People Share Which Common Misconceptions They Dread The Most

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Don't Judge me!!

Don't believe everything you hear. Often fiction is repeated as fact and many seem to adhere to it. And it can be troublesome to comprehend. It gets to a point that when you hear them again and again you have to sigh and think... who really thinks that? Answer.... a lot of people.

Redditor u/a_savage25 wanted everyone to share some misunderstandings by asking..... What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact?

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Einstein failed math. Nope, he didn't, he was top of the class.

Edit: Here's a source that clarifies the misconception. arb7721


People swallow 7 spiders every year in their sleep. No, they don't. SteadfastEnd

Just you wait until December 31st, 11:59 PM when 7 spiders force their way into your mouth. HotelRoom5172648B

This is terrifying. Thanks! a_bit_inconvenienced


You don't have to wait to report a missing person. There is no 24h or 48 requirement. Theo_N

I remember reading somewhere a policeman saying if you think someone is missing report it straight away in 48hrs they could be dead Something along those lines. The-endless-void


That shaving will make your beard grow back thicker. Cool_Extent

I'm pretty sure this misconception comes from the fact that the new hair that grows in isn't tapered like the natural grown hair so it looks thicker. Lonely_Boii_



If you drop a penny off the Empire State building it will kill someone/crack the sidewalk. LurkTurnedExtrovert

Because people think things keep accelerating so they think a penny will reach the speed of a bullet but thats not the case.

Terminal velocity is the top speed an object can reach and it has a limit. Its also the reason that dropping an ant to the ground from high up won't kill it. Zenfudo


Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis or joint pain or whatever. WillDenver

There are several studies that confirm arthritis is absolutely not a possibility from cracking your knuckles and there seems to be no short term effects of cracking your knuckles. So good, crack away, right? No, those same studies show that people who have been cracking their knuckles for a long time compared to those who have been cracking for a short time have much weaker grip strength. So I guess crack away if you don't mind being incapable of opening jars of pickles in the future. CaptainWesterly


That Caligula elected a horse to the consulship. He basically said that his horse would do a better job than the senators/consuls of the time. This is infuriating as he did a lot crazier stuff... I.E declare a war on Neptune and had a legion wade into water and stab the ocean. theirishdrunk

mortality was extreme....

Before modern medicine child mortality was extreme. This dragged the average life expectancy down as many never lived past the age of 5. This somehow often gets misinterpreted as everyone dying at age of 30, despite the fact that we all have heard tales of various people evidently having normal life span prior to 20th century. Risiki

Basic Civics! 

Impeachment = Removal from office. ghost0427

I write a lot of posts about the Trump administration on r/OutOfTheLoop. Comfortably my favorite thing about the last three years -- and let me tell you, it's a short damn list -- is that everyone in America is suddenly getting a civics lesson. The basic principles and minutiae of the laws that form the basis of American democracy are suddenly being discussed over dinner tables by people who haven't given it any consideration in decades. People are learning how the system works -- and also, sadly, how it doesn't.

I wish the circumstances were different, but hey, small victories. Portarossa

"alphas" as mothers....


That wolves have "alphas" in their packs. The man who made this "discovery" has spent most of his career trying to correct this because he found out what he observed was a family, the "alpha" is typically the mother of the wolves in the pack and not "the most dominant" wolf. Screamingsutch


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