People Share The Craziest Reason A Teacher Was Ever Fired From Their School
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Teachers are only humans as well. We forget that pretty often. We hold them to standards like therapists and doctors. But the truth is.... alas, they are mere mortals. And they have their own off days and demons. Several of the teachers I had over the years were reprimanded for naughty behavior with other teachers and it was all the scandal. But some that you hear about on the news are even more salacious. It makes sense.... educating is a difficult job and students are living demons. Who wouldn't go crazy?!

Redditor u/YEEEEEeEeseresrsr wanted to hear all the juicy deets about the educators they saw sent away by asking.... What was the craziest reason a teacher at your school got fired?

In the Water

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In high school (Fl) for PE our teacher took us canoeing. Instead of checking the weather, he brought 15 freshmen into the channel our school was on.

A severe thunderstorm hit, and our teacher paddled safely back to school and left us teens in the water. We tied our canoes together and rowed back to school, but we were drenched and super late. Our teacher was just standing on the dock, not a care in the world. He got fired like two days later.


Hard Truths

A professor at my college was placed on administrative leave because he was charged with participating in the Rwandan genocide, and was deported shortly after. He ended up being found not guilty, although I think he's still in a Rwandan prison for denying that the genocide happened.

Edit: To be more clear, his opinion was that the genocide was not a genocide, and that it was a civil war in which the Hutu were victimized as much as, if not more than, the Tutsi.


Side Hustle

Not sure if crazy or dumb, but my teacher when I was in 3rd grade got fired for selling us Pokémon cards that she would confiscate from other classes during recess. She told us we could buy the cards, about $.25, but we couldn't have them out during school hours.


Paint by Numbers


Our high school art teacher got fired after someone found an old YouTube video of him painting with his butt cheeks. We held a protest to try to keep him around, but they fired him anyway.



A history teacher I had in high school gave us a a lot of random documentary/movie days, during which she would just sit in the back at her desk drinking tea. The year after I graduated, she had a movie day, and when the film ended she didn't get up or do anything but sit there, eyes closed. Fearing the worst, some students went to the office and brought an administrator down who found she was passed out drunk. They found bottles in her desk.



She was involved in a murder. No, she didn't kill anyone, she was one of the last people that were seen with the victim. She was the victim's best friend. News reporters kept on showing up to my school to try to get any words they could from my teacher, and as you can imagine it became a huge distraction for the students. It was sad, the case became pretty famous in my home state, and a law was created in the victim's name.

Edit:the law called for bouncers at bars and clubs to be more thoroughly checked for any past criminal activity. My teacher's friend was murdered by a bouncer who was supposed to be helping her into a taxi after the bar closed.

The bar owner didn't know that the bouncer had been a felon. I didn't really want to add too many details out of respect for my teacher, because she was honestly a wonderful person and we could tell how traumatized she was by the whole thing, but here's the case (warning, the murder details are kinda NSFL. ):


Who has the movie rights?

I went to HS in the early 80s in a tiny rural Appalachian town 35 miles from the closest traffic light.

We had classes that taught auto mechanics. One that taught carpentry, Had a motorcycle riding class and a rifle shooting class and classes for welding and machine shop with lathes and milling machines etc.

The teacher of the machine shop got arrested for making silencers for the mafia. And half the stuff he had us making as class projects on the lathes and milling machines was items he used in making them.


Oh the Drama

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Not my school, but one in my general area had an entire lunch period's worth of students watch a male teacher scream at his wife (female teacher in the same school) after catching her with the janitor. In school.


Not a Tic-Tac

A student teacher who was coaching cheer gave a girl pain meds (narcotic) without a prescription or permission from parents. She got fired. Never heard if she managed to get a teaching license after that.

Edit:just to clarify, giving meds is usually not allowed because it's a liability issue.

Everyone is perfectly allowed to bring their own pain meds that are over the counter or prescribed to them and take them but the school can't dispense them. Also the real issue here is that the pain meds were NOT over the counter and they were prescribed to the student teacher not the cheerleader. It's pretty uncool to give a kid opioids without permission.


The Last Straw

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Our AP calculus teacher in high school had a mental break, ranted for an entire class period about some nonsense, then drank an entire bottle of salsa, stormed out and never came back.

They had a substitute for the rest of the semester, which was unfortunate since the sub wasn't a calculus teacher so they were at a disadvantage for the AP test.


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