People Share Which Common Misconceptions They Dread The Most

The Feels

Don't Judge me!!

Don't believe everything you hear. Often fiction is repeated as fact and many seem to adhere to it. And it can be troublesome to comprehend. It gets to a point that when you hear them again and again you have to sigh and think... who really thinks that? Answer.... a lot of people.

Redditor u/a_savage25 wanted everyone to share some misunderstandings by asking..... What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact?



Muscle turns to fat if you stop working out

No, it doesn't. If you stop working out, your muscles atrophy. The atrophy in your muscles cause them to burn less calories. Burning less calories = gaining more fat. Wambolt90

$$$ Facts. 

"I don't want a salary raise, because this will put me in higher tax bracket and I'm going to lose money". It doesn't work this way. F480

That's correct, however the welfare cliff is a real thing and people can lose more benefits than they gain wealth at certain income levels if they accept a raise. Corvus_Uraneus

Time's Opinion. 

Every year when Time announces their person of the year you get half of people shouting "Time is bullcrap! This person sucks, they don't deserve an award!" and the other half shouting "Ha ha! Our person won person of the year so they're objectively the best person in the world this year!"

For examples, see Trump in 2016 or Greta this year. Usually the people who don't like that person will bring up that Time gave person of the year to Hitler so obviously they have no idea who is good or bad, or they only pick bad people.

So, to clear things up:

Time person of the year goes to the most newsworthy person of the year, not the best person of the year. StylishSuidae

Camera Ready. 

"It's illegal to film me without my permission."

In most cases you don't need someone's permission to film in a public place where there is no expectancy of privacy. If it were a public bathroom, then yeah that might be a problem, but filming at a park or on the sidewalk is not illegal.

There's this great video from Wonder Shozen kinda of related to this that cracks me up so much. -eDgAR-

Nemo Tales.


Fish don't "just grow to the size of their tank." Keeping a fish in too small of a tank stunts its growth and shortens its life by slowly poisoning it in a soup of its own waste that gets increasingly toxic as time goes by. The fish suffer and slowly die if their tank is too small. Always follow tank size guidelines for the fish you want and avoid overstocking your tank. CatLadyGrip

Stand Tall. 

That Napoleon was short. There's a whole complex named after him because of the misconception. He was average to slightly taller then average height for his time. The short height came from how the British depicted him in their propaganda. mukino

The Stench!


"The mama bird won't take back her children if they smell you on them."

Not at all true. Obviously you still shouldn't touch a baby bird that's fallen out of the nest, but if you already did, you should still leave them where their parent can find them! UltimaGabe

Messy. Messy. 

People who have OCD must be so organized. Or, alternatively, people claiming to have OCD because they're organized. Like, no, just no. I have OCD and it's miserable to actually live with. There are many varieties of OCD, not everyone is organized. And it doesn't make life easy.

I will focus on one small thing and get completely behind on all other tasks due to my OCD. While meds and therapy have helped me slow my brain and learn how to disengage (or just not engage in the first place), it's horrible and miserable and I would do a lot of things to not have it. FindMeOnNeptune



Diamonds are not that rare. Their popularity and prices are inflated by clever marketing. Diamond mining syndicates fooled us. Imaginary-Cow

Survival Facts. 

That type 1 diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar/carbs, and us type 1 diabetics can't have any sugar/carbs ever. It's not true. First of all, type 1 diabetes happens when the pancreas stops producing insulin. It is unavoidable and an autoimmune disease, and not reversible. Secondly, we can't live without sugar/carbs. We will die (***I'm specifically talking about type 1 diabetics; healthy, non-diabetics can live without carbs/sugar). Type 1 diabetics really can have as many sugar/carbs as we want as long as we take the correct amount of insulin to cover it.

Type 2 diabetes is a different story though. It's hereditary and often triggered by poor lifestyle choices, and is usually reversible with a strict lifestyle change.

Honestly, I wish these two different diseases had different names. I'm so tired of non-diabetics scolding me, a full grown adult, for having a little candy every once in a while. I take my appropriate amount of insulin needed to cover it. I'm fine. If you're one of those people who scolds type 1 diabetics for what we eat, please stop. You just look like an ignorant fool. Thanks.

***Edited for clarification. u/ChrisForScience explains this clarification perfectly in a comment below. loliclown

Albie Rocks!


Einstein failed math. Nope, he didn't, he was top of the class.

Edit: Here's a source that clarifies the misconception. arb7721


People swallow 7 spiders every year in their sleep. No, they don't. SteadfastEnd

Just you wait until December 31st, 11:59 PM when 7 spiders force their way into your mouth. HotelRoom5172648B

This is terrifying. Thanks! a_bit_inconvenienced


You don't have to wait to report a missing person. There is no 24h or 48 requirement. Theo_N

I remember reading somewhere a policeman saying if you think someone is missing report it straight away in 48hrs they could be dead Something along those lines. The-endless-void


That shaving will make your beard grow back thicker. Cool_Extent

I'm pretty sure this misconception comes from the fact that the new hair that grows in isn't tapered like the natural grown hair so it looks thicker. Lonely_Boii_



If you drop a penny off the Empire State building it will kill someone/crack the sidewalk. LurkTurnedExtrovert

Because people think things keep accelerating so they think a penny will reach the speed of a bullet but thats not the case.

Terminal velocity is the top speed an object can reach and it has a limit. Its also the reason that dropping an ant to the ground from high up won't kill it. Zenfudo


Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis or joint pain or whatever. WillDenver

There are several studies that confirm arthritis is absolutely not a possibility from cracking your knuckles and there seems to be no short term effects of cracking your knuckles. So good, crack away, right? No, those same studies show that people who have been cracking their knuckles for a long time compared to those who have been cracking for a short time have much weaker grip strength. So I guess crack away if you don't mind being incapable of opening jars of pickles in the future. CaptainWesterly


That Caligula elected a horse to the consulship. He basically said that his horse would do a better job than the senators/consuls of the time. This is infuriating as he did a lot crazier stuff... I.E declare a war on Neptune and had a legion wade into water and stab the ocean. theirishdrunk

mortality was extreme....

Before modern medicine child mortality was extreme. This dragged the average life expectancy down as many never lived past the age of 5. This somehow often gets misinterpreted as everyone dying at age of 30, despite the fact that we all have heard tales of various people evidently having normal life span prior to 20th century. Risiki

Basic Civics! 

Impeachment = Removal from office. ghost0427

I write a lot of posts about the Trump administration on r/OutOfTheLoop. Comfortably my favorite thing about the last three years -- and let me tell you, it's a short damn list -- is that everyone in America is suddenly getting a civics lesson. The basic principles and minutiae of the laws that form the basis of American democracy are suddenly being discussed over dinner tables by people who haven't given it any consideration in decades. People are learning how the system works -- and also, sadly, how it doesn't.

I wish the circumstances were different, but hey, small victories. Portarossa

"alphas" as mothers....


That wolves have "alphas" in their packs. The man who made this "discovery" has spent most of his career trying to correct this because he found out what he observed was a family, the "alpha" is typically the mother of the wolves in the pack and not "the most dominant" wolf. Screamingsutch


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