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We all have different tastes when it comes to eating.

The same could be said for food preparation.
If someone likes bolognese pasta, for instance, their preference in how to cook the dish can be vastly different from others, and there shouldn't be a wrong or right method to arrive at a tasty result.
But just because an amateur chef likes things done a certain way in the kitchen, it doesn't have to be controversial.
Which brings us here, when Redditor neekeeneekee asked:
"What is your most controversial cooking opinion?"

These are their beliefs, and they're sticking to it.

What's In The Pot

"Croc pot liners feel like you’re just asking for cancer."

– Sleeves_are_4_bitchz

"Crock pots don't even take long to clean and that's generally the only thing other than plates/utensils that'll need to be cleaned after you eat. You're only saving yourself a couple of minutes."

"My best friend has disposable everything and it f'king drives me bonkers."

– Alexstarfire

Anytime Cuisine

"There's no such thing as 'breakfast food.' You can eat a steak in the morning and fry an egg for dinner if you want, it's just food."

– alphareich

Preserving Flavor

"Burnt garlic is far too common. Some people (I’m hesitant to say most) toss garlic straight into a hot pan and then continue to cook onions, peppers, etc. Garlic needs less time than most other things and should be put in later so it doesn’t burn."

– jjrandy

Here's A Retro Comparison

"The cream cheese based crock pot dinners are the modern equivalent of Jell-O based dinners from the 50s."

– MadameBurner

A Colorful Debate

"Red onions should be called purple onions."

– Antisocial-Lightbulb

The following Redditors explained their specific likes and dislikes about commonly enjoyed foods.

In The Pasta

"I'd argue that my controversial opinion is only controversial in Italy where I come from... I like making chicken with pasta. I make it into a sauce similar to Bolognese but I'll put small chicken bits instead of the mince."

"My family call me a savage for eating such things together, but my boyfriend suggested me as an idea and it's now a dish I enjoy!"

– SweetJazz25


"You can dislike a food simply for its texture, nothing to do with its taste. I don’t mind the taste of baked beans but I hate how slimy they are and don’t even get me started on when they’re cold."

– eggsh**ter

All The Fixins

"Mile high burgers and hot dogs with so many toppings you can no longer taste the meat are awful, and a pain in the @ss to eat."

"I generally eat burgers and hot dogs because I like the flavor of the meat (I realize meat is a questionable term when it comes to hot dogs), and would like to actually taste them."

– irish2685

A Healthier Alternative

"Plain yogurt instead of sour cream on tacos. First time I had it I thought it would be gross, I could barely tell the difference and it’s much healthier."

– peperonipyza

Annoying Task

"If the dish does not otherwise require the use of hands, there should not be trails on your shrimp. I don't want to be fishing around in my damn pasta because you couldn't be bothered to remove the tails first."

– bkrimzen

Too Savory

"Most people/companies do not know how to do salted caramel. every salted caramel product I've had homemade or otherwise has been like mouth puckeringly salty."

"The point is to lightly salt it to bring out the more subtle flavours, not literally make salty caramel."

– RandomGuy5937

Who was the best cook in the family? Certainly not who you'd think, according to these Redditors.

A Stereotype

"Not all moms or grandmas are amazing cooks. Yes my mom has some good dishes she makes but nuking brussel sprouts in the microwave with orange marmalade is not one of them."

– 12inch_Juicy_Burrito

Still Grateful

"My mom is an okay cook. Did we eat a lot of hamburger helper? Yes. Did she make the same 7 meals in rotation? Yes. Canned veggies and mashed potatoes only? Yes."

"But she put food on the table and I can’t say she has ever made anything inedible."

– ElectricalRub9401

Plan B

"My mother in law is a lovely woman. Terrible cook. I'm glad she's in Manhattan because it's a good excuse to go out / order in when we visit. 😬"

– Stellaaaaa

A Harsh Reality

"I cook better than my wife."

"Trust me, it's very controversial."

– JemLover

When I eat tacos, I make a huge mess on the table.

It just takes the first bite for me to destroy the taco shell, leaving the shredded cheese and lettuce to land anywhere not on my plate.

To avoid this, I smash the tacos in a bowl with a fork, and–voila–I've got myself an instant burrito bowl.

Call me crazy, but that's how I enjoy eating my tacos. This is the same reason why I opt for ice cream in a cup instead of a cone.

There have been too many casualties of ice cream scoops hitting the floor after my first bite into many waffle cones.

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