People Share The Closest They've Ever Come To Dying A Horrible Death


That was a close one....

Life is constantly a close call. Every second we breathe we are in danger, and every we second we breathe we survive. Everyone who drives a car is crazy, just assume that from the jump. Serial killers roam amongst us, and things consistently fall from the sky. We have to be prepared. Death is inevitable but we all only hope for a peaceful passing. But we've all been in those situations that leave us SHOOK.

Redditor u/leeg-hoofd wanted to hear from everyone who has survived a close call by asking..... What's the closest you ever came to a horrible death?



A doctor stapled my intestines shut and then went on vacation. Almost dying from not being able to poop is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. teb79

letting me slide the rope off.....

While undocking a houseboat, the rope we used got wrapped around my leg and I started getting dragged down the river bank.

I was saved by some random plank of wood being nailed into the side of the bank, I was able to put my good foot on that and take off my rope foot shoe, letting me slide the rope off.

If that wood wasn't there I would've fallen in and been dragged down river by my foot. duck74UK


I nearly died in hurricane Katrina multiple times, drowning, potential murder situations, eventual general injury and dehydration. Very long story but I got separated from my family and had days of abject hell before getting saved. Worst incident was the grown couple rolling up on me, pretending they wanted to help me and then beating me unconscious and leaving me for dead in the water for ONE SMALL half full bottle of water (they already had water with them). I was a 15 year old girl at the time. People really turned into animals. I don't think I'll ever really recover from it tbh. totallycalledla-a


I was once the middle car in a car accident sandwich.

Turned down a job end of August 2001 that was on the floor the first plane crashed into.

Got shot in the head.

I'm seriously living in bonus time. tydel2001


When I was about 2 my aunt fed me pistachios. What nobody knew was that I was DEATHLY allergic to tree nuts. My mom had put me to sleep because she thought the rash starting to form under my mouth was a pacifier rash. She woke up to me crying. I could barely breath and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said if my mom had brought me to the hospital any later I would've died. So yea that's how I found out I was allergic to tree nuts. musicandartstuff

My tonsils tried to kill me.....

My tonsils tried to kill me when I was a teenager. It started with the worst sore throat you can imagine and then progressed to feeling so fatigued I had trouble walking. I would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, literally like someone threw a bucket of water on me, and shaking terribly. As it progressed I had vivid hallucinations and threw up all night.

I felt immediately better after the tonsils were removed, but I lost 20 - 30 lbs and my hair started falling out after I recovered. A doctor told me it was because when you're that sick your body shuts down non-essential functions like growing hair. I looked a little funny when it started growing back. Maybird56

Brooms are a No.....

I almost died because of being stupid! When i was four I played with a broom, tripped, rammed the broomstick in my mouth and up to my throat. Almost chocked on it and I think it was my father who saved me, because the emergency doctor told my parents to NOT move that damn thing, but my father... just ripped it out of my throat/mouth in a panic. InflexusSerafina

Lilo & Stitch....

When I was 8 years old, a chandelier almost fell on top of me in my living room. I was watching a movie (lilo and stitch) when I heard a crack, looked up, and the huge chandelier was about to fall on top of me. I rolled off the couch and it barely missed me. I still had tons of cuts from all the glass though; just not a direct hit. JoseCruzo

For the curious.

I worked at a pet store when I was in my 20s. My friend and I were in charge of ordering marine fish since we were both crazy about aquariums and all thing saltwater. We received a bunch of coral and live rock. We were handling it and moving it around putting it into the tanks and after I set one down, a particularly amazing piece that I'd been looking at closely, a blue-ringed octopus crawled out and nearly latched onto me. We both new exactly what it was, and we just looked at each other speechless.

For the curious. mr_jawa

Top Gear special.


As 20 year old American I was riding a motorcycle across Vietnam like the Top Gear special. I stupidly decided that riding on highway 1(the main trucking highway from HCM City to Hanoi) at night, in the rain was a good idea. At one point I was riding and I could see two headlights in the oncoming lane blinding me with their high beams.

Then all of a sudden the two headlights turn into four as a bus is passing the truck coming head on at me. I try my best to swerve off on to the shoulder but I'm being blinded by both their high beams and I have rain hitting me in my eyes. I land up getting over just enough and the bus came probably an inch from hitting me head on. DEEPSIX1


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