People Divulge How They Cope With Loneliness
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Many people value solitude, and having time to themselves.

For others though, loneliness can be a crippling feeling.

Having no one to talk to or spend time with can get wearying after an extended amount of time.

Something many people know more than ever after the global pandemic hit in spring of 2020.

But while some people simply succumb to being lonely, others will find ways to help them cope with, if not completely forget, being all alone.

Redditor No_Blackberry_6286 was curious to hear the different ways people have of coping with their loneliness, leading them to ask:

"Reddit, how do you cope with loneliness?"

Make the most with what makes you happy

"I've learned to enjoy my own company and focus on my hobbies."

"Funny enough, this gives me stuff to talk about when I am around people."

Voices in the background

"Listening to people talk on YouTube so I feel less alone in my house."

Millions of friends, just one click away.

"Chat with random people on Reddit."

internet computer GIFGiphy

Still figuring it out

"I don't I'm f*cking miserable."- Savathunh

"I don't :("- __MashedPotatoes__·

Get my body movin'

"Working out."

"It makes me feel better about myself and I have something to do alone."- DerpBread69

Gym Working Out GIF by Chance The RapperGiphy

Who says I need to?

"I love solitude."- Befuddled_GenXer

"I become one with loneliness."- thenewyorkoffice

solitude GIFGiphy

Hit the snooze button

"Sleep 12+ hours a day."- RockandRoll682

Instant tension and relief

"Lots of arguing online about sh*t I don't care about at all, just to have some form of social interaction, and get off at least 3 times a day."-

There are very few worse feelings than that of being alone.

But it's also quite remarkable how much doing something that makes you happy, be it ever so simple, can elevate your feelings.

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