upsetting (relatively speaking, I suppose) to be called that, because I do have emotions and I do care about others. I just feel things "less" than most other people do, I guess, and it's not something that I have any control over. I know I might appear to be emotionless or uncaring to others and being called frigid or heartless confirms it. It bothered/still bothers me because I know I'm different, I wish I wasn't different but can't do anything to change it, I don't want people to think I'm an emotionless and unfeeling person... but sometimes they do. nakedwithoutmyhoodie

We Hate Heidi!!


Once when I was in Girl Scouts as a kid a girl in my troop looked me in the eye during a meeting and said "you know no one likes you right?" This was over 20 years ago and I still think about it.

Wish I could go back in time and say go screw your self, Heidi. hellohannaahh

Fallen Mentor. 

I desperately needed a strong male role model in high school. I found one in my best friends father. He was intelligent, financially well off and loved and adored by adults and teenagers alike. He was heavily involved with youth in our church and was seen as a thoughtful and compassionate individual.

I'm unaware of the circumstances... but he told his teenage son that he found me to be, "curt, rude and annoying." That bit of information was passed on to me and I was emotionally crushed and embarrassed that someone I held in such high regard thought so little of me. Magicbean96

Never Point. 

14 years old in French class, I was sat in between two boys and one of them asked what does "gras"/graisse(fat) mean as in "mardi gras". And his friend responded by pointing to me. He didn't think I saw. I was most defiantly not fat. It's been over 10 years and has stuck with me this whole time. Magicbean96

It messed me up for a while.

"At least my breath doesn't smell like puke," said by my sister while we were arguing, I was in recovery for bulimia. The worst part about it is that I hadn't puked for 3 days when she said that. whenever we were arguing she'd always say something about my breath smelling. It was just the realization that my breath never smelled, she was just trying to hurt me and make me self conscious so I would leave or wouldn't argue back. It messed me up for a while. confusedlmao69420

Still Beat You.


"You're a fake person and everyone knows it and is too afraid to tell you. Everything about you is bull and your friends all hate you."

This was after I beat my friend at Halo 3. Idrinknailpolish


I used to get called 'perky' from ages 9-12. Wasn't until I was a proper teen that I learnt the boys that were calling me that were talking about my breasts. The ripple effect was/is pretty terrible and I had messed up ideologies around sex for a very long time.

Thanks Wade & Shane 👌 Pengusta

The Look.


"Why is it that every time I look at you, the word 'abortion' comes to mind?"

The most scathing insult I've ever heard at my expense, from my best friend no less.

I've never laughed harder in my life. stopmakingsents

You Mean the Tool?

Called a hoe, by people I though were my friends and by my own father. I mean I don't mind it as a joke but coming from my father was the real painful part, he didn't tell me "you're a hoe" but he described me that way not even in my face but behind my back. Maybe I'm overreacting but this really hurt me. And it's not like i even had like a dozen bf or something, never even had sex, one thing that i really hate in life is to be called something I'm not. nejispoon

Old Yeller. 

Quick back story: my ex (who I'd been with for 8 years) told me he wanted us to separate for his own reasons, asked me to move out, said if I stayed longer he was afraid he'd start hitting me. He yelled at me, and insulted me all the time. I kept our separation a secret from my family for a long time and asked him to not tell them. Well, he told them and said I completely blind sided him by asking for us to split, hinted I'd been cheating on him (not even remotely true).

My family completely took his side without even once coming to me and asking for my side- so I never offered it to them. I got a very long letter from my brother saying what a disappointment I was and always have been. Called me a cheater and everything. Said I was a flighty person and needed God in my life. Said I'd never be happy, etc. It's been 4 years and I still gets sick to me stomach everytime I think about it. Sorry for the long-winded explanation. not-a-real_username

Oh Fork. 

"No woman will ever want you. No girl will ever want to go out with you, you know that, right?"

From my mother. I was 14, getting ready to go on my first date. dramboxf

fork that's tough man. Emotionally abusive parents hurt more than toxic friends. AleksiaJankovic

Sing Out.


I'm a professional opera singer, and when I was in college a local paper reviewed my performance as "a little too incongruously Scandinavian." rumplestiltforeskin

Just Competition. 

A guy who was a longterm opponent in an online game found out about me losing my best friend to suicide at a younger age. He felt it was a good idea to tell me tell me she probably ended her life because of me and that people should stay far away from me to prevent wanting to kill themselves as well.

He wasn't even angry or upset with me... He was just really competitive about the game and felt it was totally fine to use this as a method to throw me off my game. YourHatredSustainsMe

Thanks Dad. 

My Dad called me a loser because I was struggling to find a job. He also called me pathetic and disgusting. Icy_Finish

My dad calls me and my younger brothers stupid and dumb but when it comes to my younger sisters they are the smartest and brightest of the 5 of us kids. And yet our sisters love skipping school while my brothers and I only skip if necessary or if we're sick. Dragon_Crystal

"What about me?

I had cancer at three years old. In seventh grade, a quite rude classmate was in conversation and said "whenever doctors say the patient is going to live, they die." I spoke up and said "What about me? I lived..." He replies with "that's because everyone said you were gonna die." samstar10


"Was I talking to you? You're so weird and creepy. The only reason people talk to you is because they want you to spare them when you shoot up the school. Damn insect" The entire class went quiet and the poor sub that was there that day didn't know what to do. DarkMind03

I Feel Good as Hell!


"Why do you look so fat?"

And that was what sparked an eating disorder, I'd honestly never thought of myself as fat before that. Thanks Dapo. nightfevernewton

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at


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