People Share The Childhood Habits They Can't Seem To Break

I just can't let go of THAT!!

There are just somethings we are so used to doing there is no way to not do it... like breathing! When we learn behavior as children and love them, it's incredibly difficult to do away with them. Though often what we did as children often doesn't serve us as functioning adults.

Redditor u/iamthememe1 wanted everyone to talk about the things we try to leave behind by asking.... What childish habit have you never grew out of?

Go 4 Broke....


Slapping the tallest thing I can reach. Bagelznicecream

Broke an exit sign at my high school doing that once. Luckily it was between class change and we had so many kids that they never knew it was me. RPGnosh

One Sided....

Doing something with one side of my body, then doing it again with the other side to balance it out. ThoughtExperimenter

I do this as well! .. when people ask what I'm doing I just point out that obviously, Im making "it" even. LiquoredUpSmurf


My teddy bear needs air, okay? I refuse to put him in a box. -screamin-

If my husband moves my teddy bear while watching TV in the bedroom so the bear is lying face down on the bed, I'll flip him over when I go back in there so he's more comfortable and won't suffocate. ScarletInTheLounge

Catch the Wind....

I like to stick my hand out of car windows and cup it in the wind so it catches the wind then I flatten my hand out so it gets pushed down. DangerousWriting

YESSSSS!!! Also, I would sometimes imagine someone running and jumping from pole to pole along the road. tnel77



Jumping off the last steps of the stairs. slupadub

My boss just turned 60 and he still does that he sometimes jumps down up to three stairs. It's an amazing warning system! I hear him jump and I log off reddit lol. Doroochen

Ride or Die....

I will push the shopping cart and ride that MFer ALL the way through the parking lot. TommyChongII

You should try the Ikea flatbed carts, that's the real stuff. 5hakehar

Zelda Forever!

Staying up way later than I should so I can play Legend of Zelda in peace. RageLife247

Yep i do this.

I tell myself that this is "tomorrow" me's problems. BonzaiBananas

Out of your Mouth! 

Not sure if this qualifies as childish, but I've been biting my nails since I was single digits. DrowZeeMe

I pick them. It sounds disgusting but when I am anxious there is nothing more satisfying then tearing a chunk of nail off one of my overgrown fingernails. l-Orion-l

Letters are Life... 

I still have to sing the alphabet song to get some of the middlish letters in the right order. Embarrassing part is, I worked at a library for a few years and would end up singing under my breath in the stacks to remember if K or L came first.... PM__ME__STUFFZ

So Simple...


Blowing bubbles outside on a sunny day. LucyVialli

Please also couple this with eating a popsicle. It's one of my favorite things to do in between weeding and planting flowers. ThePlayfulPython


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