People Share The Creepiest Thing A Child Has Said To Them

All the kids are from 'The Shining.'

Having children is quite a journey. So many things are unpredictable, that's a given. But one of the things that you never expect is the surge of creepy and a little crazy. Nobody wants to live out scenes from 'Child's Play' with a kid as a substitute for Chucky but, some youngins maybe a little off their rocker. Also, kids pick up the strangest mixed messages. They may hear something from tv or at school and blurt it out as a creepy hybrid. In the end, it can't hurt to sleep with a little holy water under your pillow. Just ask Ellen Burstyn.

Redditor marleylovestrees wanted to be warned about some 'odd' children roaming around by asking.... What is the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you?

Poppy Earl is Heeere....


When my eldest son was 3 or 4 years old something weird went on for about 3 months. We would pick up all his toys and put them in the toy box before bedtime. Every morning all the toys would be out again, blocks, train tracks etc noisy crap. Anyway I asked him why all the toys were out and he told me 'Poppy Earl' came in to play with him when it was dark. This freaked me out since we lived rural and we lived alone. I stayed up a lot of nights waiting for the crashing of plastic toys but never heard a thing. I'd check on him constantly and I'd asked him repeatedly who this 'Poppy Earl' was. He told me he'd fly in through the window, wake him up and play blocks with him. Doors and windows locked every night, this person was not real and it eventually stopped. Still gives me goosebumps years later though. handmaidenNT

Sleep with one eye open...

My stepson woke me up at 4 am and asked if he could have my LEGO sets when I die. I was confused and just grunted. He replied "I hope I get them soon." fireinvestigator113


When my daughter was about four, she went through a phase where she was obsessed with Cookie Monster. She would make up stories about his madcap antics which were often a mixture of potty humor and low level anti-social behavior. These stories also included vivid descriptions of him coming into my room at night, pulling me out of bed, dragging me down the stairs (making sure that my head hit every step), and then throwing me into the rubbish bin outside.

One day it got darker.

She told me that Cooking Monster had bought the same sheets as on my bed. She continued that he made gloves out them so that he could touch me while I was sleeping without me noticing.

Fellow Redditors, that was some Stephen King level disturbance for me. It was not so much in relation to any fears of Cookie Monster, but to my four year old daughter coming up with something that twisted. monkey_jones

Get some Holy Water! 

My ex's daughter (5 at the time) was going through a phase where she would lie, stir up drama at day care, and generally act like a spoiled little brat. She grew out of this and became an extremely rad little human who I love, but for a few months there I genuinely thought she might be showing signs of being a budding psychopath. She once stabbed another kid at daycare through the hand with a colored pencil in what I believe was an argument over the Frozen soundtrack.

One day I was alone with her and her brother for most of the day. It was hell. She was extra obstinate and rude picking fights with her brother, complaining about the food I made, generally being a real ahole. By the time her father came home I was done. All I wanted to do was take a bath and freebase birth control. We ate an extremely quiet dinner together and afterwards her dad sat her down with me to talk about what happened.

Instant waterworks. She immediately began denying everything that had happened, saying that I just hated her, that she just missed her dad, that her brother hated her. She was crying so hard she could barely breathe. Snot running down her face, howling like she was being beaten. Her dad hugged her said we could talk about all of that stuff later, but that she couldn't keep treating people like this. She looked over at me with her giant, tear-filled eyes and apologized saying she loved me and was so happy I was her "bonus-mom."

Her dad has to step out of the room for a second. She's still ugly crying. The second her dad is out of the room she straightens up, wipes her face off, and looks at me completely dead behind the eyes and says, "you know, I don't even care that you're mad at me." I'm sitting there shook when dad comes back in and she immediately starts sobbing again. Wild! pdxcranberry

The Exorcist Lives!


My niece ran out of the bathroom after taking a bath, wrapped up in a towel and said "uncle look I took a bath" I look at her and she's wrapped up like an Eskimo and say "yeah I see that."

All of a sudden she looses the smile on her face, her eyes glaze over and she turns her head 45° to her right looking out of or living room window to the abandon house next door and whispers "Go to your room."

I got the hell outta there! Operator1776

Santa is Cray! 

My daughter told me (at age 4ish) that Santa makes toys by popping the eyeballs out of dead people and chasing them around the floor until they turn into toys. Wtf. FrankensteinsWretch

I See You! 

I'm an eye surgeon. I was once operating on a 5-year-old boy under general anesthesia, and after the surgery was over and he was completely woken up from the anesthesia, he told me that he saw everything from above. He saw me placing a metallic eyelid opener on his eye to keep it open, he described all the little instruments I used in the surgery. It really left me baffled. He had no way of knowing all that stuff. This was a very poor child, and I'm pretty sure he had no access to YouTube, or any other Internet page for that matter. dejg82

Your poor dad! 

My daughter said it, but not to me. In kindergarten, a kid said something unkind to her on the playground. Something like "you can't be a pirate because you're a girl!" She calmly looked him in the eye and said "Your dad is dead." The poor boy was inconsolable until they were able to get the dad on the phone. thebeardguyofdenver

Let me call my therapist... 

My oldest stepson said he was excited for his new baby brother to be born dead. That was a really hard evening for everyone. He's five with a learning delay. He's a smart kid and we love him more than anything. Raising him is very hard, but we are as patient as we possibly can be for him. DaddyBurton

Silence the Dark...


I was at a family friend's house, and their kid was about 6 or 7 at this time. The lights were down in the living cause we were all in the kitchen, and the boy is sitting in the dark living room and we hear him talking. His mom goes in and asks him who he's talking to. His reply? "I'm talking to dark!"

No, Ethan. We don't talk to dark. strwbryfldz


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