It's happened to all of us. We're texting on our phones or rocking out to Adele or just plain not paying attention and we burst into a space not meant for our eyes. And oh the things we see. The things that will forever be seared into our psyche. You never know what is lurking beyond a door. It's such a non-assuming action, the turn of a knob... that can leave us SHOOKETH!!!

Redditor u/saladwithsalsa wanted to discuss the times we've made an entrance we wish we could take back by asking.... What is your best 'This is definitely not the right room' story?

"Oh no! Wrong funeral!"


My in-laws, husband and I thought we were late for a funeral.

We sat in the back and then we hear.

"Now let us commend the soul of our friend , Dave."

Who the hell is Dave?!

My Mother in law:

"Oh no! Wrong funeral!"

We had to pretend we were crying to hide the laughter .

Sorry Dave. We are so, so, sorry. Sassanach36

but no urinals......

There were several toilet stalls, but no urinals. Scrappy_Larue

I walked into a gender-neutral bathroom, saw no urinals, and walked out to double-check it wasn't a woman's room. I figure they just took the men's and women's room and slapped a new sign on each.

I used the former men's room because urinals save water. optcynsejo

School Daze....

On the first day of middle school, my friend sat in an eighth-grade algebra class for 20 minutes before realizing she was supposed to be next door. belladuckk

I sat in the wrong Sunday School class until the teacher pointed out I wasn't in her class. I was 7 and really shy. I knew it was wrong when I came in and sat down, but I was too scared to admit I was in the wrong place. I would have stayed the whole time if she hadn't kindly moved me to my correct classroom. partial_to_dreamers

"Sorry I'm late!"

My (ex) father-in-law had had a heart attack. I give his name at the nurse's station and she gives me the room number and tells me it's bed number 2, by the window. So, I go into the room and hear a soft voice from behind the curtain saying a prayer. Nothing unusual, as the in-laws were quite religious. I slip in and don't immediately recognize anyone but figure it's because they've all got their heads bowed.

When the prayer is over, I very softly said "Sorry I'm late!" Only to have 4 strangers raise their heads and turn to look at me. Then I look at the man in the bed. He's very obviously dead and also very obviously NOT my Father In Law. I apologized and ran back out. Turns out this person had the same last name as my FIL and same first initial. AannyOakley

Let's Chat.


My mom, trying to lose weight and get in shape, signed up for a beginners jogging class. She showed up the first day, saw someone she knew, started chatting. When the woman started asking her about qualifying race times she started to realize there was an issue. It was the wrong day: she had found herself in the most advanced running group.

The super nice coach kept her for the workout, giving her adapted exercises. Must be a great guy. I'm proud of my mom for admitting her mistake and sticking around doing simple stuff alongside the expert-level running class. I would have just.... walk-jogged right out of there and never would have shown up again, not even for the correct class. i_cant_cartwheel

Hey Bud!


Walked into the women's bathroom at a movie theater a few years ago. All of a sudden, my mom walks in and says "Bud, you're in the wrong bathroom."

Thank God no one else was in there. WeatherWolf31

Check the Meter....

I was doing household clearances for a living. One day I was supposed to get a truckload of junk from a basement (of which I only saw photos before) in an apartment building. The lady lived abroad, so she gave the key to her former neighbor - I just had to ring there, get the key, remove the junk, giver her the key back. She had a common name.

I rang, a nice elderly lady opened, I said I was supposed to get the key for the basement - she gave me a key for the basement without seeming confused about my question. She had nothing to do with my client. It was her basement. When I had emptied it and gave the key back she was a little confused it had taken so long to read the gas meter. osmos-ost

I walked home.

I was convinced to go to a party where i didn't know anyone, everyone was in the garage standing around a keg, after a few beers, i tried to strike up a conversation with someone. it was some chick and i asked her why she didn't have a beer. she told me she was pregnant. we talked for a little while and i moved around. after a few more beers i saw here again and shook her belly and said 'its goona be a soccer player!' then i looked and she was just a chubby girl and not the pregnant one, i walked home. light_up_the_stars


I used to deliver flowers for a local florist, when delivering flowers to a funeral home there was generally a door in the back of the building labeled "deliveries". I'd enter, sign the delivery sheet and be on my way. One day I delivered to a new place, there were 3 doors out back, all unlabeled, so I just pick one, but I'm not paying attention because I'm trying to get my paperwork squared away. I look up and there's about six corpses laying under sheets throughout the room. The temperature and "chemical smell" should have been a clue. RedditorCabron

Honest Mistake.


Went to the post office. I came out and got in the car. 20 seconds later someone else gets out and it standing by my door confused and pissed off. We had pretty much identical cars and I got in his instead of mine. whomper13

No Worries....

In Malaysia at a roadside rest stop I went running into what I thought was the men's toilets, only to see empty shoes by the entrance and a group of Muslim men praying. Turns out I had rushed into the men's prayer room. One guy told me, "Don't worry. It happens all the time." BubbhaJebus


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